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lenovo g500 stuck at lenovo logo

  • G500 stuck on lenovo logoNovember 30

    g500 stuck on lenovo logo intermittently sometimes boot to windows sometimes stops on lenovo logo bios updated Hey computerworld, It could be some device that is connected to the USB port of your laptop or the broken USB port itself. Try to disconnec

  • G500S Stuck in Lenovo Logo ScreenNovember 30

    I have a g500s which runs with Win7. Last month it got stuck in the logo screen i tried the flee-power process but it did not work so i took it to the service center and they said they have to change the keypad since it was causing the issue, my lapt

  • Lenovo G500s freezes at startup (lenovo logo shows up and then it freezes)November 30

    Hello everyone, I have a problem with my Lenovo G500s  (4months old). It worked perfectly until couple of days ago. It started to freeze, first my vmware virtual machine got frozen. I restarted the computer (btw I was using licenced win7 back then) a

  • LENOVO G50-30 stuck at lenovo logo and cant even enter biosOctober 11

    Hello I yust got my lenovo G50-30 and wanted to install win 7 on it. after the first BsoD I went to bios and changed the AHCI to legacy mode. Got the same BsoD.  After that I changed the Os mode from win 8 to win 7 ... loaded the factory default sett

  • Lenovo H500s stuck at Lenovo logo boot loopNovember 30

    I've never had an easy use with this PC eversince I purchased it. It first rejected Windows 7 to be installed due to BIOS incompatibility which I had been warned before. I flashed the new BIOS version shared across the forum that worked for some peop

  • Table Yoga 10 stuck at Lenovo logo.November 30

    I tried to recover it by pressing the Power+Volume button, it showed a chinese menu which I choose the second option with 2 "M"s it rebooted after like 5 seconds and stuck again in the same Lenovo logo, I'm kind of lost, any help would be apprec

  • Lenovo K910 Stuck on Lenovo logoNovember 30

    I have lenovo with recovery and oryginal software(4.2.2). Today I want to enter to recovery CWM. I restart phone and make mistake. Instead to push volume+ I pushed volume+ and volume- together. Now i stuck on lenovo logo, i try diffrent combination o

  • Please help. stuck at Lenovo logoNovember 30

    I bought the IdeaPad K1. Three weeks back. it was with 3.1 honeycomb. It use to freez i told my friend and he followed some website and downloded OTA updates and installed one of them went well. Today they added some new update , he tried and now the

  • Black screen after stuck in lenovo logoNovember 30

    When I was shutting my computer down, the lights and the power didn't turn off so I forced it to shutdown. The next day I tried booting it up, and I was stuck in the lenovo logo for a while. When the lenovo sign is gone the screen is.just black no lo

  • [LENOVE G460] Stuck at Lenovo Logo Screen when a Boot-able USB plugged inNovember 30

    The subject says it all. I was thinking of doing a Live Install of a Linux Distribution using a Bootable USB. So I plugged the Boot-able USB and then Power the Laptopn ON and then press F2 to enter the BIOS SETUP But even after a few minutes the scre

  • Lenovo G500 black screen (lenovo logo)November 30

    Hello,  I have lenovo g 500 (laptop) and everything was fine until today when start my laptop i see black screen with lenovo logo (white color) link: imgur.com/tzWMuwII have tired to remove the battery with/without power cord but still same.  Lenovo

  • At power ON only LENOVO logoNovember 30

    I read some other posts and tried unplugging the hard drive and pressing F1 and got to the BIOS. Reattached HD and only logo and could not get to BIOS.  Deattached HD and now can not get to BIOS. No beeps just logo.  Any ideas?No answers for me but o

  • Ideacenter K430 wont boot, hangs on "Lenovo" logoNovember 30

    a couple of weeks ago I installed windows 7 64 bit, thought I had most of the drivers installed.. everything was working fine. today I tried to plug in a USB memory stick and find that my USB drivers were not installed, no biggie, so I go to Lenovo's

  • A1000 displaying LENOVO logo ONLY during power ON then switches OFF againNovember 30

    When pressing power button, LENOVO logo displays then turns OFF again. Recovery mode wont show when pressing POWER+VOL UP. POWER+VOL DOWN shows LENOVO logo with message "Factory mode" then turns OFF again. Done soft and hard reset using the rese

  • Lenovo k910 Blocked on lenovo LogoNovember 30

    Hi everyone ! First of all i would like to apologize for my english is a bit rusty i need your help please , i received my lenovo k910 yesterday worked perfectly i rooted it and put gapps everything was fine until LENOVO told me : hey there is an upd

  • T440s sometimes only boots to Lenovo logoNovember 30

    I have had my T440s for a few months it has always exhibited the following issue. When powering up it will sometimes (about 1 in 10) only get as far as the Lenovo logo, I then have to power it off and on and all is fine. I recently enabled diagnostic

  • Won't go past the lenovo logoNovember 30

    hi, I was wondering why my Lenovo a369i does'nt go past the Lenovo For those who do logo... can someone please tell me what happened to my phone... please help... When you are at the Lenovo logo, try pressing all three buttons (power, volume up and d

  • TS3694 hi i recently updated into ios 7.0.4 now i want to fully restore my ipad to resell but when i restore it it got stuck with apple logo and progress bar with 45% completed as firware file is downloaded using ipad 4 wifi itunes 11.3.8October 11

    hi i rescently updated my ipad 4 in ios 7.0.4 and for resell purpose i want to restore my ipad via itunes but it got stuck at apple logo and progress bar of 45% completed i tried it 50 times but it stuck on that exact point for hours i cant able to r

  • My iPhone 5s on ios 8.1.2 is stuck at Apple logo or recovery mode.. To fix this issue, i need to update it to ios 8.2 through itunes.. I want to ask that my data i.e. Photos and other personal data would be removed after updating it or not..?October 11

    My iPhone 5s on ios 8.1.2 is stuck at Apple logo or recovery mode.. To fix this issue, i need to update it to ios 8.2 through itunes.. I want to ask that my data i.e. Photos and other personal data would be removed after updating it or not..? if yes

  • Toshiba Satellite p75-A7200 stuck on toshiba logo after bios changeOctober 11

    My Toshiba Satellite p75-A7200 is stuck on toshiba logo after bios change. entered bios fine changes from UEFI to CSM boot and now i cannot enter bios or boot past toshiba logo. Ive tried F2 tapping and holding while powering up the laptop(tried ever

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