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lenovo tab s8-50f lollipop issues

  • Lenovo Tab S8-50F camera issueNovember 30

    Hi all Got this tablet today and its great. And i have a issue with camera (I tried 3 diferent S8-50F in store and all have same issue but i still got 1 for myself) Here is the thing. 1. When you open camera and want to take photo all is great. 2. Sw

  • Lenovo TAB S8 50F touch screen - additional touches when charged w/ insufficient chargeNovember 30

    As the title says  There are additional registered touches when the tablet is charging with an insufficient charge that follow the same horizontal line (going across the tablet or the same y coordinates) that appear at mostly random locations (althou

  • Lenovo Tab S8-50F will not update otaNovember 30

    I recieved a new update for my lenovo tab s8-50f, and whenever i try to update, it gives me an error screen Finding update package..... Opening update package..... Verifying update package...... Installing update.... Verifying current system..... ass

  • Tab S8-50F lollipop updateNovember 30

    Hey guys, Any idea if and when the lollipop update will come for the Tab S8-50(x)? Currently running on 4.4.2 with version: S8-50F_S000200_150121_ROW Much appreciated!Hi Settler11 Given it's specs and quite recent release date the S8-50 will probably

  • Lenovo Tab S8-50F Micro SD Card Disconnects UnexpectedlyNovember 30

    About every 4 hours the SD card disconnects.  Its a 64GB SanDisk MicroSD card.  I can take it out and put it back in and it works fine again, but then after a few hours...blink...out again.  Very frustrating.  Seems to be a firmware problem rather th

  • Tab S8-50F Screen IssuesNovember 30

    Hey all, I am having two annoying issues with this device Maybe someone here can shed some light on. 1. This one is a tad hard to describe. Since getting the device, randomly when I power the screen on not all pixels will fire up to make a clear imag

  • How do I connect Tab S8-50F with PC using USB?November 30

    When I first joined my Laptop (Windows 8.1) and tablet the Laptop identified it as a CD drive containing 1 file (Smart Assist installer). Windows now shows an empty CD drive E: (plus the hardware DVD drive D and a Lenovo TAB S8-50F icon, which does n

  • LENOVO TAB 2 A10-70 lollipop issues report everybody.November 30

    Recently lenovo give the lollipop update to the LENOVO TAB 2 A10-70,but everybody has reporting serious bug's in this tablet after made the update,please can you put all your issues related with lollipop?Lenovo is not interested in bring a bug's fix

  • Do you recomended a lollipop update to LENOVO TAB 2 A10-70?November 30

    I found some many complaints about that updated, please lenovo what happened ???I just buy a LENOVO TAB 2 A10-70 today and have some many bugs with the Dolby app,WiFi,......I just wait to see if lenovo is working on any update,I have 15 days to retur

  • US version Lenovo Tab 2 (A7-30F) Not receiving updates. - Make offline downloads available?November 30

    I decided it might be best to open a new thread about this issue, since I don't necessarily believe attention is being given to similar threads once marked as "solved." I am a fairly new owner of the A7-30F model Lenovo Tab 2, and it appears tha

  • Suggestions for sturdiest cases for Lenovo Tab 2 A10 tablet?November 30

    Hi, I'm thinking of buying a Lenovo Tab 2 A10 tablet and I'm also looking to get a sturdy case to put it in. The sturdier case (like military grade even) the better. I looked up many sites that all show cases for the Galaxy Tab 2. It looks pretty muc

  • How to Root a Lenovo Tab 2 A10-70 2015 versionOctober 11

    I am not responsible for any damage that may affect your Device! Rooting is the first step to customise your device. Without rooting absolutely 'extraordinary' nothing is possible. Yes your warranty becomes void after that. So chill. No matter where

  • Playing videos and other content from my Lenovo Tab A8 to my Samsung SMART TVOctober 11

    Hi,I've a Lenovo Tab A8. I also bought a Samsung SMART TV recently. I want to connect my Tab to my TV so that I can share and watch the Tab's contents on the large screen wirelessly. I tried many different apps but they did not help. Is there anyway

  • Faulty storage on lenovo tab A10!November 30

    OK so I have had the Lenovo tab a10 for about 4 months now, fine but one problem: I am missing over 7 gigabytes of storage. They're just not there. Now it won't let me download anything like apps and movies. Has anyone else had this problem? If it ca

  • Lenovo tab S8-50L - Security HD disappeared after upgradeNovember 30

    Hello, I have bought a Lenovo Tab S8-50L tablet a month ago. In last days tablet informed me about new firmware upgrade.After firmware upgrade application Security HD was removed. How to install and bring it application back? This was helpfull app fo

  • Lenovo tab S8-50 fails to update: S8-50F_s000214_150629_ROWNovember 30

    Lenovo tab S8-50 fails to update: S8-50F_s000214_150629_ROW. Pic below shows the results. The first 1 is from Smart Assistent, the 2nd ons is manually finding the update.zip but yeah...   Settler11 wrote: Just follow this tutorial. It's simple. But j

  • My Lenovo Tab S8-50 will not turn on?November 30

    Hi,  i bought myself a new Lenovo Tab s8-50 2 days ago and as i went to put it on charge today it was on a 50% battery life so plenty of juice left but i'm going out tonight and so i wanted it filled up. After coming back after a few hours the tablet

  • Lenovo Vibe Z2 Pro lollipop battery drain fastNovember 30

    Lenovo Vibe Z2 Pro lollipop battery drain fast as hell Moderator note: Added textYou can see what app drains your batter in "Settings -> Power Manager -> Power consumption details". You can analyze that for a bit and adjust your phone acco

  • No network settings mode on my A3300 lenovo tabNovember 30

    tiada tetapan network mode di tab lenovo A3300 saya... No network settings mode on my A3300 lenovo tab Moderator note:Moved from http://forums.lenovo.com/t5/A-and-P-Series/a328-no-data-connection/td-p/1799637 New thread created.Edited/Translation pro

  • Lenovo tab A7-40 Rubbish bin dissapeardNovember 30

    I just got brand new Lenovo tab A7-40 with Android 4.2.2. When I brought it home all was fine, then when I connected tab to the WI-FI an update appeard and after applaying the update-  the RUBBISH ICON is gone. I went to the shop and got another tabl

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