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megasafe 60w strange noise

  • Im from argentina and i got a problem with my earphone of the iphone 4s when i make a call i earphone or speaker make and strange noise or like an interference during the call and when i finish the call still doing the same noise and i dont know why?October 11

    my eraphone of my iphone 4s white unlocked make strange noises during the call and still doing the noise like an interference or saturing the spekaerThis is a common problem with iPhone 4s (and IOS 5)  There isn't ' anything you can do about it, so y

  • AP54G generates a strange noise while operatingOctober 11

    Hello guys! Is that normal, that my MSI AP54G Access Point generates a silent, strange noise (like a TV when there's no signal), while it is operating? I noticed it one or two days ago and I don't know, whether it is a normal thing or not. Ummm... I

  • Burned CD's: strange noise on inner tracksOctober 11

    Hi everybody, since I upgraded my system with a S-ATA DVD burner, I get a strange issue when I write my playlists to CD-R's. The burned disc has got a persistent noise on the inner tracks and the more the track number raises the more I can hear the n

  • Strange noise came from the right side of T 400October 11

    strange noise came from the right side of T 400 Its something like squeak or whine,about every 5 or 10 seconds. This noise makes me crazy at night,Did you guys have ever heard this? IS this a usual problem or should i ask for a change of the t400> Th

  • Qosmio G10: Write failures, strange noises & system locking onNovember 15

    Hello Im currently away on holiday with my Laptop and im having write failures and strange noises coming from system speaker and the system keeps locking up. Any ideas??Hi My first suggestion is to recover the OS with Toshibas delivered recovery CD.R

  • My macbook (2009) keeps making strange noises. What to do?November 30

    Yesterday, my macbook started to make strange noises. A little scratchy noise. Like there's somthing wrong with the Fan or something. I called Apple Support, but they told me i had to reset the SMC and PRAM/NVRAM. I triend, but the noise is still the

  • Strange noise from Touch ID sensor on iPhone 6November 30

    I dont know how I found that out, but try laying your finger on the home button on your iphone 6 and listen closely. I hear a strange ticking noise, like its generated by some kind of voltage?! Like the sparking of the gas-cooker. And if you lay your

  • X-Fi Xtreme Gamer wont work - strange noisesNovember 30

    Hello! I just bought my new soundcard today - disabled the onboard sound clean uninstalled the drivers with drivercleaner and installed the drivers from the attached cd. After rebooting strange noises appeared instead of normal sound - no normal usag

  • My ipod touch makes a strange noise when makes the synchronization with itunesNovember 30

    At first my ipod touch began doing strange noise in differents situations. Yesterday I try to solved it doing this: I connected it to itunes a made a restore. I thought it was solved, but today the noise came back.  I could identify when it happens.

  • Strange Noise on Burned Cd from ItunesNovember 30

    I have had itunes for well over a year now, and have never had a problem like this so far. It seems just lately, in the past 3 weeks, when I make an audio cd with purchased itunes music, there is a strange noise on random tracks when I play the cd in

  • I have a strange noise coming from within my 2011 iMac Desktop.November 30

    I have a strange noise coming from within my 2011 iMac Desktop. This started 1 week ago and is intermittent. It sounds like an electronic drill. I have removed all external connections and powered up the Mac and just left  it running. Some 2 hours la

  • Stranger noiseNovember 30

    Hi, I new user here. I´ve IMac two weeks ago, but with question. When my IMac Start-up the superdrive does a stranger noise. This noise is normal or need exist update in OS X 10.5 leopard? RegardsHi! I've found a youtube movie of a Macbook Superdrive

  • My MacBook Pro makes strange noises when I open iPhoto and when I close it.November 30

    My MacBook Pro makes strange noises when I close my laptop and when I open iPhoto.  iPhoto then proceeds to close when the noise stops.  Is there any cure for this? Please help.What kind of noise? Any other app make noise?Read other 2 answers

  • The internal speakers are making are making a strange noise on my macNovember 30

    the internal speakers on my mac are making a strange noise they are working but its almost like there is some interfierence or somethingTry one or both - Intel-based Macs: Resetting the System Management Controller (SMC)   OS X Mountain Lion: Reset y

  • Dropped calls...kind of (strange noises and cannot continue talking)November 30

    Hello, I was wondering if someone has this problem: when 3G is on, when I talk to someone on the phone after some time (40secs - 2min) I suddenly hear very strange noises, the other person hears those noises too and I must hang up because the we cann

  • Macbook air 2012 a strange noise on the left sideNovember 30

    Strange noise on the left side. If i push left side button caps lock, noise is disappears. Macbook never had damage. What could it be?Back up everything and take it in to an Apple store for testing.Read other 2 answers

  • MacBook Pro makes strange noisesNovember 30

    My MacBook Pro recently started to make strange noises like an elecyticity cable was sparkling. Today I closed the screen to move it and started to make a greater sound like an old ventilator when I opened back then it went into sleeping, can somebod

  • I hear from my mbp a strange noise like fax.. i have a recordNovember 30

    My macbook pro 13" 2009 started to make a strange noise like a fax, but a lot shorter.. It's like 3 notes repeating itself... does someone know what it stands for? is something wrong with my computer? I have a reseller warranty, what do I tell my res

  • Satellite C855 - strange noise when tried to watch/listen somethingNovember 30

    I bought this laptop around a month ago. When I first tried to watch or listen something, sizzling kinda noise came up for a few seconds and gone. I didn't think that it was important. But now, it happens everyday and lots of times when I listen or w

  • My left speaker makes a strange noise (buzzing) when my mac starts up?November 30

    After logging into my MacBook Pro my left speaker makes a strange noise that lasts about 5-7 seconds then stops. No other problems with sound quality or further noises after start-up. Problems arises both upon starting the mac from "off" mode an

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