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linksys ea6900 dlna settings

  • Linksys EA6900 (AC1900) "Media Prioritization" Set-up QuestionNovember 30

    Got the new Linksys EA6900 router (coming from Asus routers) and I'm trying to set the the 'media prioritization' for my iPad and my iPhone. I want those 2 devices to have top priority for streaming and facetime, etc.  I'm not really sure how this wo

  • Linksys EA6900 router issueNovember 30

    Hi all, I have a Linksys EA6900 router with firmware version 1.1.42(build 158863), and it has below issues: 1) Connot access the router 2) My devices can search the WIFI signal, but connot join it successfully. 3) The internal network is working prop

  • Linksys EA6900 and BT InfinityNovember 30

    Hi I am about to purchase the Linksys EA6900 Does it connect the same way as the BTHub4 does i.e. to the openreach box? Thanks.HarvRBR wrote: Hi I am about to purchase the Linksys EA6900 Does it connect the same way as the BTHub4 does i.e. to the ope

  • EA6900 DLNA Media Server update intervallNovember 30

    Hi everyone, I have the problem, that the media server does not update within the setted intervall. I set it up to scan the folders every 2 hours, but i updates the folder only every day or even less. For example - I made this screenshot today, Octob

  • Linksys E3200 - What settings do I have to change to get full wireless speed ?November 30

    Hello, I never had a router before. I just bought Linksys E3200, because I need a wireless connection to my HTPC. I have only set a password to my network. Didn't touch or changed any of the factory settings. My main PC is connected to a router using

  • Linksys WUSB6300 - Advanced SettingsNovember 30

    Hi, on the Properties sheet for this adapter under the Advanced tab, there is a setting for "BeamCap.  The current setting is BEAM Disable.  What is this setting and what should it be set to?  Thanks! Hi chrisdx97. These are settings that I don't rea

  • Linksys EA6900 configuration for BTNovember 30

    Hi All I have been having a few issues with my BT homehub, disconnecting, dropping connection, etc. so I decided to try a different router to see if it was actually the BT homehub causing the problem. However I cannot find anywhere where there are a

  • Linksys EA6900 USB DriveNovember 30

    I have a home network with 4 computers all running windows 7.  I have a 1 Tb drive connected to the USB 2.0 port.  Three of the four computers can consistently see/access the drive while the fourth cannot.  It doesn't matter whether I use the USB 3.0

  • EA6900 PPPOE problems with D-link DSL-320bNovember 30

    Hi  I really hope someone can help as I can't seem to find a working answer in the forum yet. I have a new D-Link DSL-320B modem/router. This works fine as a modem/router, however as I also now have a Linksys EA6900 router I wanted to stop the router

  • EA6900 network strength issueNovember 30

    I have recently bought a Linksys EA6900 wireless router. I upgraded from a Linksys e3000. The reason I upgraded was because I wanted to have better signal strength, increased coverage and higher speed. The Linksys EA6900 promised all these things. Un

  • EA6900 Firmware​232 A FLOP!November 30

    Mr. Moderator, sent you the contact information in regards to my first post EA6900 Firmware "immediately" as you requested....still no reply from you to "help me" in 4 days.  Seeing how technical support runs it's no surp

  • Best configuration for a LinkSys RouterNovember 30

    I've had the best wifi signal using a new LinkSys E3000 router, but it's varied depending on the band/channel. Can anyone else with a LinkSys router recommend settings that work best with an iPad? Here's mine: LinkSys E3000 5GHz N-only 20MHz channels

  • EA6900 locking upNovember 30

    Just purchased this router.  I am noticing that i need to power cycle it once every 6 hours or so.  It appears to be locked up and new devices will report back "Unable to join network".   Existing devices that are already connected (both wired a

  • I'm confused about security settings for WRT54GS!November 30

    So I enable G only, rename the network from linksys and save settings, then I open security settings, select WPA2, enter a password and save settings.  Now when I return to the wireless setup page do I have to hit the SES Lock icon?  When I do that i

  • Bizarre WiFi Connectivity Issue; Self-Assigned IPs, Static IP Doesn't workOctober 11

    The short and sweet of the problem: Macs/Apple Devices are pulling self-assigned IP addresses when connecting to a Linksys EA6900/AC1900 router. Here’s the detail: I am working at an office with 1 Airport Extreme and 1 Linksys EA6900/AC1900, both are

  • Remote Desktop Ports Not WorkingOctober 11

    Hello, I am trying to set up my new laptop with Remote Desktop. I have Norton 360 on it and a linksys EA6900 router.  And this is all on my home network. My issue is that I cant seem to connect to the laptop to the port 3391 I opened up on it. I have

  • HELP! Airport WAN not workingOctober 11

    Hello all, First, let me explain my setup which has worked for over a year now: Cable Modem--->AEBS (WAN port)--->Transmits to 2 G4's and a Powerbook Two days ago, I turned on my machine only to discover that my internet was down. I first tried call

  • Wireless WoesNovember 30

    Many months back I got a Netgear WGR614 V6 wireless router. For a while it did the job but I noticed as soon as I left the room with the router in, the signal would degrade. By the time I got to the garden area (2 rooms away) and signal was dead. Aft

  • Multiple airport express clients dropping iTunesNovember 30

    Hello, I'm new to the board and appreciate the resource and any feedback you guys can provide. My music is stored on the iMac and I'm trying to stream iTunes to two AX's and the music drops out often. They are both set up as clients. I have searched

  • Problem accessing modemNovember 30

    Hi, Hope some gurus can help me here. I'm currently subscribed to an ADSL service in my area.   I'm trying to bridge my 2wire ADSL modem and I'm trying to capitalize by connecting the Linksys e2000 to handle all the forwarding and wireless access.  T

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