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ml81n general errors: service entry

  • General Errors: Service EntryNovember 30

    Hi Expert, Currently, we have general error while release SE (service entry), message class SE 500 (**** General Errors: Service Entry ****). SE created on previous period, we are trying to release on current posting period, while perform save the er

  • Error - Service Entry SheetNovember 30

    Hi all, While Doing service entry sheet system is showing the following Error Log. "147 Account determination for entry 1000 KBS 1000 not possible" Please explain how to resolve this.Hi, No need of any sap note check here. Go to OBYC transaction

  • How to block WBS or Network element field in Service Entry Sheet ML81nOctober 11

    Hi Guru Would like to seek your advise on the following query. We use Service master to trigger Purchase Order Service related (Item category = D; AAC = P). Then, user will use T\code ML81n to create service entry sheet by reference to Purchase Order

  • Reverse the service entry sheetNovember 30

    Hello, I would like to reverse the service entry sheet, as the amount I first entered is wrong. I get the below screen and error message: "A parked invoice already exists for this entry sheet" Could you tell what I should do to change the amount

  • Accepting a Service Entry SheetNovember 30

    Dear Gurus,                I am getting error while accepting a service entry sheet. Steps followed by ML81n while creating service entry sheet as follows  : 1 - clicked on other po then enter the pn no. 2 - create a new service entry sheet. A servic

  • Cancelling Accepted Service Entry SheetOctober 11

    Hi experts, Service purchase order was created and service entry sheet was also accepted. After this user has also deleted this PO item. Now, how to cancel this accepted service entry sheet? please. help me out jayHi first remove the deletion flag fr

  • Service PO and Service Entry SheetNovember 30

    Hi I am practicing on IDES, can anyone provide me documents/links related to subject matter. What relation service po has with service entry sheet? can anyone explain me in brief? Thanks and regards, -SaleelHi, A list of services performed by a vendo

  • Changing Service Entry Sheet - Call Transaction / BAPI / etcNovember 30

    Dear all, I need to create a program in order to change data  in service entry sheets services or/and delete services. I wanted to use a BAPI but I can not find one for changing data (only for creating). Trying to use call transaction for transaction

  • Service Entry Sheet RejectionNovember 30

    Hi How can i reject services 1. After serv entry sheet acceptance 2. After MIRO doing/payment given VijayHi In first case - go to ML81N and enter service entry sheet number - then Edit -> revoke acceptance. Afterwards you can block/ delete the entry

  • Error ME006 when releasing Service entry Sheet in ML81NOctober 11

    Dear Gurus, There is a Pop up error message, when service entry sheet is release and saved (Error ME006 when releasing Service entry Sheet in ML81N ). BUt after ingnoring, the service entry sheet is released. Please advice what is the issue with this

  • Ml81n- service entry sheet errorOctober 11

    Dear Experts I have getting error in Ml81n-service entry sheet, i was tested cost center master data i has given in  PO,in my company cost centers are delimited (01.04.2014 to 31.12.999 ) now system showing ks02-pop-up will get showing 2 delimited li

  • Error message SE508 while create Service Entry Sheet (ML81N)November 30

    Hi, In client production system we are facing problem of getting error message SE508: Error in account coding allocation just after we click "adopt services"tab while creating service entry sheet (with respect to PO)Tcode ML81N.Please analyse th

  • URGENT VERY URGENT---------Error in Service Entry Sheet-ML81NNovember 30

    Dear Experts, I am getting a Error msg while creating a Service Entry Sheet by ML81N. It says that " You cannot enter an Unplanned Order". wht to do pls help Its urgent Thnx Sankha.yes u have to make the serv entry sheet with rspt to Serv. P.O j

  • Error in Posting Service Entry Sheet - FI 311 No Commitment Item in Item 1October 11

    Dear All, We need a suggestion/solution for the following problem :- Our customer had raised purchase orders for services in may 2010. The following critical entries were made in the purchase order. Account Assignment Category was P-Project The WBS e

  • Error while creation of service entry via BAPI_ENTRYSHEET_CREATEOctober 11

    Hi All, I am struggling while creation of service entry using the BAPI, BAPI_ENTRYSHEET_CREATE. I am getting error ""No account assignment exists for service line 0000000010". I am passing the essr, eskn,eskl, esll structures as- Please hel

  • No Matching PO Error Number SE 559 In Service entry sheetOctober 11

    Hi All, I have created a service PO with Item category D and Account assignment as K. Now when I am going to ML81N and entering this PO system is showing the error " No Matching PO". Please suggest. Thanks in Advance Pavan H SHi Steps involved i

  • Service entry sheet posting errorOctober 11

    Dear SAP Gurus, While service entry sheet saving,system floats following error: "Error posting acceptance of entry sheet NO 1123456789 choose: 1)error log 2)Save w/o acceptance 3)exit without saving" what couuld be the reason for above mentioned

  • Dump during creation of service entry sheet (ML81N)October 11

    Dump during creation of service entry sheet (ML81N) Hi, ML81N>Select PO>Enter>goto entry sheet create (empty page)>service entry sheet displayed with internal no. assigned >click tab "service selection">Input PO No.--> enter

  • Account determination error during service entry for service POOctober 11

    Dear Experts, This about service PO. I created PO # 4501517101 & wanted to perform service entry via t/code ML81N. But I'm getting error "147 Account determination for entry OP01 FR1 OP01 not possible" Appreciate if could anyone assist me on

  • Purchase Order: Queries related to Service Entry Sheet (ML81N)October 11

    Requirement:    A user exit to be trigger during the changing (update) of service entry sheet, This user exit should have a code which will go and check the credit memo in RSEG- SHKZG where the value is "H" and will check RSEG- LFBNR number with

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