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logged out of hunt group

  • Ephone logged out of hunt groupNovember 30

    In CME I have a hunt group setup so that when someone calls in to the main line it rings ephone 10 if no answer it rings ephone 11. If no one answers these phones it will ring an on a cell-phone that the on call shift has. However, somehow the first

  • Prevent 'Logged out of Hunt Group' on 7900 series IP phonesNovember 30

    I have a CUCM configuration on 8.2, and have an issue with some 7925 wireless devices that are set up in a "call flow" along side a pair of 7945 devices.  If a call comes into either of those devices' extensions, after a set # of seconds of &quo

  • Hunt Groups to loginNovember 30

    Can you create a hunt group for multiple users to login in CM5.x so as to use it like a helpdesk environment and you can track whether the user has logged in or out of the queue. Any help would be greatHi Satu, Just to add a note to the great tips fr

  • Hunt Group on LaptopNovember 30

    Hi I have a problem - I am part of a hunt group, which is desk based. However I have just asked for flexible working, which would mean having a softphone and being logged into a hunt gropu when working from home. IT dept are struggling with this. Ple

  • Allowing CFA for a phone in a Hunt GroupNovember 30

    I have CCM v5.13. Several users are members of a hunt group, and claim that they used to be able to call forward their phones and not receive any calls from the Hunt Pilot. I've made some changes to the Hunt Pilot, and ever since they say when they c

  • 8800 Series IP Phone - Hunt GroupNovember 30

    We are considering migrating from 7900 series phone to the 8800. On our current devices when a user is not logged into a hunt group it is displayed on the screen. With the 8800 we noticed the only way to tell your current status is to press the hunt

  • Log In/Out of hunt group in JabberNovember 30

    Is it possible to log in/out of hunt group in the Windows Jabber client. Ideally is would be great to use presence to determine whether a user is available or notYou could use AXL to update the Logged into Hunt Group setting. You may configure a Webs

  • CVP 7.0(2) SIP RNA Timer with CUCM Hunt GroupOctober 11

    I have a very simple ICM 7.5(9) script which simply assigns a call type then forwards to a label on CUCM 7.1(5), which is a hunt pilot containing a hunt list with 2 line groups...a circular LG with 10 members (RNA reversion timeout of 20 sec), follow

  • How to enable HLog for B-ACD Hunt GroupNovember 30

    We are using B-ACD for imcoming calls, the hunt group for BACD has 5 members. I want people to be able to login/logoff from this hunt group. I have this working with the DND button, but then the phone doesn't ring when the extension is dailed directl

  • Lync RSG Hunt Group not working as expected, not getting calls on lync clientsNovember 30

    I have created an Hunt Group in Lync. When i dial the number i do get the welcome message but after that it does not get forwarded to the test user which is configured in the Group. (Created a Queue and selected the group here and assigned this to th

  • CCM 4.2 and Hunt Group pickupNovember 30

    Hello, do someone know if the hunt group pickup feature is now enabled on the CCM 4.2? Thanks in advance DanieleNo. Call pickup is still not possible for hunted calls on 4.2. However, there is a new feature that may ease the pain of this. The "hlog&q

  • Hunt Group FallbackNovember 30

    We are running CUCM v9 and are trying to set up the following configuration: A heldesk hunt group which every phone in the company can log in and out of as they need When a call comes into the helpdesk hunt group and is not answered for 20 seconds th

  • Hunt Group Issue - DN being skipped overNovember 30

    Hello, I am trying to set up a Hunt Group which hunts, top down, to four different extensions (A,B,C,D). This is working as expected apart from one particular extenstion...C. When start or middle of the Line Group this extension gets skipped over com

  • Hunt Group IssueNovember 30

    Hello, I am trying to set up a Hunt Group which hunts, top down, to four different extensions (A,B,C,D). This is working as expected apart from one particular extenstion...C. When start or middle of the Line Group this extension gets skipped over com

  • Hunt Group stops forwarding after setting up forwarding.November 30

    Hi! I am having a problem with a hunt pilot after setting up forwarding. The original setup is this: Hunt pilot pointing to a Hunt list with two line groups. The first Line Group are the Operator lines, that are set up in a Device Profile with extens

  • Hunt group type Set up with outside ext numbers ie Cell phonesNovember 30

    Using CUCM 9.1 Is there a quick and easy way to create a hunt group type set up using outside (cell phone numbers)? The scenario will be one (person who will be ON Call) using an internal DID that is forwarded to to a cell phone of the oncall person

  • Extending the Hunting time on a Hunt Group CUCM 8.5.1November 30

    Good afternoon.  We are trying to implement a hunt group for our main switchboard.  The scenario would be all calls to the home office come into a hunt pilot and then hunt, top down, to the main switchboard extension and then to a choice of 3 other d

  • Call transfer through Hunt groupNovember 30

    Hi, we have a call manager version 8.6 where we have mutiple huntgroups configured. Following is the call flow PSTN callers call a DID number from outside which after the translation on the gateway, hits a hunt pilot number on call manager and eventu

  • Extension not ringing in hunt groupNovember 30

    Callmanager 8 environment (2 subs, 1 pub). There are four extensions in a hunt group and one of them stopped ringing today when you dial the hunt pilot. No recent changes to CUCM were made prior to this occurring. I have tried the following: 1) Remov

  • Hunt Group and Voice Mail - How?October 11

    Hello, We are setting up a Hunt Group (Line Group, Hunt List, Hunt Pilot) for call distribution. We don?t want to use the Attendant console for this, we just want the calls distributed. We need to send some calls and broadcast them to different phone

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