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m audio project mix wont read

  • 10.4.8 update - M-Audio Project Mix firewire connection lostNovember 30

    Wow! I was working with 10.4.7 for months, no problem I'm an pro user and this is my livelihood 24/7. Now my M-Audio Project Mix I/O audio unit (firewire) can not be seen by their latest drivers (came out in Sept 2006 with support for macpro) so they

  • Questions about Pre-amp of the Tascam FW1884 or M-Audio Project Mix...November 30

    Hello everybody, I'd like to purchase a semi-pro (I hope) audio interface. The Tascam FW1884 or the M-Audio Project Mix with their "all in one" feature seem to fit for what I want to do. But I don't know if the Pre-amp or the digital converters

  • 2 Problems using m-audios project mix with logic, can you helpNovember 30

    i have just got my m-audio project mix, and it seemed very easy to set up till i tryed to start recording the first problem that i am having is that although, i can see that there is audio soming into the computer in the system preferences, logic is

  • Will the m-audio project mix i/o work with Logic X?November 30

    Hi, I have a m-audio project mix i/o interface/control surface. Will this work with Logic X? Thanks, MikeIf it works now on 10.8.4, then yes. This depends on OS X and drivers (if needed), not on Logic. Logic can only 'see' hardware that the OS can se

  • Will my m audio Project Mix work with logic x?November 30

    Hi, just wondering if my M-Audio Project Mix I/O will work with Logic X. I am currently running Mavericks.If it works with any other CoreAudio based app on your Mac.. it should work fine with Logic Pro X as the key is .. if it is compatible with your


    Hi guys, I purchased a new imac yesterday, 2.4ghz intel core duo with 4gb of ram and 320gb hard drive. I also have a m-audio project mix which I bought around 4 months ago. I used to use this on my PC with cubase, however I cant get the project mix w

  • Does M-audios project mix I/O not function with Logic express 7.2 ?November 30

    I am having lots of problems getting this working, and it suddenly occurs to me that this equipment may not work with the Express version. Anyone know?Scott, You bring music to my ears. A few questions (I'm sold at this point, just want these questio

  • Mixing with M-Audio Project MixNovember 30

    I mix to picture using Logic 7 with a Projectmix I/O as a control surface. But I find that the deeper I get into the mix, the more likely that making a fader move on the Projectmix will cause Logic to crash. The same thing used to happen with my Mack

  • Logic 9, snow and project mixNovember 30

    I can make it crash at will all i have to do is work for a bit and go to file and boom, done i have to save using my key commands I also keep getting the error message syncing midi to external device no doubt maudio needs to updateDude, I'd have wait

  • No way to save Audio Track Mixer or Audio Plugin Settings?!November 30

    Am I stupid, or is there really no way to save my Audio Track Mixer setup, NOR a way to create my own presets for Audio Track Effects??? I spent a lot of time setting up the Track Mixer, with submix tracks, lots of effects on different tracks, etc. T

  • Need help badly. project file wont open. saying damaged file or may contain outdated elements. please helpOctober 11

    project file wont open. damaged file or contains outdated elements message. i believe its an XML error but i dont know how to fix it. please helpAs a happy user of the Matrox RT.X2 for many years, and later an equally happy user of a Matrox MXO2, I c

  • When I change the media kind to audio book it wont stay using itunes 11

    When I change the media kind to audio book it wont stay using itunes I did formate my computer and then reinstilled itunes on a drive that had it on it. I'm useing 5.01 not the new 5.1 Ideas? Thanks!Still no ansers? any one? IS it just that

  • Why Are My Bounced Audio Projects So Large in Size?October 11

    I have been bouncing completed audio projects for many months now in Logic Express 9 and they have always been reasonably sized MP3 files (10 MBs or less). The music I have been bouncing is relatively short in length. The files I have most recently b

  • Audio interface/mixer adviceOctober 11

    Hi All I've got a first gen macbook (the black one). I've got a USB external harddrive (about an extra 100 GB). I have Logic Studio installed and i'm going to be doing some recording of my band in January. I'm going to be buying an audio interface/mi

  • Adobe Premier Pro CC won't write tracks in Audio Clip MixerNovember 30

    Hi! For some reason the Audio Clip Mixer controls aren't functioning after I "write" the track in mix down.  The track reverts to "touch" upon play back, but nothing took hold.  Any suggestions?  Is there something I need to enable fir

  • PAX Audigy Se to Xtreme Audio Project V1.00November 30

    PAX Audigy Se to Xtreme Audio Project V.00 http://dl.technewshw.com/drivers//PA...ject%20V.00.7z Just a preview I want see if would installed from Audigy Se on xtreme Audio drivers please report any missing files thankyou. If your brave enough. No Fl

  • Premiere Pro CC Not Showing R button in Audio Clip MixerNovember 30

    Hello everyone, I am having a problem with PP not showing the R button in my audio clip mixer. I have my mic set up under the prefrences under audio hardware and the mic is showing a good signal under windows however when I import a clip to do a voic

  • Project mix window button problemNovember 30

    Hi all This is driving me Nuts! When I press Window on my Project Mix Logic cycles though all the windows it will only stop when I random press zoom or other buttons I want to be able to press the window button and select each window on each press. c

  • Send to Audio project takes all sources audio tracksNovember 30

    Hi there I am sending dicrete mono tracks to soundtrack pro (2.02) to create a 6 track mono wav which i will then use to create a Dolby E track. Why this isnt in FCP i dont know, but anyway. When i send the 6 tracks from FCP timeline to audio project

  • Low volume recording audio w/ mixerNovember 30

    I have a Behringer UB1204- PRO mixer and I am trying to record vocals with that, but I can only record and get playback at a very quiet volume. I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to recordng audio, but I have my phantom power on, it records fine, bu

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