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Linksys x3500 cache

  • Linksys X3500 - Port Forwarding (limited)November 30

    Hi everybody! We have purchased 3 pieces of Linksys X3500. One for us and a couple for an installer (our customer) who wants to make a wireless home network (for a couple of end users). I have to tell you that we are a distributor for security system

  • FTP problem in Linksys x3500November 30

    Hi, I have problems with FTP server in my Linksys x3500. After activation of FTP server, I click in "Specifi folder" button, I select the folder, the groups, than Save but the folder and the FTP Server does not add the folder. Please, help me. I

  • Noisy sound coming from Linksys X3500 AC adapterNovember 30

    I just purchased Linksys X3500 modem and I noticed that when I connect it to any power outlet in my home that its AC adapter produces noisy sound that only disappear when I switch off the modem and you should know that modem works fine till now so sh

  • How can i add to complate block list LinkSys x3500 ?November 30

                       Hello all; I have a question, i have a LinkSys x3500 modem. İ wan't to add complate block list. How can i add? Thank you, Best Regards.my_list.add(new Integer(my_int));'int' is a primitive, the collections require Objects...that is

  • X3500 "RFC 2684 Bridged" and "Bridged mode only" at the same timeNovember 30

    Is it possible to achive this? With some older modem i could configure one ethernet port for Bridged mode only, so that i could connect directly to Internet through that port with own ip given by my ISP, and at the same time have the modem handle NAT

  • X3500 wont work in Bridge mode with ASA 5505November 30

    Hi Everyone, I am currently running Linksys X3500 v1.0.0 and plan to use ASA 5505 as a PPPoE client. While PPPoE connection is working fine when i configure the linksys for PPoE, but When I configure the ASA 5505 to act as PPPoE client I'm unable to

  • Does the X3500 support Annex M?November 30

    Wanting to know if the X3500 supports Annex M, as it's not that clear on on spec sheet.imncloudnine wrote: Isn't Annex M only available in Australia? The X3500 ADSL2+ modem only currently supports Annex A. For more information about this device, you

  • X3500 Firmware and supportNovember 30

    Hi, I have a cisco linksys x3500 with v1.0.01 build 002 firmware. I have searched but i can't seem to find software to update the firmware. Going onto either Linksys.com or cisco.com is fruitless. Any ideas?According to the Linksys website the X3500

  • IPv6 readinessNovember 30

    I have Linksys X3500/V1.0 N750 Gateway connected to my computer. I read in FAQ that this gateway supports both IPv4 and IPv6; my computer has been very slow loading major web sites such as Google and Yahoo so I tested my computer's IPv6 connectivity

  • PPPOA Bridge?November 30

    My ISP uses PPPOA and i'm struggling to set the linksys x3500 into bridge mode, where I can use a DDWRT R6300 as the router. Is it possible to have a half bridge with the x3500? The linksys x3500 has the following modes but I do not know which one I

  • Static ARP Entry telnet command - techies take a look pls!!November 30

    Hello Seniors, What is the TYPICAL telnet commpand for binding a MAC address to an IP (aka Static ARP entry) on most Linksys routers? I don't have GUI for this within the FW so telnet is the hope. I am making  question quite simple with ahope the sto

  • My switch Linksys srw224g4 has problem and I need someone helpOctober 11

    Hello, My switch Linksys srw224g4 has problem that it keeps rebooting continuously and cannot bootup successfuly. Can someone tell me how to fix this problem? Firmware version is 1.2.2b , boot version is 1.0.2 Here is console capture: ===============

  • Cisco Linksys E3000 - Open DNS ErrorOctober 11

    I just purchased a Cisco Linksys E3000 and got it set up pretty much the way I want it. My only remaining problem is I wish to used Open DNS as my DNS server. On Line chat support says,"Please access router set up. Under the set up tab you will see

  • X3500 No Connection between LAN and WLANOctober 11

    Hello, I've purchased and installed an x3500 modem, and can connect to internet using both wired and wireless but my problem is, i can not ping or see/detect devices between LAN and WLAN.How can i fix this problem? Mac filtering is disabled on wirele

  • Need help setting up a "Caching Nameserver"November 30

    Hi, I am running (non server) mac osx on several machines at home hidden behind a router using IP's 192.168.1.xxx. I am connected to the internet by a cable modem with roadrunner being the ISP de jour. All of my machines use a fixed IP. I recently bo

  • Linksys befw11s4 v4 password won't changeNovember 30

    I cannot change the password on my linksys befw11s4 v4.  I go to the screen to change it, I type in the new password and reenter/confirm and select apply, then it tells me that changes are successful and it will reroute me back to the previous page i

  • X3500 Port Forwarding Stops Randomly, must RebootNovember 30

    Hi, Hoping someone else has come across this and found a resolution...  I have a very new X3500 router setup within a small business.  I have approx 15 port forwarding rules configured - most of which are standard ones such as 80, 443, 25, etc. For w

  • Linksys wvc54gca......trying to view with cellphone....need helpNovember 30

    I have my linksys camera working with a motorola sbg900 router. I have everything setup and working fine except my rtsp to cell phone connection. I had it all properly setup on a netgear router and had to change over to the motorola. Here is some inf

  • Set-up of RE4100W with X3500 gatewayNovember 30

    I just purchased a RE4100W range extender and want to set this up with my x3500 gateway. I am using a MAC filter in my Gateway, hence I have configured the extender device , the 5ghz and 2 ghz MAC adresses in my gateway. I have set up the extender wi

  • Smart wi-fi browser not supported error by LinksysNovember 30

    Linksys seems to have created a doozy of an issue with this "browser not supported error" they keep displaying.  Its as if head office is oblivious to this. I am running IE 11 with all the updates applied and it gives the error.  I downloaded fi

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