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  • Lenovo H320 - BIOSNovember 30

    Hello, I'm trying to FLASH the BIOS to my Lenovo H320, but I can't find the BIOS file on the Lenovo website. BIOS : D6KT14A Can someone help me out, please? Thank you for your time.Good day. Welcome to the community. I checked your driver matrix and


    Fix for - HD Audio devices won't start or you can't load correct driver. Lenovo H320 - Win 7 64-bit I-3 processor. 5 series/3400 chipset Here is a working procedure to fix the problem when you install windows 7 64-bit and can't get the correct driver

  • Lenovo G50 BIOS in this system is not fully ACPI compliantOctober 11

    Hello everybody ! I kinda have a problem as the title states.My neighbour has a Lenovo G50 she bought and came with windows 8.1 x64 ( which she doesn't like at all and in my opinion win7 is far more superior ). The thing is I wanted to install her th

  • Lenovo g555 BIOS CorruptionOctober 11

    Tried to turn on my Lenovo G555 this morning,  but all i got was the sound of the cpu fan for about 3 seconds and no display.  From reading this forum i suspect the problem is with the CMOS and BIOS. I believe if i could reset the cmos the laptop wou

  • Lenovo g550 bios enable hardware virtualizationNovember 30

    I have Lenovo g550 machine with following configurations. CPU - T6500 Intel Core 2 Duo Please let me know this machine does support for the hardware virtualizion, since i couldnt find it in BIOS. Regards, NandikaHi, I have lenovo G550 laptop with T66

  • U430 stucked at Lenovo screen, BIOS won't start eitherNovember 30

    Hi, I have IdeaPad u430 touch, six monts old. I had some blue screens in the past, I cleaned all possible viruses and diagnosed hard disc with no results. Laptop was running smooth until now. I shut it down last night and today it restarted itself co

  • Updated lenovo g460 bios crashedNovember 30

    I upgraded my lenovo g460 old bios NIWE-29CN18WW VER1.06 TO 29CN38WW V2.15 but it crashed. how can i reinstall  the old bios version. please. could anybody help me please.Hi Welcome To Lenovo Community Since the BIOS version installed in your system

  • Lenovo c460 biosNovember 30

    I got my Lenovo c460 last monday.  Was acting funny so I reflashed the bios.  Now I get invalid serial number and other things in the bios.  It also errors out in the primary boot sequence and has to boot via the manufacturers boot sequence.  It work

  • Lenovo T420s BIOS managemnt with SetConfig.vbs or SRSETUPWINNovember 30

    Hi, I need to automatically configure the lenovo BIOS via SCCM and have managed to use SetConfig.vbs to do most things but am unable to set the supervisor password, according to the docs it will only work if one is already set which is strange. Anyon

  • Lenovo t410 BIOS update for win 8.1November 30

    hi I want to upgrade my BIOS, but there is no update available for bios in windows 8.1.. My Bios version is 1.18, I want to update because i read somewhere that if your fan make noise make sure you have updated BIOS :A.. I want  to know if I can inst

  • Lenovo G570 bios passwordNovember 30

    I set a Supervisor Password and an User Password for a Lenovo G570 Laptop, running an INSYDEH20 BIOS. Later I decided to exclude the passwords, so I entered in Setup press F2 and I selected Clear Password (something like this). Now when I turn on my

  • Lenovo G500 BIOS strange thingNovember 30

    Hello!  I own lenovo g500 laptop and always when I go into BIOS setup I see very small variety of options... BUT there were a couple of times (actually 2 times) when I managed to get into ADVANCED BIOS settings. I don't know what and how I did it but

  • Lenovo z510 BIOS update stoppedNovember 30

    Hi, Well, I decided to update my BIOS only to see that the update progress stopped at 8.Is there something that I can do? If I turn off my laptop what is going to happen? Will it break? Thank you. Edit: I forgot to mention that the update software I

  • Lenovo B590 BIOS H9ET90WW ERROR 234 - SecureFlash verification fail!November 30

    Hi there, I've been trying to update my BIOS from version H5ET69WW (the one the laptop came with) to version H9ET90WW , but I' getting error message " ERROR 234 - SecureFlash verification fail! ". I have tried to download the archive several tim

  • Lenovo website BIOS FlashNovember 30

    Hello all, Hope someone else had this problem and can tell how they corrected it.  I have a N500 and did the Lenovo update which it flashed the BIOS. After the flash update, the system reboot as it shoudl have but now my system will not get past the

  • Lenovo G770 - BIOS InsydeH20November 30

    Hello All; Before purchasing the system that I have, I did a lot of research, and found out that the motherboard that comes with this system will go up to 16Gb of RAM. Once I received the system, I inserted both 8GB RAM sticks and booted the computer

  • Lenovo G570 Bios UpdateNovember 30

    Hi everyone Does the new bios update will be released ? Thank you.Hello yigit, I'll contact to Lenovo technical service for this issue. But before contacting i would like to let you know that I found official 40CN22WW(1.09) bios for G470/G570 from Ch

  • Lenovo G580 BIOS updated with password setNovember 30

    I've recently updated BIOS on my laptop but I forgot to reset BIOS password before that. Now it doesn't accept my old BIOS password. How can I fix it? Solved! Go to Solution.Hi Evolitist, Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums! I'm sorry to hear that the

  • Lenovo u410 Bios issueNovember 30

    I have a Lenovo u410 i5 Laptop with the following issue -On Power on: I can hear the fan spinning, along with the hard drive, but screen doesnt post anything (blank) (It is not a hardware issue, because the screen backlight is on, and it's blank) -On

  • Lenovo G530 bios update now blue screen!!!November 30

    Ok i have a lenovo G530 with service code 4446-23u. I downgraded to windows XP and it was running fine. I was on lenovo.com and saw that there were newer bios then what i was using(i think i had 1.06, and there is now 1.09 ) so i decided to flash my

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