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letak blackberry idcurve 9300

  • Need help with a Blackberry Curve 9300, please...October 11

    Hello, everyone, I had a look around the forum and came across a post which offered advice one what to include in questions, so I have tried to include the info below.  Device info Your carrier: Unlocked (was using Virgin) Model info and OS version (

  • I need to know a lot of things about Blackberry Curve 9300, I need hel please...October 11

    Hello there! Some of the questions or problems I'm encountering now maybe for some is nothing & seemed silly but for me it's giving me headache. First, just downloading & installing the Blackberry Desktop Software for PC is giving me a problem alr

  • Memory Card Issue with my BlackBerry Curve 9300November 30

    Hello, I have been using the memory card for more than a year. It's a SanDisk or a ScanDisk memory card. It's 8 GB. I didn't use the card that came with my BlackBerry Curve 9300 phone. I'm always trying to delete files or to copy files, most of them

  • Blackberry curve 9300 photos wont viewNovember 30

    My blackberry is taking pictures, but when i go to view them in my media, i cant see them? is there anything i can do to solve this?Hi EMS1994, Welcome to the BlackBerry Support Community. Please try to reinsert both your media card and your battery

  • BlackBerry Curve 9300 + Radius authentica​tionNovember 30

    Hello, Can some one explain me how can I use an BlackBerry Curve 9300 with RADIUS 802.1x wireless authentication. I will use hardware (computer) authentication instead of user authentication. We use the security type: WPA:WPA2 Enterprise Thanks! Best

  • Blackberry Curve 9300 3G: Problem with camera no flash and doesn;t take picturesNovember 30

    Hi! I have a Blackberry Curve 9300 3G phone. Until recently my camera was working fine i.e. the camera took pics. However recently I can;t take pictures. I can access the camera screen I can zoom I can see old phots but when I click on the camera ico

  • E-Sword for Blackberry Curve 9300November 30

    Do anyone know if you can download E-Sword on a Blackberry Curve 9300. Or maybe help me with a web link.Hi an welcome to the forums! I found this link, It doesn't look like you will be able to install it. Thanks, Bifocals Pocket E-sword "Pocket e-Swo

  • Need Help with App World on the Blackberry Curve 9300November 30

    Right i got the new Blackberry curve 9300 about a week ago. All my mates already have blackberry curves 8520's. I downloaded App World to get the same theme has my mate, but when i go on his it says he has over 1300 themes on his App World and i only

  • Unable to unlock Blackberry Curve 9300November 30

    I am trying to unlock my Blackberry curve 9300.  It is coming up with enter "blackberry" to continue so I have done this too many times and it says last attempt !  I do not want to touch it again  as I am clearly entering the wrong information.

  • TWO PROBLEMS:( BLACKBERRY CURVE 9300) 1) Unable to send/receive e-mails 2) black square with a minute hand whizzing roundNovember 30

    Hello, I have a BLACKBERRY CURVE 9300            i would be most grateful if someone could help me with persistent problems, which ive previously enlisted the help of T-mobile to resolve but to no avail. 1) I am unable to send/ receive e-mails, this

  • Bbm on blackberry curve 9300November 30

    i have recently aquired a blackberry curve 9300 and when i added some friends on bbm they stay in the pending box and it says in brackets waiting for authorisation can you please help me as i have spoke to other people who have blackberrys and they s

  • Does the BlackBerry Curve 9300 support OTG?November 30

    I have a BlackBerry Curve 9300. I was recently shopping and saw a flashdrive that can be plugged into smartphones to transfer data between your phone and another device. The package said something about OTG. Does the BlackBerry Curve 9300 have OTG? O

  • CUMA Support for BlackBerry KEPLER 9300 and BlackBerry BOLD 9780 modelsNovember 30

    Hi Community, Does anyone has any information if Blackberry KEPLER 9300 and BOLD 9780 models are supported by Cisco Mobility Advantage? Thanks in advance.Hi, Right now CUMA doesnt support both these devices of Blackberry, However you can find the lis

  • Facebook does not work with BlackBerry Curve 9300 ??November 30

    Hi, I just got a BlackBerry Curve 9300 v5.0.0.832. My current carrier is Virgin. Anyways. The message I get is "You are currently on a service plan that does not support this application. If you want to use this application please contact your servic

  • Downgrade Blackberry Curve 9300 SoftwareNovember 30

    I downloaded the Blackberry 6 software onto my Blackberry Curve 9300 and I've noticed that my battery drains so easily and it is kind of slow and I feel like it's because my phone doesn't support it very well. Is there any way I can change it back to

  • Free timer for Blackberry curve 9300November 30

    Can anybody tell me some free timer application which I can download  for my Blackberry curve 9300Hi and Welcome to the Community! I suppose you could start with the included one... KB15523 Set the timer fuction in the Clock application Unless you

  • My blackberry curve 9300 turns off goes to a white screen then back onNovember 30

    My blackberry curve 9300 turns off goes to a white screen then back on this happens every 2-5 mins i have used blackberry desktop to update and repair i have changed battery nothing still the same i need help!!Hi lesprince If you update the software

  • Can somebody help me with my Blackberry Curve 9300November 30

    Hi there, can anyone help??? I have been given a blackberry curve 9300 and I have just put a giffgaff sim card in and changed my number over. I have tried to text and it keeps coming up with a clock symbol and then a red X. I have looked at settings

  • Please help! having problems with my signal on a blackberry curve 9300November 30

    hi, im having problems with my blackberry curve 9300, about 4 weeks ago the signal suddenly just started to drop to sos only, it takes ages for it to return and then does it repeated through the day, it cuts me off when on phone calls and is very ann

  • Multiple Problems with BlackBerry Curve 9300October 11

    Hi everyone Model info: BlackBerry 9300 (sG, Wi-Fi) OS version: v5.0.0.846 (Bundle 1440, Platform Yesterday night, i get the little envelope saying that I have a sms message but when i click on the icon (sms & mms) on the screen, i couldnt

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