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lenovo g580 model 20150 bios

  • G580 model 20150 Core i5 is not showing warrantyNovember 30

    hi, i have bought  new laptop Lenovo G580 model 20150 Core i5 which is not showing Warranty on Lenovo Solution Center and on the website as well, i have upgraded bios to win8 64bit, may be its becuase of it or not, plz help me what should i do now? O

  • G580 model 20150 Core i5 is not showing DVD-RWNovember 30

    hi, i have bought  new laptop Lenovo G580 model 20150 Core i5 which is not showing DVD Rom (PLDS  DVD-RW DS8A8SH) plz help me what should i do now? when going in device manager its showing Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configu

  • CPU Upgrade - G580 model 20150 Intel i3-2348MNovember 30

    Hello, I have a Lenovo G580, model 20150. I have a Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2348M CPU @ 2.30GHz currently on my laptop. From what I read a few replies on this forum and was convinced I would be able to upgrade my CPU to the i7-3520M an maybe the i73612QM

  • Hdmi issue with lenovo g580 model (2689)October 11

    hi i have a problem with hdmi on my lenovo g580 model 2689. it seems my tv dosent pick it up but when i first setted it up it worked. it worked for a few days and then stop working. it has intel 2nd generation 2000/3000. when i uninstall the intel co

  • Problems! Lenovo G580 (21050) and bios v.9.01November 30

    Deat support! Was Bios v. 2.03 and Windows 8 x64 - cool worked! After update to bios v. 9.01, i installed windows 8.1 x64 - and In bios disappeared support UEFI for HDD and DVD - **bleep**? My motherboard is defined as LENOVO INVALID (tested in AIDA6

  • Lenovo g580 black screen biosNovember 30

    hi i have black screen when i update bios, my laptop doesn't work. I tried flash witch pendrive and laptop dont write him. this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJvdTRL1QlU&list=UUeDi-2m4qf4GK5Gr4JrJXeQ  I undressed the laptop, I replaced Ram ,

  • Lenovo G580 problems after BIOS updateNovember 30

    Dear Sir, I have lenovo G 580 laptop. After update BIOS. Laptop has restarted and shows failed to strat normaly. it shown error - so windows automatically startup recovery program started (which was recommended).But this program failed in resoloving

  • G580 model 20150 BluetoothNovember 30

    Hello. I know that here are many toppics about this problem.I dont have in devide manager the bluetooth device.I read them all. The usefull seems to me this one. I did it step by step, but i can still find BT device.My operation system is Windows 8 p

  • Lenovo G580 - Restore Win8 BIOS to original 5ecn41ww(4.0)November 30

    I have recently upgraded BIOS on my laptop however sometimes I experience blue screens on my laptop , previos BIOS was very stable , I would like to revert to oryginal BIOS , where can I find it ?Dear Czuprynn7 Welcome in lenovo forums You can downlo

  • G580 Model 2189 Wlan mit 5 GHZ?November 30

    Hallo, ich habe ein Lenovo G580 Model 2189, dazu Windows 8.1 installiert. Meine Frage, Läuft meine WIFI Wlan Broadcom 802.11n auch auf 5 Ghz? Laut Wiki müste doch N mit 5 Ghz laufen oder? Meine Fritzbox habe ich umgestellt auf 5 Ghz, mein Handy erken

  • Lenovo G580 laptop motherboard problemNovember 30

    Hello all, Im using a G580 laptop.but recently my laptop motherboard got repaired. I need to buy a new motherboard. I am having trouble finding one online. so can u suggest for me??plz Much obliged! Here are the detailed information of the laptop: Le

  • G580 20150 BIOS downgradeNovember 30

    Video card started to overheat and slow down after BIOS update. Need to downgrade BIOS (older than April 24 2013), but lenovo.com contains only latest BIOS version. Lenovo G580 20150.After upgrading to v9.01 video card voltage has grown. In games or

  • BIOS Request for G580 Model 2189 Windows 7 x64November 30

    Hello, could someone please provide an original BIOS for G580 Model 2189 x64 Windows 7? Thank you!Not to difficult to find... Why the "original" BIOS request?  Usually not a good idea to backstep BIOS unless directed to by support professionals.

  • BIOS mode-UEFI or Legacy in Lenovo G580?November 30

    I have lenovo g580. in bios setup under boot tab, it says UEFI boot 'Enabled'. but when i go to cmd and type 'msinfo32', it says my system has LEGACY bios mode. what actually is it? if i have UEFI mode enabled, why it shows legacy in msinfo32? please

  • Lenovo G580 BIOS updated with password setNovember 30

    I've recently updated BIOS on my laptop but I forgot to reset BIOS password before that. Now it doesn't accept my old BIOS password. How can I fix it? Solved! Go to Solution.Hi Evolitist, Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums! I'm sorry to hear that the

  • BIOS Update für LENOVO B560 Modell 4330November 30

    Hallo! Ich suche verzweifelt nach ein aktuelles BIOS Update für LENOVO B560 Modell 4330. Auf mein Lenovo, ist die Bios version 39CN16WW, 29.07.2010 installiert. Im Netz findet man reichlich Infos und Diskusionen, von dem Bios 39CN21WW. Dass besagte B

  • Lenovo G580(20157​) usb boot not working after windows 8 installati​onNovember 30

    Hi, I have lenovo G580 (20157) model. previously i had installed Windows 7 and Ubuntu 12.04 with no problem. Today i decided to go for windows 8.1. it installed perfectally without any issue ( Legacy mode non UEFI ) and working fine but ubuntu live U

  • How to Clean Lenovo G580 LED Laptop Screen?November 30

    Hi, I am using lenovo G580 20150 corei5 ,i have once clean it with mineral water and from then now it has white spots, plz tell me how to clean them to bring that old shinney look? as well as i wanna know  Is it has lcd or led screen? and what is the

  • Lenovo G580 boot menu is not working when pressing F2 and F12 keyOctober 11

    QuestionI bought a new Lenovo G580 series laptop. After installation of Windows 7 Ultimate x64 bit edition, a problem revealed when Lenovo driver get installed. When I installed Intel HD 3000 graphics driver and restarted laptop, the Window was unabl

  • Error related to EFI system..unable to install windows 7 64-bit on lenovo g580..October 11

    Hi, I have Lenovo g580 which had DOS preinstalled in it {i5, 500GB, 4GB} and initially I had installed Win 7 32-bit on it. At that time, it gave some problem while rebooting 1st time, but i ran repair windows option and everything ran smoothly. But t

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