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microphones repair process and images

  • Microphone repair process?November 30

    Wat process do I follow to have the microphone repaired on my 8800?Unless you have expertise at micro soldering, I would avoid doing it yourself. If your device is less than a year old and purchased from a carrier, return it for a warranty replacemen

  • Repair processingOctober 11

    hello all! i would like to use repair processing in SD and CS. i created a sales order but automatic creation of linked service order fails, because i use account assignment 'D'. any change to enable this process? thank you!Hi From where it is pickin

  • Material consumption by Equip during outside repair processNovember 30

    Hi All, if I send one equipment for repair outside(eg. Telephone), first time during repair process he replaced Wire, next time after few month suppose he replaced Keypad. the both materials he(third party) changed are not maintained in our material

  • Error during Repair ProcessNovember 30

    Hi, I am processing repair process with order type "RA", After entering the line item & qty, system is giving the following error message. Please respond. Rapair Items have to be assigned to the Main Item. Message No: V2094. Thanks & reg

  • How does the repair process workNovember 30

    how does the repair process work, currently broke my iPhone, water damage, and still have a warranty until july 30.http://www.apple.com/support/iphone/repair/other/Read other 3 answers

  • In House Repairs Process in SAPNovember 30

    We are using the In House Repairs Process in SAP but have an intermittent issue around the population of the Serial number and Equipment numner on the Service Order.  The process is as follows: - Create S1 type Notification populating the Material nu

  • Simplifying repair processNovember 30

    Dear All I need to configure the repair process in a easier way. Like in service order I need to get to choose the spare parts that are to be consumed corresponding to the reference object only and all other spares should be hidden. Is it possible to

  • Repairment process is very longNovember 30

    Hey, The problem is that ive given my computer for repair almost two months ago and I still have not received it back, even though I was told it takes approximately 3 weeks to repair it. Every time I call to the service centre they tell me that they

  • HT1438 how do i send iphone for microphone repairNovember 30

    how do i send iphone for microphone repair.......i know it requires registrationDepends on how it broke. You may need to pay 200 dollars.Read other 3 answers

  • Why is the repair process so long and painful for a item that is still under original factory warrantyNovember 30

    The repair process for items under original factory warranty are unacceptable as it takes way too long to get in touch with a repair representative or get a repair performed.  Meanwhile I am without my Sony 4k tv.  The whole long process has been a c

  • Repair Process in CSNovember 30

    Hi Gurus, I am facing a pblm. While processing a repair service order after customer return, my client wants to capture Machine (Production work centers) cost in Service Order. Also there is requirement to see the effect on Machine capicity loading d

  • I can't accessed system recovery options after the repairing process was interrupte​d.October 11

    although it's not my PC, i'm still concern about it (it's actually a public computer in our library). I actually tried to repair it using the system recovery options of windows 7 with thinkvantage technoliogies  but i interrupt it because maybe someo

  • Intercompany Repairs ProcessingNovember 30

    We have a scenario where Plant A, Company code A receives a repair.  However, they don't repair these units, so they send them to plant B, Company Code B.  My question is, how do you track this unit?  Currently, we are using 2 repair orders, 1 in pla

  • Equipment repairs processNovember 30

    Hi Members I have a situation here, i have checked for similar solution on the forum but they are not really addressing my situation. my client has a business in which they repair "machines" owned by another unit of the company. they do a CS ord

  • Repair processNovember 30

    Hello, I have scenario where customer returns the defective item to company & this defective item is sent to vendor for repair, vendor repair it & send back the repaired item to company along with invoice this is then send to customer. Here when d

  • Galaxy 4 won't complete repair process.November 30

    On Tuesday I used Upgrade Assistant to attempt to upgrade my phone.  It stopped mid-upgrade and said it lost connection with my phone.  Now my phone only displays "Firmware upgrade encountered an issue.  Please use Software Repair Assistant & try

  • 8 Weeks into repair process and still no wordNovember 30

    - I sent my Creative x-fi 7 weeks ago (st June) via recorded deli'very for a repair to the East Kilbride repair centre and my RMA won't work. I emailed Support after 4 weeks saying that it had been over 5 days and my RMA doesn't work, could you pleas

  • IPhone 4s washed, repair process helpNovember 30

    I accidently washed my IPhone 4s and put it in a bowl of rice for 3 days. I plugged it in and the apple icon appeared and battery bar. However, when my home screen loaded, it was dark and had the error "cannot verify identity" Can I still save m

  • Need service process for offsite vendor repair of goodsNovember 30

    Hi, Our vendor repair process is as follows, and needs to be mapped to SRM. The vendor repair business process starts when an estimate for a repair is taken from the vendor for repair of a product . If the estimate is acceptable, a PO is created and

  • Process for billing the customer if the repair does not fall under warrantyNovember 30

    Hello, I got one issue related to repair process, We have restricled the item quantity to only one at item categoty level. BUt i am facing the below problem with my cklient what is best practice for billing the customer if the repair does not fall un

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