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  • Stuck in a loop with iMovieNovember 30

    I'm stuck in a loop.  iMovie says it is looking for a certain movie file; says it can't be found and will not play properly and then begins to search again.  I can't seem to bypass this and just open iMovie so I can work on something else.  I don't n

  • How to loop an imovie.November 30

    My wife mad a video on her ipad with imovie. Can we loop that video to play over and over? If so, how?goodfamilydog wrote: How do you loop content in imovie? - you don't. iMovie is no 'player', but an editing software. looping content is a player fea

  • Synchronizing 2 graphs / producer-consumer loop stuckNovember 30

    I have a pretty huge VI here, so I created a smaller one, which shows my problem. First thing is, the user has to set some parameters, before the VI is running. So, I created a sequence with a while loop. If the user hits the button, the loop ends. T

  • While loop stuck in LabVIEW when VI called by TestStand onlyNovember 30

    LabVIEW 8.5, TestStand 4.0, Windows XP-SP3 The issue I’m facing is a different behavior of a LabVIEW VI whether it is called independently (in the LabVIEW environment: normal behavior) or from TestStand (unexpected behavior). In the same VI, I've wir

  • Mac App Store updates are looping (stuck in the same updates)November 30

    I've been using Mac OS X Mavericks since last year and didn't had any issues with App Store before. However, since last month, I've been trying to install some application updates (TextWrangler, iBooks Author,...) and it seems to be looping. The upda

  • Yoga 13 boot loop stuckNovember 30

    Boot Preparing Automatic Repair Blue screen error Loop.... How do I solve this? And I can't log in safe mode? I press "F8" , "Fn F8" , "Shift F8"   but nothig happen. Thank in advance. Sorry for my English.Solved : RAM broken

  • IMovie 08 slideshow infinite loop - with Applescript and Automator?November 30

    As many people I try to use iMovie for a slide show with an infinite loop. But there is no button inside the program for it. I don't want to export the project to use the loop function of Quicktime. Because that means compression of the slide show ph

  • How do I use music from different ID's in iMovieOctober 11

    I am "upconverting" my old iMovie swim shows to HD, which means remastering and re-linking some of my videos and even some of my pix. We have been using iMovie since 2008 so I know it's changed a lot but there's one thing that's become really ag

  • IMovie letterboxingNovember 30

    I'm new to iLife/iMovie and am trying to put together my first project, which is going to be a series of iMovie shorts to export into iDVD. The series of shorts will be used individually in a presentation. 1. I used the Ken Burns effect with some pho

  • Loop when charging iPhone 6 plus (Brazil) on mac but NOT on electrical outlet (other devices remain normal on my mac)November 30

    Hi guys, When I discharge 100% my new iphone 6 plus and plug into my mac, it starts looping/stuck on apple's logo and reboot... But when I take the phone to electrical outlet it stops the loop and charge normally Other apple devices remain charging o

  • How do I loop a movie?November 30

    I don't remember how to make a movie into a continuous loop.In iMovie select iDVD in the Share menu. Open iDVD and choos "Create a New Project" in the dialog that appears. Type a name for your project in the "Save As" field, and click

  • Stuck mail with 2-3 mb+ files in outbox plus multiple copies (12-18) sentNovember 30

    Ok folks, I have finally hit on the problem that was affecting my e-mail that was causing 2 problems.  Large attachments getting stuck in my outbox and than sending copies over and over typically 12 times.  I have removed the fact that my AV program

  • Updated iMovie at 3pm this afternoon. It's now 9pm and iMovie is still "Preparing media for share" (6 hrs).November 30

    Earlier today I installed Maverick. This afternoon I updated iMovie. For 6 hours it has been "Preparing media for share" and I cannot use the program. Any idea what's up?Okay, I think I've got it solved.  The stuck iMovie app may have been cause

  • Using stills to make an iMovie v3November 30

    I have two questions if anyone can answer them... What size and dpi should I make the photos I'm importing to iMovie? How can I make the finished movie loup? Thanks, gang! aliceAlice, before you exhaust yourself wading through long topics discussing

  • Problem with "System.in.read()" read() method!October 11

    import java.io.*; import java.lang.*; class Count { public static void main(String args[]) throws IOException int count = 0; while (System.in.read()!=-1) count++; System.out.println("Input has " + count + " chars."); in this code the l

  • Ipod Classic with Itunes 12.1 - WarningOctober 11

    First off, Known issues - immediately after 12 dropped, pretty much all functionality involving Ipod classics was broken. Mac OS recieved a patch that fixed this, Windows has not, and there has been no addressing this issue thus far. My stuff: Ipod c

  • NEED HELP FAST, Srs BsnsOctober 11

    Heres what I wrote on UPSB, the penspinning forum, but I'm asking everywhere for some help: So, there are these three genius 6th grade kids or move up to my 9th grade geometry class. They won this big science competition and got interviewed with fox

  • Problems launching Full Screen QT7 in Windows... help?October 11

    I have been testing full screen video over the web using QT7. It works awsome in Mac, but I am dealing with odd bugs in widnows - so here goes. This page: http://www.24frets.com/testing/ Works fine, but the controller that appears on full screen does

  • Errors Handle using VBOctober 11

    Hi all, we have an automated procedure (using VB and BW functions) for the production of a large amount of reports . the issue we face is that whenever a short dump is being produced (for any reason) , the VB loop stuck and someone has to logon again

  • Please Help!!! At wits End!! Flash player problems using full screen modeNovember 30

    Thank you... I have a dual monitor setup with my macbook which is connected to my TV a Insignia NS-LCD47HD-09 model. +When I play flash videos in full screen on my lcd they come in all choppy and unsmooth.+ This problem developed all of a sudden and

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