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macpro MD Radeon HD FirePro D700 アップデート

  • MacPro(Late 2013) AMD FirePro D700がAfter Effects CC(12.2)でGPU認識されないNovember 30

    MacPro(Late 2013最新モデル)にてグラフィックスをMacPro(Late 2013AMD FirePro D700 6144 MB x2積んでいるのですが. Adobe After Effects CC(12.2)にてレイトレースがGPU認識がされていません. またCUDAもNVDIAドライバー.バージョン6.0.37(2014.5.1現在最新)をインストールしていますが. GPU情報をみても.CUDAが認識がされていません. MacPro(Late 2013最新モデルは.買ったま

  • Any fix for CC render issue with the new MacPro Firepro D700.  Getting lines and flicker as documented in threadsOctober 11

    Hi, We're facing some critical problems with our new MacPros, CC, and the Firepro D700's.   It appears that after we upgraded to 10.9.3 the D700's no longer work with Creative Cloud.  Our Premiere renders are full of artifacts, lines, and drop out.  

  • Mac Pro FirePro D700 running CS6 OnLocation and Encore. Any Issues?November 30

    Hey everyone, I'm attempting to help someone out with a purchase of a new Mac Pro. They do alot of video work and currently are using Adobe CC2014 as well as CS6 for OnLocation and Encore. They would like to get a new Mac Pro running OS 10.10.2, the

  • After Effects CC and new Mac Pro with FirePro D700October 11

    Hello I'm about to purchase a new Mac Pro, 64GB RAM, SSD 512, Two AMD FirePro D700. Working with post-production software basically use Adobe After Effects CC, my doubt is whether the normal After Effects continue working on this new machine. If it i

  • MacPro ATI Radeon HD 4870October 11

    Have 12 Mac Pros w/ ATI Radeon HD 4870 each displaying DVI-D out to Samsung P2570HD. 7 of them are working fine but the other five are displaying the start up screen then turning black / monitor reads 'No Display'. Any related issues with MacPros/ AT

  • Dual AMD FirePro D700 SlotsNovember 30

    I have a Mac Pro ( late 2013 ) with dual AMD FirePro D700's - My question is regarding the GPU's Slot-1 and Slot-2. No matter which Thunderbolt 2 port I plug the Cinema Display Cable into it's always showing as Slot-2. Is this normal? The main reason

  • AMD Firepro D700 GPU Support?November 30

    I don't suppose there's a way for me to get AE to utilize my GPUs for Open-GL, is there? (AMD FirePro D700 (x2), 6144MB VRAM, PCIe Lane Width x16) I spent an awful lot of money on this machine and it seems odd that the most expensive graphic cards yo

  • Confused about Cinema 30" MacPro and Radeon x1900 help?October 11

    Hey guys, I'm just about to get the 30" monitor for my Macpro which is about 2 years old. I have the ATI radeon x1900xt card installed. I need help 1) Will this card work with the monitor in its fullest resolution? 2) Does the monitor come with that

  • MBP core 2 duo MBP outpunching dual Quad Xeon MacPro/ATI Radeon HD4870-why?November 30

    Specifically, on the Mac Pro, in a Pro Res 422 HQ timeline, FCP generated text requires rendering in safe mode with a red bar and in unlimited RT (dynamic frame rate/quality) is showing as an orange render. On my old MBP, text plays back fine in safe

  • New MacPro ATI Radeon HD 4870 512MB GDDR5 Motion performanceOctober 11

    Thought this might be of interest:- http://www.apple.com/macpro/performance.html Scroll down to Graphics Cards and then hit the Motion tab Peterhttp://store.apple.com/us/product/MB999ZM/A Looks like the upgrade kit will be available in about 2 months

  • Any problem with AMD Radeon or FirePro graphic cards?October 11

    Hi. I know that Adobe recommend Nvidia cards for SpeedGrade, but I ask to owners of AMD cards if they have found any problems with AMD cards: bad performance, not realtime with relatively few layers, etc, etc Which is your experience? Thanks.FWIW: I'

  • MacPro, ATI Radeon X1900 XT + dual Dell 2407WFPNovember 30

    Hi all, I have problems running 2 Dell 2407WFP displays in the highest resolution (1920x1200). I have no problem running 1 display using DVI. When I add the 2nd display, with DVI, it does not detect a signal. When I change the connection of the 2nd d

  • After Effects CC (2014) MacPro Performance??October 11

    I just installed the new After Effects CC (2014) on my 2013 MP with 2 D700s.  I am not noticing any significant difference from the previous version of AE.  GPUs are still showing as 2GB of VRAM (see below).  I dropped in a 5K (5120x2700) R3D clip in

  • Erreur de mise a jour After / ( Mistake update )  - Bug Gpu MacProNovember 30

    Bonjour, J'ai un message d'erreur, uniquement sur la  mise a jour After : "Echec de la mise a jour, Extraction des fichier téléchargé impossible. Cliquer sur reessayer pour relancer le téléchargement. "  J ai déja contacté trois fois leurs servi

  • Erreur de mise a jour After /  Bug Gpu MacProNovember 30

    Bonjour, J'ai un message d'erreur, uniquement sur la  mise a jour After : "Echec de la mise a jour, Extraction des fichier téléchargé impossible. Cliquer sur reessayer pour relancer le téléchargement. "  J ai déja contacté trois fois leurs servi

  • How to active GPU preview MacProNovember 30

    How to active GPU preview in MacPro 2015 Dual AMD FirePro D700 x2Hi, Here is how to enable it: Go to File > Project Settings > General and change the Video Renderer to Mercury Playback Engine GPU Acceleration Open CL. Select Delete Previews after cl

  • After Effects reports only 2GB of RAM for Mac Pro AMD D700 GPUNovember 30

    Using After Effects CC 12.2 on Mac Pro 2013. When I go to After Effects>Preferences>Previews>GPU Information the app reports that my system has an AMD D700 GPU for OpenGL.  This is fine, however, it also states that the Total Memory is 2.00 GB, w

  • GPU for After EffectsNovember 30

    I need to know the certified GPU card for AE GPU-accelerate,because your System requirements about After Effects was not written clearly.And I still don't understand why the certified GPU for premiere and AE is not same??CC 14 gives you the option of

  • Auto save causes system freeze, even when disabledNovember 30

    Auto save has been causing After Effects to freeze (spinning beach ball Mac OS 10.9.5; AF 2014.1.1; New MacPro 64GB ram, AMD FirePro D700 6144 MB) I have unchecked auto save in preferences but when AE is running in the background it still pops up a w

  • IMac Retina vs MacPro?October 11

    Just curious. I have a potential buyer for my loaded MacPro. 3Ghz, 8 core, 32 Gig ram, and AMD Firepro D700 graphics card. If I were to purchase a new loaded Retina iMac, how much of a performance hit would I take? Thanks, TomI'm in need of a new com

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