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lenovo s450 problem

  • Lenovo C365 - Problemas Con MicrofonoNovember 30

    Buenas tardes, Mi problema con mi Lenovo C365 All In One, es que recientemente cambié de Win 8.1 a Win 7 Enterprise... Al instalar los respectivos controladores brindados por la pagina de soporte Lenovo tengo problemas con el de Audio (Realtek HD Aud

  • LaCie says Rescue & Recovery to LaCie USB2 disk trouble is Lenovo's problemNovember 30

    Hi! LaCie support says the Rescue & Recovery to LaCie USB2 disk trouble is Lenovo's problem. Also that there should be a fix ready for a TP T500 running XPP SP3. Any idea`s? On the same topic: Why is battery power management set to High (save battery

  • Lenovo G480 Problem: I cant Create a new DriveOctober 11

    Hi everyone.. so my my laptop is a Lenovo G480 intel i3 4GB ram My operating System when i bought this was Windows 7 Home Basic. So my problem is that my Local Disk C is 420 GB while my Local Disk D is only 25.4 GB So I want my disk D to have more sp

  • Lenovo B590 PROBLEMEOctober 11

    BONSOIR J'AI UN PREBLEME AVEC MON ORDINATEUR L'ENOVO B590 JE NE PEUX PAS VOUS EXPLIQUEZ MAIS JE VOUS ENVOYE CE QU'IL AFFICHE SUR L'ECRAN  Admin edit; translation; (translate.google.com) Good evening, I have a problem with my Lenovo B590 computer. I c

  • Three Lenovo B520 ProblemsNovember 30

    Hello!  While using my B520, I have encountered these problems:       -Every few days, my screen will suddenly turn blotchy and green or red.  It flashes very fast and I am unable to do anything on the computer.  In order to stop it, I have to force

  • Lenovo S820 problem in call with bluetooth headsetNovember 30

    Hello All. I have Lenovo S820. I update smartphone to last version firmware. Information from phone: Model: Lenovo S820_ROW Android system version: 4.2.1 Firmware communication module: S820.V21, 2013/08/07 15:14 Build number: S820_ROW_S119_130922 I a

  • Lenovo A536 problem with audio video playback.November 30

    I've bought lenovo a536 smartphone 3days ago and I couldn't listen to music continuesly. The audio or video player is stop playing or pausing unexpectedly. It is only giving problem while using headset. Try to fix this critical bug. It just ruined th

  • Ubuntu 9.10 and Lenovo G550 problemNovember 30

    Hello, I have one Lenovo G550 recently purchased. I've tried to install Ubuntu 9.04 and 9.10, but both OS wouldn't boot. I'm not sure where the problem lies, as I'm Linux newbie and all I get is a dark screen. I haven't tried to install it into a par

  • Lenovo G550 problem HDMI - pc overheatsNovember 30

    When I use my laptop (Lenovo G550 Model 2958) with HDMI cable to a Led TV, the pc overheats much!!! And after 1 hour the laptop turns off alone! I used another HDMI cable, but the problem persist. The problem occurs with Win 7 and also with Win 8. I

  • Lenovo G550 problem during games and warrantyNovember 30

    Hello, I have lenovo G550, it has G210m graphics card with 512Mb memory.I bought it on 5-jan-2010. From last 2-3 months my laptop suddenly switches off when i play games(after 5-10 min).I thought this was due to dust and overheating so I get it check

  • Lenovo T500 problems with Fnf3, Fnf6, brightness button and mute/volume buttonsNovember 30

    I have done a clean install of Windows 7 and installed the hotkey driver as well as the system inter driver but these buttons are still not working.  The only ones that are slightly working is the brightness and volume buttons (excluding the mute whi

  • Lenovo G570 ProblemsNovember 30

    This has been probably the best laptop I've brought, It was working fine and I was very happy until the otherday after showing no signs of performance decline or any thing else acting up, it just switched it self off randomly (Yes it was on charge) W

  • Lenovo G530 - problem with certain keys on keyboardNovember 30

    hi everyone. I have a Lenovo G530 and I am having an odd problem with the keyboard.  If i press the spacebar when I type anything, i get the system date and time.  If I press the H button, I get a hn and i get nh when I press the N key.  Also get gb

  • Re: Lenovo S660 problems after failed upgradeNovember 30

    Hi Friends, Here I found a solution to the Failed Upgrade Problem to latest ROW_S062_141126 firmware version. It works like a magic. http://www.androidrookies.com/2014/12/lenovo-s660-update-to-latest-row.html But the issue with WIFI Connectivity is n

  • Lenovo G580 problems after BIOS updateNovember 30

    Dear Sir, I have lenovo G 580 laptop. After update BIOS. Laptop has restarted and shows failed to strat normaly. it shown error - so windows automatically startup recovery program started (which was recommended).But this program failed in resoloving

  • Lenovo u330p problem mit bildschirm ausschalte​n/ problem with display timeoutNovember 30

    hallo!  ich bin neu hier. habe das u330p... bin total zufrieden damit, aber es gibt ein problem: wenn sich der bildschirm ausschaltet ( z.B.: energiesparmodus bei mir nach 5 minuten) dann lässt sich das ultrabook nicht mehr aufwecken du tastendruck o

  • Lenovo x230: Problems with Login and Startup of programsNovember 30

    Hello,  Lenovo or Lenovo Users  I have a few problems with my Lenovo X230 Laptop 1. Every time when i'm pressing Win + L to lock my account for windows. It will go smoothly to the lock screen and when I return to my laptop. And I press ctrl + alt + d

  • ThinkPad L420 problems! Windows 7 problems! Lenovo support problems! and so on...November 30

    My company has bought 150 ThinkPad's, L420 model, with Windows 7 Pro OA installed but NO recovery DVD. The problem comes when we had to reinstall some of the laptops, because we used 4 different types of Windows 7 Pro 64bits kits (downloaded from MSD

  • My Lenovo Laptop ProblemNovember 30

    Hi All. I Had An Problem With My NeW Lenovo Laptop . When i Enter An FullScreen Mode On Anything Game'S ....... My Windows 7 Give Me Note The Color Scheme Has Been Changen:< And This An ScreenShot And This My Computer Detils iF You Can Help Me < Mod

  • Lenovo g570 - problems after updating intel hd graphicsNovember 30

    Hello! I think i came across a small bug. Don't know for sure which software is to blame, but i think it's the Lenovo Energy Management's  fault.  I bought a lenovo g570, with intel integrated graphics driver. Installed w7 64 sp1, drivers from DVD. A

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