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  • Can I use a Nokia N80 as a modem for my G4 PowerBook?October 11

    I'm about to spend a month in Italy and will take my G4 PowerBook with me. I need to buy a new mobile phone and thought that if I buy the Nokia N80 Internet Edition I can also use it as a modem for my PowerBook and connect using UMTS or EDGE. I alrea

  • No A2DP support for Nokia N80!October 11

    I just wonder why Nokia can't add support for A2DP in the new firmware for Nokia N80ie cellphone. =( I just uppdatet my phone in hope of getting somewhere,but it was pointless. It would be pretty nice if i could use my N80 as a real media centre with

  • PC Suite 6.80.22 and Nokia N80 Failed BackupOctober 11

    As the title says.. I chose to backup only stuff on my phone (not mem card) and it copied everything except Message Dialog Box: "Some Content on the phone could not be be read and was not included in the backup" SOME? The log then says that the

  • NOKIA n80 firmware update version v5.0725.0.1 APACOctober 11

    buddy i update my nokia n80 firmware from v5.0719.0.2 to v5.0725.0.1 APAC guys the new firmware has small fonts it is not good.further iam looking for other changes in log any news regarding EMEA version.hope nokia corrects this problem Solved! Go to

  • Sliding n lcd problems on nokia n80...October 11

    i have a nokia n80.. after using it a few months.. the screen going blurred after i sliding up the phone... ive sent the phone a month a go n the technician said the lcd screen broke down n repaired it... but yesterday, the same problems came out aga

  • Nokia n80-1 display damage how can i open the blue...October 11

    hi i have nokia n80-1 but the lcd screen is damage and also not connect with my pc and i can open my bluetooth any code or any trick to open the bluetooth im try voice command but its not working so what will i do now inside the phone my contacts are

  • Nokia N80 - iMac G5 BT transfer freezes at 263.9kbNovember 30

    Hi, Each time I try to transfer a large file from my Nokia N80 to my iMac G5 (OS X 10.4.6) using BlueTooth the upload freezes exactly at 263.9kb I have no problem with files which size is under 263.9 kb I've contacted Nokia regarding this issue and t

  • Have any problem in reset Nokia N80 unlocked by Or...November 30

    I have one Nokia N80 which have been unlocked by Orange. If i reset the phone to the factory settings, the phone still unlocked? thank youBinny You can delete orphaned users (I hope you have a report of ones) , but if you are unsure, start with one u

  • How do you get the nokia n80 to work as a remote d...November 30

    my friend has a k700i and he can use it as a mouse on his desktop computer via bluetooth with the built in remote control software on his phone, is there anything i can get for my nokia n80?Make sure the flex box in the parameter baox (upper left han

  • Cursor in Nokia N80November 30

    Hi, Can Anybody tell me how to bring cursor in Nokia N80 while browsing? bcoz i dont see in my phone. Is there any settings to do. please let me know ASAP.As far as anyone can tell there is currently no way to change font sizes on the handset itself

  • Help me Nokia n80 galleryNovember 30

    hi there, I have a nokia n80. recently i deleted some files from my phone memory. then i found that my gallery isnt working. no audio, video, pictures r displayed. i can still access them by other softwares. How can i restore them in gallery? can any

  • Nokia N80 startup problemNovember 30

    hello everyone. i have recently bought a nokia n80. i have been uploading new themes on my cellphone and one of the themes messed up the screen. so i turned off and on my cellphone and this message pops up. it says "Phone start-up failed. Contact the

  • Nokia N80November 30

    When will release the new firmware for Nokia N80 for EMEA users??I have trubble.. I changed Product Code and flashed it via NSU with firmware v. 5.0725.0.1 APAC. Now my smartphone without Russian language(.. I want to changed firmware to 5.0719.0.2 E

  • Nokia N80 WLANNovember 30

    Hy guys, i have got a nokia n80 and a problem. In my university ther's a wi-fi whith many protections. I put the instruction to connect to the wi-fi whith windows. go to control pannel->internet connection->wireless connection right click on it then

  • Nokia N80 CalendarNovember 30

    I've recently got a Nokia N80 on Orange. I have a question about the Calendar entries that are displayed on the home screen (the main home screen when you switch on the phone, not the home screen when you select Calendar). The home screen displays on

  • NOKIA N80 WLAN....PROBLEMSNovember 30

    hi i recently purchased a nokia n80 and ive tried to connect via wlan. when trying to connect i do a search for available wlan the phone finds it but i cant connect....even when i go into web/services and the phone prompts you to select access point

  • Nokia n80 firmwareNovember 30

    Help i tried upgrading my nokia n80 with the latest firmware ..i can use my phone normaly but the software never told me that the update was succesful but the phone works so ..the update still says updating software ..do not disconect the cable ...bl

  • Nokia N80(1)November 30

    Hi there My request is about Nokia N80. I recentely got this phone but I noticed that this phone is a bit slow phone. My point is that does it matter if I upgrade its doftware from the internet. In another words: is it going to be faster if I upgrade

  • Nokia N80 support for MSI BlueplayerNovember 30

    Hi, I have a Nokia N80, and a pair of i-tech bluetooth stereo headphones. I have been waiting in hope for about 6 months now that MSI would support the N80 in Blueplayer. on the 17th of June a SDK 3.0 version came out which actually runs on the N80,

  • Nokia n80 screen issueNovember 30

    hi all i have nokia n80-1 in black but its lcd is broken so i want to open the bluetooth how can i open the bluetooth silviIt is kind of difficult without the screen. The easiest I think is to use Voice Commands because you won;t have to navigate the

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