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lenovo g500 i5 how to bios get

  • Lenovo G500 BIOS strange thingNovember 30

    Hello!  I own lenovo g500 laptop and always when I go into BIOS setup I see very small variety of options... BUT there were a couple of times (actually 2 times) when I managed to get into ADVANCED BIOS settings. I don't know what and how I did it but

  • Blue screen error while trying to install windows server 2003 in Lenovo G500s essentials NotebookOctober 11

    Hi, I bought a new lenovo G500s essentials note book. It's a freedos system.  I am trying to install windows server 2003 in it. But I am getting blue screen error . error message like ths, Technical Information: STOP: 0*0000007B (0*FFFFFADF2CE323C0,

  • Lenovo g500s boot from DVD doesn't workNovember 30

    So i had installed windows 7 with the lenovo g500s purchase, yet i recently bought windows 8. Problem is, when i put my disk into the drive and change the boot priority to the drive it loads windows 7 instead of boot disc.Hi Con,       Welcome to the

  • CD rom does not appear in boot menu in lenovo G500 windows 8November 30

    Hello I want to format my lenovo G500 windows 8 and install windows 7 but I can't because the CD rom does not appear in the boot menu Solved! Go to Solution.Hi obaid, welcome to the forums, you will need to change some settings in the BIOS, these cha

  • Lenovo G500 - Intel Rapid Storage Technology" SATA disk on Controller 0, Port Unknown detected"November 30

    Hi Folks, I have a lenovo G500 laptop which i had purchased during thanksgiving vaction in 2013. The machine was working fine till June 2014 when I stated getting Blue Screen of death with error messages "irql_not_less_or_equal" The OS was windo

  • Booting for the first time in my Lenovo G500November 30

    Hi everyone! I'm trying to boot for the first time in my Lenovo G500. It starts with the logo of lenovo and then it goes to a black screen and it is saying that is loading FreeDOS and is asking to enter a new date, new time and then it says C:/> and

  • Lenovo G500 fist time boot problemNovember 30

    I recently bought Lenovo G500 and I can not boot into Windows (to install it for the first time) or boot menu to change boot order. After starting laptop I get this screen. How can I change this to be able to instal Windows? Link to picture Moderator

  • Does Lenovo G500 have any wifi problems?November 30

    Hi guys, 8 days ago i bought an Lenovo G580, the laptop was great, fast and everthing but it had one problem as many of you know, the wifi connection.... So i returned it and got my money back. I've now found another Lenovo, and its an Lenovo G500. M

  • Fn key lenovo g500November 30

    I can't disable my Fn key, how do i disable it? laptop: lenovo g500 please help.. thanks.Forgot to mention -- a BIOS update, or at least a patch, would be greatly appreciated.Read other 4 answers

  • Lenovo G500 stuck at "lenovo splash screen"November 30

    Hi I have Lenovo g500 core i7 ram6 ati radeon 8750 1tb hdd. It's been like a month that laptop freezes at the splash screen. I live in Iran and the laptop is made in China. I've searched the forums and found the "battery removing, 15sec button-holdin

  • Lenovo G500 takes a lot of time to start.October 11

    Hello there, guys. I had purchased my Lenovo G500 just last year, and I haven't used it much. Usually I write some letters, watch my university lectures and sometimes a movie and I always scan my laptop for virusesses as well and try to keep as less

  • WIN XP Pro on Lenovo G500 - Drivers - Energy ManagementOctober 11

    I bought a new G500 and asked the vendor to install WIN XP SP3 PRO - 32 bit from my existing disc. The vendor installed it, but it is not working perfectly. The Device Manager shows a few items - such as: (01.) ACPI/VPC2004 and (02.) Network Controll

  • Light regulation problem in lenovo g500October 11

    Hello. You know that when fn and f11 or fn and f12 together, my laptop lenovo g500 heading back light or less away. For the less it looks like there is with the fn and F11 or fn and F12 on the led comes and says the page has a high or low light . few

  • New hdd on lenovo g500November 30

    Hello! I have an Lenovo G500 laptop, i recently bought a new SSD and i would like to install windows 8.1, i have got an CD for that. Now, i cannot seem to find any cd key sticker on my laptop so i guess it's built in the motherboard, i dont have the 

  • Lenovo G500s does not charge!November 30

    Hey folks, im sorry, im probably in the wrong theard! I have a problem with my new! Lenovo G500s. When i have my charger on my notebook it doesn't charge. There is standing:"Network operating will not be charge". The realy bad thing is, that weh

  • Lenovo G500S Touch (WIndows 8) Drops WirelessNovember 30

    I am having problems with my new Lenovo G500S Touch with Windows 8 where it drops my wireless connection.  I have other laptops (Windows 7 and 8) and these are all fine.  I have worked with Lenovo support since 8/7 with no resolution and was sent to

  • Lenovo G500 touchpad not workingNovember 30

    I bought a lenovo G500 laptop around 6 months ago.So far everything was good enough but suddenly my touchpad has stopped working.I looked up in the manual and used the function key (F6) to enable/disable it but this is also not working.If I plug in t

  • Lenovo G500 WiFi is slowNovember 30

    I have a Netgear dualband N Router. I have three computerson my wireless network , a Lenovo G500 and two Toshibas laptops.  The Toshibas each run WiFi at 135Mbps. If I connect the Lenovo G500 to the router with an ethernet cable it runs at 100.   The

  • Lenovo G500 Windows 7 AMD radeon DriverNovember 30

    Hello i have recently installed Windows 7 in my Lenovo G500 but i cant seem to find The AMD radeon driver anywhere..please help.Yes, it is either 5.0.1 or 5.0.2, not sure which. But it would likely require you purchase Mountain Lion to upgrade. But y

  • WIN XP On Lenovo G500 - Intel Core i3-3110M CPU @ 2.40GHzNovember 30

    Because, I must have WIN XP to run some particular applications, I have installed WIN XP SP3 - 32 bit - on my new Lenovo G500 Machine. Guidance about the necessary drivers for running WIN XP - SP3 - 32 bit is required, as because I am a novice on tha

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