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macbook 10.5.8 swollen underside

  • Late 2008 MacBook 13": Could old, swollen, battery affect my touchpad?November 30

    Hello all: Late 2008 13" MacBook, Aluminum, 10.6.8 Symptoms: For the past 6 months my battery (original from new) fluctuates between 85% and 35% health (iStat Pro), and only holds a charge for 45 minutes, tops. My model still has the removable batter

  • 3 year old MacBook with extremely swollen/bloated batteryNovember 30

    As the title states, my 2007 MacBook has an extremely swollen/bloated battery. It's so big now that the trackpad no longer "clicks" when pressed and the cover on the battery no longer stays flush with the bottom. I took my computer to the Apple

  • MacBook Pro 2.2GHz SR freezingOctober 11

    My MacBook Pro 15" (Santa Rosa chipset) freezes occasionally. At first I thought it was a problem when connecting an external display, but it happens even when I have not hooked anything to the DVI port. The freezes occur in plain OS X (not a game or

  • Why won't my track pad work to sign on?November 30

    I just got my trackpad, paired it and then I installed Lion. Now when my computer goes to sleep and I then try to sign on I have to plug in my mouse because the trackpad will only move the arrow but it won't click on my login. Any suggestions?If it i

  • Update to YosemiteNovember 30

    Ever since I updated my macbook pro to Yosemite the underside of the case gets extremely HOT??Go to the App Store and check out the Purchases List. If iPhoto is there then it will be v9.6.1 If it is there, then drag your existing iPhoto app (not the

  • I dropped my Macbook Pro and now the battery is swollen, should I bring it to the genius bar?October 11

    My Macbook Pro fell off my bed (approx. 3ft) and dented the left side of the front left corner on the battery meter. Besides the damage everything seemed okay for a little while until I kept getting a erratic curser track pad. I kept cleaning it thin

  • MacBook Pro 15-inch Rechargeable Battery "swollen"November 30

    Hello, I just exchanged the batter in an old MacBook Pro 15". Model A1281 The reason for the exchange was, that the removable batter lid had "exploded" (noise not actual combustion) open. The Battery inside was "deformed" and had

  • Macbook Pro late 2013 retina "clicks" on undersideNovember 30

    Started clicking a week ago.  any pressure applied to the underside of my MBP (right under the right/middle of the trackpad) now produces an annoying click.  Any ideas??Hey Linc Davis, It was not a hardware issue. I use a lot of refurbished hardware

  • Macbook Pro Battery swollen and Can't charge will affected processing SpeedNovember 30

    Will Macbook Pro Battery swollen and Can't charge will affected processing Speed? I read article that processing speed will reduce if we take out the battery however will this affected if our battery unable to charge? My MBP still able to detect batt

  • Swollen macbook batteryNovember 30

    Checked my macbook battery yesterday and noticed the battery was very swollen. Enough that it made the macbook rock when typing on it. The model number is A1185 I have been looking for recall/swapout info on these batteries but cannot find anything.

  • Air bubble on underside of MacBookNovember 30

    My white 13" Macbook appears to have developed an "air bubble" on the rubber cover on the underside. I assume this is where a lot of heat is generated. Is this a known issue and is it covered by warranty?Very possibly your MacBook would be

  • Issues with underside macbook mc207November 30

    hey guys, got my macbook in december 2009, the polycarbonate model mc207. in june/july 2010 the underside of the mac become warped and bubbled. it looked like heat damage as i did notice my mac becoming very hot while in use. I got it repaired under

  • Swollen Battery (2007 Macbook)November 30

    I recently went with out using or charging my 2007 MacBook for about a week, and when I want to use it I found that the battery was 100% dead. So I plugged it into the charger over night, and in the morning there was no progress the light on the char

  • Swollen battery, again (Macbook 5,1)November 30

    I have replaced the battery in my Macbook before, but it happened when my machine was in warranty (ACPP). However, as far as I know, as a battery is considered as consumable, I shouldn't get to change it after 6 months but it was still changed FOC re

  • Swollen battery in 2008 Macbook ProNovember 30

    Hi all, I have a macbook pro, which I purchased back in 2008. For over a year now, the battery was kinda swollen, and cover on the back wouldnt line up properly with the case, because the battery was applying pressure on it. I never did anything abou

  • Swollen battery on macbook pro 17"November 30

    swollen battery on macbook pro 17", laptop running hot, can I remove the battery and still use my computer with ac adapter? Also, what is normal temp for laptop?Yes, you can remove the battery, but if we're talking about a unibody system, you'll need

  • MacBook Pro Swollen Battery?November 30

    It all started when I put a DVD in my optical drive, the drive took it and then the computer was unresponsive... "Great!" I thought. But I took it home, plugged it in and it worked just fine. Didn't think anything of it. a few days later I was w

  • MacBook Swollen BatteryNovember 30

    Hi guys, I'm from the Philippines. I have a 3.1 Macbook. My concern is about the battery. I already replaced the original battery with an authentic battery from an Apple store due to swelling problem of the battery and it affected my mouse click pad.

  • Swollen Battery on 2007 Macbook ProNovember 30

    My battery has recently started to swell pretty badly, and I have taken it out (running off of power cord) because I am aware of the dangers if it continues to expand. The battery was purchased in December of 2008 to replace the original battery that

  • Macbook Battery is expanding or swollenNovember 30

    Dear all, As mentioned in subject. The battery of my laptop is expanding.I try to called the Apple Support just now. They told me i need to pay for the battery replacement. I am so disappointed with the service from Apple. I am having others brand of

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