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lenovo w520 shutdown instead of sleep

  • Blue screen when try to update bios on lenovo w520October 11

    Hello everyone  I'm pretty new here and I bought a new  laptop two days ago  my model  of my leptop is lenovo  W520 (4276-37U) / i7-2720QM / Quadro 1000M and my os is win 7 pro 64 and i want to share with  you the problem that i have  experienced as

  • Dead Keys on Lenovo W520 built-in keyboard after Windows 7 (64bit) UpdateOctober 11

    After my Windows 7 update, I have several dead keys.  Left Alt, Up Arrow, Print Screen, F5, F6, and the ThinkVantage Keys are all dead.  Orginally I thought it was just Windows, but after booting into my Linux OS, I run into the same issues.  I have

  • Intel 6205 wireless not working with Lenovo W520November 30

    Loving the new W520... very fast, if only the wireless would work. Unable to get wireless interface functioning, won't even show up in ifconfig. I've appended requested wireless information, thanks in advance for any assistance. 1) Machine Brand and

  • Installing Windows XP on a Lenovo W520November 30

    I recently purchased a Lenovo W520 and I set it up to run a dual boot since I need to run on Windows XP when I am working for a client who doesn't support Windows 7 on his network yet. Everything works fine but the video driver. I downloaded the driv

  • Where is BIOS.wph? Lenovo w520November 30

    Hi! I've recently done a BIOS update using the built-in lenovo update center. but alas - it seems to be a fail as I can't boot anymore. As far as I understand, I can recover BIOS using Crisis recover disk program, but I have no idea where to get the

  • Lenovo g470 shutdown problems (in intervals of 10-12 days)November 30

    Hi everyone, I'm from Argentina, so I apologize for my english. My problem with Lenovo G470 is this: every 10, 12 days it shutdowns and can't use it for a time. I'm doing anything (listening to music, writting a text, etc) or sometimes I'm afk and ju

  • W520 shutdownNovember 30

    My W520 shuts off after freezing for 5 seconds or so, usually when I am playing a particular game. I presume this is a heat issue. I have downloaded HW monitor and will test it soon and get back to you. Is there anywhere I can get a error report for

  • Lenovo W520 BIOS defect: not booting GPT partitioned Harddrive w/o UEFINovember 30

    Hi, again...the W520 BIOS seems to have a bug. I've tested it via several Notebooks and PC's and it's the ONLY one NOT starting. I'm using a GPT-partitioned Harddrive WITHOUT UEFI (which is absoluetly legal). The BIOS seems to check the boot flags an

  • Lenovo W520 bad power connectionNovember 30

    I've just had my W520 serviced because of a reboot loop and the laptop was sent back with a new (actually, used) motherboard. Since then, the computer intermittently loses power (thinks AC is detached) then gains power (thinks AC is attached) and the

  • SSD for lenovo w520November 30

    Hello, I have a 2 year old w520 running windows 7 64 bit.  I want to upgrade the HDD to an SSD but I remember there were some issues with certain SSD drives not working well with these machines.  Will any of the newer intel SSD drives work ok with my

  • W520 Thermal Shutdown!!​!November 30

    I experienced thermal shutdown, twice!! Within 5-10 minutes of starting Duke Nukem Forever Demo, I had W520 shutdown and in both cases I had laptop sitting on TARGUS external dual cooling fan.  The second time I had Lenovo Turbo Boost+ ENABLED while

  • Lenovo T420 Unexpected Sudden Shutdown IssueNovember 30

    I have more than 20 laptops in my organization with Windows 7 Enterprise Edition (32 Bit operating system) & i got a very strange same issue in all laptops. Lenovo T420 Shutdown automatically while on working. It doesn`t matter its on battery or AC P

  • Please help! Major problems (performan​ce and lock-ups) with brand new W520 with Intel 520 SSDOctober 11

    My company primarily uses HP machines but I've been a long time IBM (now Lenovo) fan so I recently had IT purchase me a new Lenovo W520 (product ID 42763LU). Once the machine arrived I had them do the following: Remove the 500GB HDD and replace it wi

  • W520: How to get full speed and turbo on battery powerOctober 11

    Here is how you get around the on battery max frequency limitation (of 1.2 GHz, at least for my i7-2620M) and no turbo (well, almost, read on): 0. Assuming you have max performance enabled everywhere possible (BIOS/PowerManager/Windows Power Scheme)

  • 2 External Monitors with W520 Laptop?October 11

    I'm running Windows 7 / 64 bit on my Lenovo W520 laptop. Is there any way to connect two external monitors to the unit and have them show independent screens from Windows? Robert W. Solved! Go to Solution.RobertWerner2 wrote: If I'm reading the link

  • Displaypor​t on W520 does not detect camcorderOctober 11

    Hi, currently I have a camcorder (Canon Vixia HF11) hooked up to my laptop (Lenovo W520) with a HDMI cable to a HDMI-Displayport adapter. It seems as if the laptop does not even detect the camcorder. As an end result, I am trying to have the camcorde

  • Help with choosing the right lenovo laptop modelNovember 30

    Hello All, I  am in the process of  replacing my old   Lenovo  w520 with one of these laptop models  :- i) Lenovo  T440 ii) Lenovo X1 Carbon iii) Lenovo W540 Which one of  the  above  3  models  is  the best ?  What are the known problems with any of

  • W520 stopped workingNovember 30

    So my Lenovo W520 recently stopped working spontaneously while I was on vacation in Taiwan, but luckily there are Lenovo service stores here, and it was repaired. Both the motherboard and the hard drive had to be replaced, as well as the backup batte

  • W520 3DSMax CrashNovember 30

    I have had a few w520's already and never experienced this problem. I installed max 2013 design with Vray on my w520 16gig quaddro 2000. It has worked fine for months. Now after a few months it is starting to crash. It will open as long as nitrous is

  • Best SSD for w520 quad coreNovember 30

    i have a Crucial C300 128gig in my dock slot now with the factory 500 gig in the hdd slot... the crucial sucks. any good one that works great with the w520, i know a lot are problematic.Storeagereivew.com did a comparison test of the intel 520 SSD vs

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