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  • MainStage Crashing When I Do AnythingNovember 30

    Hey folks, As the title suggests, MainStage crashes when I do anything at all. When I try to add or edit a channel strip, patch, instrument, adjust a parameter - anything. I'm running OS X 10.5.6, I've installed all pro-applications updates, This is

  • Mainstage crashes every time I try to open it!October 11

    Today when I opened (tried to at least) Mainstage, it crashed. This is (unfortunally) not too unusual, but the problem now is that no matter what I try, IT WILL NOT OPEN! I've restarted the MBP several times, and everytime, it crashes. Been trying fo

  • Mainstage crashes when opening in 64-bitOctober 11

    I had been using Mainstage successfully in 64-bit. I decided to create a secondary, basic user account, for performing live without the possible interruptions of iCloud/iMessages/FaceTime/Notifications, etc. Logic (in 64-bit) runs fine, my other musi

  • Logic & Mainstage Crash On Leopard 10.5.2November 30

    I have discussed with many Leopard user lately... This is what I heard from them 1. with 10.5.1 and Mainstage 1.0.2 I had a pretty **** solid setup, since the 10.5.2 update I'm getting crazy cpu spikes all over the place and its basically feeling a l

  • Mainstage crashes with certain memory upgrade that work with other programsNovember 30

    I updated my memory from 2G to 4 but selected a cheaper brand that had good feedback. It works fine with all the programs but Mainstage seems to need a certain quality memory as the program crashed all the time after several minutes or so of playing,

  • Mainstage Crash  during live use after OS X 10.7.4 install.November 30

    I am a semi-pro musician and I have added Main-stage to my set-up, in line with my hardware synths, as I transition into the soft synth world in a live situation. Up until the latest OS X install, Main-stage has been stable, which is critical for liv

  • Mainstage crashesNovember 30

    I use Mainstage on onstage and lately it has started crashing and reopening. Here's the debug: can anyone help? Process: MainStage [252] Path: /Applications/MainStage.app/Contents/MacOS/MainStage Identifier: com.apple.mainstage Version: 2.1.2 (416.64

  • Mainstage crashes on startupNovember 30

    I've just purchased Mainstage on the App store, and it crashes on startup.  It downloaded extra content, asked me if I wanted extra extra content (I said no) and it loads audio units...maybe more (it goes quickly) but then it crashes. My console says

  • MainStage crashes upon launch after moving sounds to external driveNovember 30

    I had been advised to put all my softsynth sounds (Omnisphere, Ivory, Sonik Synth, Sample Tank) on an EXTERNAL drive to free up my computer's CPU and hard disk. I discarded the sounds from my computer and put them on an external Rockstor Firewire 800

  • MainStage crashed my Mac?November 30

    Hi all, I just experienced something strange and I am wondering if anyway knows what could have happened. I rehearsing live with my band, using the latest MainStage 2, and while playing a certain song (ok that song is weird, it has multiple effect, a

  • MainStage Crashes every time I use it live... What is the deal?November 30

    It overloads my CPU I am using a 2009 MacBook Pro Duo Core Intel with 8 gig ram and no other programs running. I really want to use this software but it does not seem stable. What really frustrates me is that I see many other pros using it and it wor

  • Mainstage 2.2.1 and MAC OSX Lion update 10.7.4 CRASH!October 11

    hello there. I'm dealing with an issue with mainstage and the last update from apple's OS, 10.7.4. The mainstage software (witch is intended for live - and steady - use) is crashing often after the OS update. I'm a professional musician and last nigh

  • Loopback record crashing MainStage 3.0.4November 30

    Hi, I've been having some severe problems with Loopback since updating to MainStage 3.0.4.  In my previously built concerts, hitting the record button on a loopback instance (whether by clicking the button or triggering it with a MIDI CC message) com

  • Loopback record crashes MainStage 3.0.4November 30

    Hi, I've been having severe problems with Loopback since updating to MainStage 3.0.4.  In previously saved concerts (created in MainStage 3.0.2 or later), hitting the record button on a loopback instance (whether by clicking the button or triggering

  • MainStage "save as" CrashNovember 30

    I am using mainstage with a macbook pro 2.6 w 4 g of ddr3 I have Ivory, Kontakt 3, & Fab Four instantiated and running nicely. I am using an M-Audio profire 26 connected through a Glyph 500g. They are connected on the firewire bus in this order mac>

  • Has anyone had a problem using Mainstage 2 and Logic 9 with PreSonus fire studio Mobile?October 11

    I Still can't get Mainstage and Logic to play well with my setup. I'm using a Mac Pro 2 GHz Intel Core i7 with 4 GB ram and Logic 9.1.6 and Mainstage2. I have a PreSonus Firestudio Mobile and M-Audio Midisport midi interfaces. The only Midisport that

  • TS4513 Mainstage 3 Sync Problem with Live9November 30

    How can I get Live9 working in sync ( Slave ) with Mainstage 3 ( Master ) ? I tried it over the IAC Bus, but it doesn´t work! ( mainstage crashes ) In Logic ProX it works perfectly with the same Setup ! With Mainstage 2.2 ,Live 8 worked perfectly in

  • Logic 8 won't open in 10.8.5October 11

    I've just acquired a new Mac Book Pro (Retina Quad 2.6 i7 w 8GB of RAM). Installed my already-owned version of Logic Studio (w Logic Pro 8) using Pacifist, by: - creating Disk Images of installer DVD and 3 Audio Content DVDs (Disk Utility failed to c

  • 8.01 processor loadNovember 30

    The new 8.01 seems to be more stable however the CPU meter runs along great (low load) for about 10 minutes then all of a sudden I get heavy CPU load and the odd cut out. Last night mainstage crashed completely during a gig. I basically using 1 EVB3

  • Expression pedals conflict?November 30

    I'm running two keyboard controllers and two expression pedals. What seems to happen is that I can't seperate the expression pedals signals even though they're coming in on different midi channels. For instance, If I'm controlling the EV-B3 with one

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