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mass memory not available n95 8gb

  • N95 8GB Mass Memory in use errorOctober 11

    Hiya I have a N95 8GB and when I try to connect it to my PC I get the error message that the mass memory is in use by another application. I have stopped all running applications. (there where none) Done a factory soft reset. No difference. Still can

  • N95 8GB v20.0.016 - mass memory failure #3October 11

    For the third time my N95 8GB has managed to corrupt its mass memory ("mass memory corrupted") - only this time, I am unable to reformat it at all! The problem behaviour is as follows: Used the phone last night to take several pictures, accessin

  • Copying to Main Memory (not Mass Memory)- N95 8GBNovember 30

    Hi, While converting / transferring the videos from PC to N95 8GB throughPC Suite, I noticed that it copied the files in Main Memory instead of Mass Memory. Please let me know how to configure that or there is some other issue with this. Regards, Riz

  • N95 8Gb don´t boot. Format mass memory.November 30

    Hello, My cellphone does not start after having copied some fonts in the mass memory (e:\resources\fonts). I have tried hard reset using the 3 buttons method (*, 3 and green dial) but nothing. I suspect that formatting the mass memory is the only sol

  • Data recovery from N95 8Gb internal memoryOctober 11

    Hello My girlfriend's N95 8Gb came to something of a nasty end over the weekend. No screen, no keyboard, camera unit's out, but, with a battery the lights still come on. The question is whether we can recover anything from the internal 8Gb flash memo

  • Can I safely change N95 8GB Mass Storage's name?November 30

    I have many software installed on my N95 8GB. I have an option to change the Mass Storage's name. Is it safe to change the name from "Mass Storage" to something else? Thanks.Yes, the name of the mass storage can be changed with no ill effects. S

  • How to free phone memory in n95 8gbNovember 30

    Newbie here, My device is n95 8gb. Upon scanning memory n then phone memory details shows that "88 mb" space is used by message, even the inbox having 4-5 messages and 15 message in self created folder n all are simply text message, no mms no em

  • Upgrade from N95 to N95 8GB not enough memoryNovember 30

    I have just upgraded from the standard N95 to the N95 8GB, I did the back up from the old phone however when restoring the files to the new handset it has completely filled the phone memory. There does not seem to be any management of the memory (aka

  • N95(8gb) Memory Problem (please help)November 30

    Hello New here, so I hope I'm posting this in the right area of the board. I have recently purchased a second hand N95 (8gb) but having problems with the mass memory. Yesterday, while downloading some tracks to the handset (about 2 hours worth of tra

  • Nokia N95 8gb Memory troublesNovember 30

    Hey need some help My N95 8gb has started playing it keeps coming up with phone memory full please. I have deleted all messages etc, I'v also formatted the mass memory and tryed sending the #7370# but keeps sending request not completed??? I keep try

  • N95 8GB Isnt reading/detecting any memory card.October 11

    My N95 isnt reading or noticing that a memory card is inserted, I tryed formating it it wouldnt let me, a message comes up saying "Drive not found". Even when i create a fold inside it a massage comes sayinf "Param error". Clicking Ope

  • Transfering memory card data to n95 8gbNovember 30

    how do i get my saved data from my n73 memory card into a n95 8gb? stuff like games, pictures music, ringtone etc etc27-Nov-2008 03:23 AM andialir wrote: thank you i will try this, but i last time i used pc suite i was having a connection problem PC

  • N95 8GB Memory full when synchronising. No way!November 30

    I've got loads of memory on phone and mass memory. Why do I get 'Memory full. Close some applications and try again.' when I try to synchronise with N series pc suite on xp media centre?Hi, ive been racking my brains because of this as i was wanting

  • N95 8gb memory faultNovember 30

    im having problems with the inbulit memory, menu > tools > utilities > memory, then i am gettin a message saying 'mass memory not available' so i cant access anything in gallery, pictures, music etc please help. its out of warranty beacuse the sc

  • N95 8GB: Problem on deleting video fileOctober 11

    Hi, Is there any body experienced this problem. When I'm trying to delete a file from Video Centre > My videos directory, I'm receiving this error... "Unable to delete. File video.mp4 is open." Do you have resolution for this? Tnx in advance.

  • Nokia N95 8GB Album Art and Album Folders IssueOctober 11

    I have been hunting for for a resolution for two issues with the N95 8GB Media Player all over the web. 1. Adding artwork (CD Covers) to audio tracks (or albums) seems to be at best hit and miss. Most of the time it just does not work. 2. Deleting an

  • Problem with N95 8Gb GalleryOctober 11

    I have a quite annoying problem with my N95 8Gb Gallery. Since last week, when I open the gallery it appears a lot of system files that shouldn't be there instead of only showing my videos and photos. It makes the phone a lot slower and it crashes. I

  • Problems with musicplayer on a Nokis N95 8GBOctober 11

    has anyone found a solution for the probs with the music player. I have in the music player 8 songs showing but in file manager on the phone or using the pc either by bluetooth or USB the no songs at all. The songs will not delete either, when I atte

  • Unable to cconnect my N95 8gb to pcOctober 11

    Dearr boarders, Please help me with this! I m unable to connect my N95 8gb to my pc or ny other pc byy ny means , say by usb or by pc suite! it gives error " Mass memory is in use" when usb mode is on even when no app is running! PC suite connec

  • N95 8GB cannot view gallery photos/ uploads photos...November 30

    Hiya, I have had the same problem with my N95 8GB with viewing photos in my gallery! I have now got my 5th replacement handset (Orange) since August 29th due to various faults and issues. The main one being trying to transfer photos from my PC to my

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