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limitations of posting ledger

  • Limitations of parallel ledgerNovember 30

    Hi Gurus, We are planning to upgrade from 4.6 to 6, need to check challenges and limitations involved in parallel ledger. Regards, Ram.Dear, considering the financial module there will not big impacts. Some transactions will change names to attend th

  • Standard Crystal Layout for General Ledger Report, Development LimitationsNovember 30

    Hi Guys, I have experienced some development limitations in the standard crystal general ledger layout for "General Ledger report" in SAP. So if we are running standard "General Ledger" report we have a lot of columns but we unable to

  • Tolerance LimitsOctober 11

    Hi I would appreciate, if anyone of you kindly explain the difference between OBA3 & OBA4.  i.e. Defining Tolerance Group for GL Accountt & Defining Tolerance Group for AR & AP. Points will be awarded, if useful. Regards SonicaHi Sonica, The f

  • Material Ledger - confirmation in different monthsOctober 11

    Hi Gurus, I have a problem as follows: We are using material ledger for actual costing. When we post partial confirmation for a production order in period t, goods receipt and goods issue is posted for period t. However, in some cases, confirmation i

  • Automatic creation of  a Material Ledger documentOctober 11

    Hi, I need to automatically create a Material Ledger document with reference to a material and split valuation code, there are BAPI or Function that may I use? Thanks Gianmario BelottiHi, First of all you should maintain transaction OMS2 to allow qua

  • Variance between Material Ledger and General Ledger ofOctober 11

    There is again a variance between Material Ledger and General Ledger of 7.026,64 (Tcode MB5L) as it was already in $$100036500(G/L). The strange thing is, that there is only a difference in the GL Account Balance report (FS10N) for S240077000(G/L ).

  • New G/L Concept and Special purpose ledgerOctober 11

    Hi Gurus, What is the new G/L Concept ? What is the purpose of new G/Lconcept? And what is the special purpose ledger ? Please give me the proper answer for above questions, Regards, BalthaHi Batha, General Ledger Accounting (FI-GL) (New)  The centra

  • Material Ledger - UsageNovember 30

    Dear Team, Need to know any company have used the Material Ledger for Actual cost valuation is "yes", request to revert for the below mentioned questions: a) Is it required to have Raw material, SFG, FG & depot FG Item type price control - a

  • Double Posting using Leading and Non-leading ledger...November 30

    Gurus' I am at a client that is using the leading (0L) and non leading (PL) ledger set up.  Also, we have configure an additional document document (ZF) for posting to the (PL) ledger.  The following configuration settings have been made: 1     US GA

  • Asset Balances for Non-Leading Ledger Period - AR01November 30

    Dear Members, A Company Code follows K4 (Jan to Dec) for IT purpose Non-Leading Ledger was used with FYV - V3 (April to March) Trail Balance (F.08) is having option of selecting required ledger. Based on the Ledger Selected we can have GL Balances of

  • Printing 'ledger' is grayed outNovember 30

    I found this problem in a couple of archived discussions, but I couldn't find an answer. I recently had my work computer upgraded from an old imac to a macbook with snowleopard. Everyone in the office is able to use the printer from a shared network,

  • Parallel ledger with values for past periodNovember 30

    hi we are creating addl ledgers with different fiscal year variant is it possible for me to fill up this ledger with values for a past period? my fiscal year variant is V3 April - March, however I need the parallel ledger for calender year Fiscal Yr

  • Limitations in R12 GL and FANovember 30

    Hi, Would like to see the requirements that were not delivered as part of the R12 application, particularly with respect to General Ledger and Fixed Assets functionality. I need to consolidate and present the key limitations in R12 GL and FA as of to

  • R12 GL - Limiting User Access To Two Accounting Key Flexfield Segments OnlyNovember 30

    Hi there, Oracle E-Business Suite R12 RUP 4 - General Ledger I have a question regarding limiting the Segment values available for data entry to certain Responsibilities or Users. We have 6 segments in our COA. One of the Segments - Campus - has two

  • Double Posting in Parallel LedgerNovember 30

    Hello Gurus We have Non-US company codes and have various depreciation areas assigned to it. Area 01 is main assigned to leading ledger 0L and area 30 is USGAAP assigned to L1 ( parallel Ledger). Area 01 Post real time and Area 30 is "Area post APC D

  • Parallel Ledger APC Values Via A Clearing AccountNovember 30

    Hi Folks, Would appreciate any help you can with this. Situation : Fixed Assets is not integrated with Vendor Payables. Fixed Assets is set up with Real and Delta Depreciation Areas. When an Invoice is posted in Vendor Payables the offset is to a Fix

  • Bulk move of cheques to new general ledger AccountNovember 30

    In my work I have been required to bulk move cheques from a particular GL account to the correct Account.  I can do this manually which is extremely time consuming typing in each cheque transaction to a new cheque clearing Account. What is the quicke

  • General Ledger TransferNovember 30

    Hi, Could you please explain why we are using transfer account in Posting area 0100. When this entry will be updated and where it will be updated. Thanks. VijayThat transfer account does exactly what the help says it does: "When summary records are t

  • Difference Between Special Purpose Ledger and New General LedgerNovember 30

    Dear All, Could any boy explain me the difference between Special Purpose Ledger and New General Ledger? Regards JSHi General Ledger Accounting (FI-GL) (New) The central task of G/L accounting is to provide a comprehensive picture of external account

  • Features of Retail LedgerNovember 30

    Hi, SAP Gurus Can any one please help me in giving some details about the SAP retail ledger including the Configuration guide. Thanks in advance.Hello Surendra, The Retail Ledger is an application available to you from the area of accounting. Technic

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