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Lenovo k3 note engineering mode

  • Cannot install Intel Management Engine Interface (Rapid Start)November 30

    Hello, after setting up a totally new system after scratch I cannot install the  LENOVO Intel Management Engine Interface. (from the support page). During install the setup stops. Error message (in german): "setup program couldn`t start at least one

  • U410 horrible performance out the boxNovember 30

    Got a new U410 with Windows 8, 1TB hard drive, 24GB SSD, 8 GB RAM. The performance has been terrible out of the box, freezes constantly on start up and after sleeping as well. Can take around 10-15 minutes or longer before it warms up a bit and provi

  • (accidentally solved) Arch not recognized by BIOSNovember 30

    Note: this should've been posted in the "Kernel & Hardware" section, if a moderator could move it, that would be helpful. I'm creating this thread as a followup to my previous thread (https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=151454), becau

  • Update Retriever - Missing Intel Management Engine Interface Driver for Lenovo Twist (334725RU)November 30

    I am left with two unknown devices in Device Manager. It appears to be the Intel Management Engine Interface Driver, which is unavailable in Update Retriever. I see it on the website as gars04ww.exe. Please add this to the repository. Thanks, Hans Ha

  • Lenovo System Update 5.03 on T430u doesn't report software updatesOctober 11

    On my T430u Lenovo System Update 5.03 running on windows 8.1doen't find any update even though updates are available. More technical details about the problem are reported in my previous thread. I'm really pleased if someone can help me. Thanks, Deni

  • Lenovo System Update 5.0.3 failes to download packagesOctober 11

    Hello,  SU shows an error dialog saying "An error occurred while downloading packages.". I reinstalled SU and Solution Center and updated BIOS. But it still does not work... I checked several posts in this community. System Update fails to downl

  • If you are torn between a Lenovo W550s and a Dell M3800October 11

    I am sharing my Lenovo W550s and Dell Precision M3800 experiences and testing results with you. My Laptop Configurations: Lenovo W550s with Intel dual core 17-5600 CPU @2.60GHz, 16 GB RAM, NVIDIA Quadro K620M, 1TB Samsung 850 Pro SATA SSD (user upgra

  • Lenovo G560 and windows 8.1October 11

    Hi This question is related to a laptop (Lenovo G560) with "Intel HM55 chipset + Integrated Intel HD graphics w/ shared video memory". I wanted to know if windows 8.1 will run on it (At present it is running on windows 7 hom basic). The lenovo s

  • Intel Management Engine Interface, Device status: This device cannot start (Code 10).October 11

    hi Tec, Under System devices for the Intel Management Engine Interface, Device status: This device cannot start (Code 10). Using original driver version: A released date 09-12-2009 (http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/softwareDownloadIndex?

  • Lenovo Yoga Windows 8.1 Update Solution ThreadOctober 11

    Before you attempt anything, I would suggest you read it first . This is probably not a conclusive guide for everyone's situation. I updated to Windows 8.1 about a couple of hours ago and it's screwed up everything. I noticed users on this forum havi

  • Lenovo Ideapad S410p/S510​p - Windows 7 installati​on issues - USB Ports, Nvidia Graphics InstallOctober 11

    Hi all, I recently bought a Lenovo S410p and wanted to install Window 7 - Home Edition. I faced a number of issues - At BIOS level, then it refused to detect USB 2.0, then it refused to install latest Nvidia GEForce drivers (need to install some inte

  • Flash crashes Windows 7 Pro 64 bit IE11. Lenovo X301 laptop with Intel Graphics. Confirmed it happenOctober 11

    My company has several Lenovo X301 laptops with Windows 7 Pro (64 bit) running IE11. I load clean versions of Flash onto these laptops (latest version and every single one of these laptops crashes when opening IE11. One thing I noticed whe

  • Win 8.1 SkyDrive on Lenovo Helix laptopOctober 11

    I am trying to sync files between SkyDrive on my Win 7 desktop and my Win 8.1 laptop. This worked very well in Win 8. In Win 8.1 it does not work. * I have right-clicked SkyDrive in File Explorer, and chosen to make the files available off-line. Ther

  • Strange problem with Lenovo S650October 11

    I have an interesting problem with Lenovo S650. If it stay in 2G/3G mode - it connect and work in 3G network well. But if I put "only 3G" mode, it don't connect to the 3G network. I changed SIM-cards, modems, firmware, mobile operators -  Nothin

  • Faulty T61p but Lenovo have declined to refundOctober 11

    I have had my T61p laptop for less than 2 months, and already in that time, it will be sent for repairs twice and Lenovo, in a poor attempt to provide customer service, have made 9 service errors to date.  Basically, the T61p is faulty but Lenovo hav

  • Lenovo y500 trouble connecting to internetNovember 30

    Hi Lenvo community! I bought a lenovo y500 recently and have had trouble connnecting to private networks from the moment i opened the notebook. The day I recieved my computer I took it out of the box and tried to connect it to the internet during the

  • Laptop Recommendations for a Future Engineering Student Using ArchNovember 30

    First: I don't know if I am posting this in the right place, so I apologize in advance if it doesn't belong here. In September, I'm going to be starting an Electrical Engineering program at University and since I'll be in residence, I'm going to buy

  • SCCM 2012 - Task Seq - Install Lenovo AMT software - Failing with 2147500037 (80004005)November 30

    Hi there Wondering is anyone has had any issues installing Intel Management Engine 10.0 software via a SCCM 2012 task sequence? We have a number of older laptops which we build via a Windows 7 task sequence from SCCM 2012. As part of the install each

  • Lenovo ThinkPad X200S Stuck ... !!!November 30

    When I bought my Lenovo ThinkPad X200S, All my friends make fun on me they called me (idiot) because they are Fans for DELL and/or HP ….  They said that this Laptop look like Old style since they Create the first laptop in the world , they was proud

  • Security engine initialization failed. Contact your support representative. Error Code = 0x40000November 30

    I've seen a couple of other posts regarding this but no answers as of yet. Stuck at BIOS/UEFI in a reboot loop.  Top left shows Reset: 10Sec (and counts down).  Lenovo logo and message: Security engine initialization failed. Contact your support repr

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