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lexmark z25 drivers os 10.4

  • Lexmark Z25 PrinterNovember 30

    I have a macbook, and the lexmark Z25 isnt one of the included printer drivers that came with the computer. I went to the Lexmark website (http://downloads.lexmark.com/cgi-perl/downloads.cgi?ccs=229:1:0:337:0:0&searchLa ng=en&os_group=Mac%20OS%20X

  • Lexmark z25 driverNovember 30

    Hey...I tried to make lexmark z25 work by this article http://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/CUPS I did all the steps and now i am connected on localhost port 631,trying to install the printer correctly...It asks me for a device and i give Lemark z25-z

  • Lexmark X1240 drivers???November 30

    Hi, I have a Lexmark X1240 series printer/scanner. I know that there are no drivers available for this printer for OS X. Could I use some other drivers to get my printer working on my Mac? Please help... I have a lot of documents to be scanned asap.

  • Lexmark X4550 drivers not working?November 30

    I had my Lexmark x4550 working wifi with tiger, however i now have leopard and i cannot use the printer wifi? I have seen other posts on this but i have uninstalled all previous drivers and downloaded the new ones from the American Lexmark site, seve

  • Where can I find Lexmark Print Drivers v 2.3.1?November 30

    Does anyone know here I can find Lexmark Print Driver V 2.3.1. Since I upgraded to 10.6.8 can't print wireless.Why not check the manufacturer website if it's not on Software Update? Read other 2 answers

  • Apple's Lexmark Drivers BROKE MY PRINTER!November 30

    I have a REAL problem with apple's printer drivers. They do more damage than helping! I have a lexmark 4550. When I did a fresh instal of Snow Leopard and installed Lexmarks own drivers, everything was fine. I could print even when the printer is asl

  • Can't get my printer working (Lexmark X1130) - Arch 64bitOctober 11

    I'm not so familiar with AUR and other things, so tell me if I have made a basic fail... I have Lexmark X1130 printer. When I used Ubuntu it worked with Lexmark Z600 drivers (followed this guide. In AUR, I found this package which includes Z600 drive

  • Cant print on my Lexmark X4550 after Apple print Sw updateNovember 30

    Hi, I recently had an update of the Lexmark printer drivers via Apple's SW update. After that my Lexmark X4550 does not work any longer. I get an error message "Color table is missing. You must uninstall and reinstall the printer software" I hav

  • After software update for Lexmark printer, cannot print document as a file is missing. My iMac runs with Snow Leopard.November 30

    I have a Lexmark 3500 - 4500 series printer connected to my iMac via USB (as my iMac won't do the printing wirelessly. My iMac runs with Mac OS X, Snow Leopard, Version 10.6.8. A few days ago, there were several software updates that I have installed

  • Leopard / iPhoto 08 / Lexmark X4550 - iphoto crashes every time i print!November 30

    Clean install of Leopard, then installed iLife 08, then installed Lexmark printer drivers, etc. Printer seems to work fine on other programmes but every time I try to print a photo in iPhoto 08, the programme crashes....Aargh!! Any ideas?Here,s the c

  • Lexmark Pro805 Prestige (the challenge that is linux wifi printing)November 30

    I know it's a boring topic, but I'd really appreciate help getting printing to work.  I guess it's also a tad bit ironic that the guy whose forum handle is "print" needs printer assistance, but I digress.  Who wants to help me make history by be

  • Lexmark X6690 and Mac OSX 10.6November 30

    ok...My MacBook and the said printer used to print & scan in perfect harmony. Then I upgraded to 10.6....and I could only print. anytime I tried to scan, the software always crashed. So....I was just happy to be able to print and hoped that soon, ano

  • Tiger:  Lexmark Z35November 30

    I've recently installed Tiger 10.4.8. While I'm able to print, I'm not able to access 'Lexmark Z25-Z35 Utility.app', which would allow me to clean the print nozzles, align the cartridges, and print a test page. I tried downloading and installing the

  • Cannot print at allNovember 30

    I have a Lexmark Z25 and Stylewriter II printers. Both worked perfectly with my G5 iMac on 10.4.11 at home UNTIL I synchronised a clone, which I had been trying to use on different printers in a different location. Now I cannot print anything from ei

  • Upgrading to Tiger Installer problemsOctober 11

    Ok, thanks in advance for giving a glance, and, Happiest of Holidays. I did search and still doesn't fit my situation... Upgrading to Tiger-retail box from OWC. I use an external partinioned 200g firewire drive as a B/U and bootable OS/software teste

  • Settings are noit set after installing Firefox 4.0October 11

    For example "canvas" on AOL changes randomly after being reset to one "canvas." Every time I exit www.games.com Firefox (not responding). Passwords have been corrupted. Also when adding new password Firefox 4.0 does not ask if I want p

  • Unable to print PDF files to HP Colour Laser PrinterOctober 11

    Hi Guys, I am having a problem with printing PDF files to a network printer. The printer was purchased recently and is a HP Colour LaserJet CP3525n all in one, printer/photocopier etc. Other documents such as Word documents work, so I don't think its

  • HP LaserJet 1150  NOT  collating / un-colattingOctober 11

    YES, I have posed this question to HP Printer Support, but I think the problem is actually in OS X -- as HP and Apple have worked extensively to include all of the HP drivers, etc. into OS X. Our used HP LaserJet 1150 (black only) printer does not co

  • Computer Can't Communicate With PrinterOctober 11

    Hi, After installing Win 8.1 on two different computers, both have the same printing problem. The first problem that appears is "Bidirectional Support" must be enabled...  It was enabled in Win 8 prior to the upgrade... It took awhile to figure

  • Running OS 10.5.x on Mac Mini (PPC-based, PowerMac10,2)October 11

    A friend of mine has a Late 2005 Mac Mini (PPC-based, PowerMac10,2). She currently runs OS 10.4.11 and the Mac is running fine. I have a few questions: [1] Can this machine run OS 10.5.x? [2] Even if it can, in terms of speed and running application,

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