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megaworks 550 fuse

  • Megaworks 550 fuse againNovember 30

    ok i have a problem with the fuse its blown 4 times and i replaced it with the same now trying 2 see if someone else could tell me and i read that this happens often (about 5x on these pages) so is there a way 2 fix this as i took it into a shop and

  • Megaworks 550 power issueNovember 30

    I have a Megaworks 550 speaker system that i have owned and loved for a couple of years now. recently after a power outage it stopped working. i checked the fuse and it's fine. however the power light on the back of the subwoofer is blinking and i ca

  • MegaWorks 550, doesent workNovember 30

    hello my megawork 550 stopped to work i've checked the fuse and its not blown. i went to school for the day and when i came home it was dead.... (it workt in the morning) i cant get any power out of it.. the little power "lamp" on the backside o

  • Hiss, hissing sound in speaker sets like the MegaWorks 550November 30

    Over the years, I noticed that my MegaWorks 550 started hissing more and more. For anyone interested, i want to share my quest to find the cause. First of all, i looked on this forums. There were several useful posts. http://forums.creative.com/t5/Sp

  • Megaworks 550 Question/ProblemNovember 30

    Hello. I have recently purchased the Megaworks 550 5.1 system. From the very beginning when I first turned on the speakers I noticed this abnormal ground noise. The noise persists even if the speakers are disconnected from the PC or the volume is 10.

  • Question about megaworks 550November 30

    Hello there! My megaworks 550 are connected to the PC via Audigy 2. When i'm playing music or watching 'stereo decoded' movies in 5.1 (which is of course "not real" 5.1..), the signal of the center is significantly weak compared to other speaker

  • Soundworks Megaworks 550 SoundControlNovember 30

    Hi... I have the Creatrive Soundworks Megaworks 550 5.1 THX Speaker System. The pressure point of the volume control buttons of the soundcontroller are defect. When i pushed it, there is no *click* and it goes louder and louder and louder... Both but

  • Megaworks 550 Remote Control Extension Cable??November 30

    Hi , does anyone know where i can get an extension cable for the remote control of Megaworks 550..it must be a 9-pin Mini Din but after hours of internet searching did not find anything..most are up to 8-pin. I Live in UK but if i can get one from ab

  • Megaworks 550 remote controlNovember 30

    Hello all , I need remote control for my megaworks 550 , my speakers work so well they are like new but they are not under guaranteed so i want to buy a new remote control , someone knows where i can buy one and know about price too ? Thank you for r

  • Megaworks 550 messing upNovember 30

    hi my megaworks 550 is starting to messup it starts "mumbling and stops wolfing" if I bump the sub it starts to work for a bit longer then starts again. Its out of warnty. anyone have any sugestions on how to fix this. it seems to be related to

  • Megaworks 550 5.1 Subwoofer fuse specs?November 30

    Hi, my sub-woofer blew out on me and i was wondering if anyone know the correct specs of the fuse that comes with the sub or even if they know a specific site or place where i can get it from. Most important is that it is the correct fuse because i k

  • Megaworks THX 5.1 550 FuseNovember 30

    A simple question but one that I can't find the answer to anywhere - what size fuse does the powered sub-woofer have? I know from the manual that it's a 250v but what ampage? I assume that it's a 20mm fuse?Mine has blown and I need a replacement ASAP

  • Megaworks 550 THX arent loudNovember 30

    Hi I just bought these speakers excellent sound quality but the thing is these speakers are 500W arent they supossed to to be extremely loud when turned all they way up? so that I cant stand near them when listening? Before I had a 5.1 50W speaker sy

  • MegaWorks 550November 30

    Any skilled technicians out there that can help me? I've worked with plenty of amps, and sound systems and I'm out of ideas what to be looking for without a shop/service manual. My 550 (POS 5.1 audio system) would not turn back on after turned off. I

  • Megaworks 550 vs pro gamer G500November 30

    I recieved a pro gamer speakerset today, as replacement for my megaworks550 (strange, why not a new 550?), and I was wondering: it seems like the pro gamer G500 plays the high frequencies a lot louder than my megaworks ever did. in fact, it playw the

  • Creative Megaworks 550 failing front right channel?November 30

    Hi, I recently noticed that I get no sound from the front right channel.. The speaker itself works if i plug it into any other "position" but i can't get any speaker to work in the front right position.. This is my second pair of megaworks.. (Th

  • Connect Megaworks 550 to xbox 360?November 30

    there used to be dts-100 decoder in the market that i've been searchin for almost a year now,but couldnt be found anywhere i need to connect my 5.1 megaworks to xbox 360 through? optical toslink can any help me creative sux,only product i loved the m

  • Megaworks 550 thx not workingNovember 30

    my sub does not seem to be getting any power despite everything being plugged in tightly. is there a fuse on this thing that i could have popped and how do i get at it.mlipke, There's a Knowledgebase article SID2989 regarding changing the fuse. Look

  • Megaworks 550 thx ohms?November 30

    does anyone know if the satalites are 8 or 4 ohms, thanks in advance for any repliesWattage isn't everything. You also need to consider speaker efficiency, which is how loud the speakers can get with a given amount of power. The MegaWorks are not ver

  • MegaWorks 550 broken - please readNovember 30

    Originally i bought a set a few years back and had to return them because the fuse burning out constantly, so i exchanged them and got another new set. This set was working fine and then all of a sudden started making this awful beep (continuously) s

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