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lenovo g 500 i5 win 10 driver

  • Maximum Hard-drive on Lenovo T-500November 30

    I got Lenovo T-500 2089-2KU, I was wondering what is the Max size of Hard-drive I can install on it.any size hdd as long as they are sata, 2.5 inch form factor and 9.5 mm in thickness, the largest available is 750 gigs (that is the largest when i las

  • Graphics display problems (dialog boxes) Lenovo G50 AMD A6 Win 8.1November 30

    Graphics display problems Lenovo G50 AMD A6 Win 8.1 Greetings to all. After having spent a number of days trying to find a solution to a display problem, I turn to this forum for help. I own a Lenovo G50 AMD A6 Win 8.1 ever since November 2014, and h

  • Deskjet 6980 direct to Lenovo T 500 Windows 7November 30

    Trying to connect Deskjet 6980 to Lenovo T 500 in wireless mode - not through router but direct. Can not seem to make this work. Any suggestionsIf you mean a USB connection, connecting the PC and printer via USB (with the printer on), should caus

  • Lenovo G 500s Insyde bios brick looking for right filename for biosdata to recoveryNovember 30

    Hey, as you can read in the subject, ich bricked my bios V2.02 when i tried to flash a whitelist-free-bios to my notebook Lenovo G 500s. Before i tried to update bios, i made a backup of my current bios in .rom format. I used Andy's tool to get the r

  • FreeAgent GoFlex 500 Gig external hard drive not allowing me to write to itOctober 11

    I had to get a pc for work (trust me i hate it too but i wasn't given much choice unless i wanted to pay for a macbook out of pocket then buy windows) but anyways, when I got the computer it came with a 500 gig external hard drive which says its form

  • Replacing Drive with a 500 gig 5400 RMP DriveOctober 11

    I have a 2008 macbook pro with a 200 gig drive. I would like to replace it with a 500 gig 5400 RMP drive. Q: Does anyone have any favorites that: 1 - fit inside correctly (some models are the wrong size) 2 -DOES NOT have any of the recent drive firmw

  • Lenovo N 500 - Keeping The Computer On/Turning It OffOctober 11

    I have a Lenovo N 500 laptop.  I keep it on during the night while I'm sleeping.  Is this a good idea or should I turn it off when I'm not using it??Hai, There friends, there's not a matter good idea or not, laptop can be operated 24 hrs/day. but mak

  • 500 GB internal hard drive?October 11

    Does anyone know if there is a 500 GB internal hard drive available for MacBook 13-inch Aluminum (Late 2008)?? I saw this one online and have had a good thing with Western Digital drives before. http://www.wdc.com/en/products/products.asp?DriveID=506

  • Bus-Master DMA using Common Buffer for Win XP driverNovember 30

    Explain the basic steps required for Bus-Master DMA using Common Buffer for Win XP driver.Explain the device description struture "MaximumLength" field usage also.Explain the usage of addresses returned by AllocateCommonBuffer. Provide sample co

  • Installing Full Retail Win 8 Pro on a Lenovo System supplied with Win 8 Standard/CoreOctober 11

    If you are attempting to install a full retail (or similar) copy of Win 8 Pro on Lenovo system that came with standard Win 8 (also referred to as Win 8 Core) installed from the factory, you will run into an issue at install time. By MS design default

  • HP Pavillion 554x/500 Recovery on D drive?November 30

    Hi, I'm repairing a HP Pavillion 554x [front label] HP Pavillion 500 on back support label, did a scan @ HP they confirm 554x. I was unable to boot because of the error message; NTLDR is compressed. Press CRTL-ALT-DEL to restart. I tried every fix I

  • Lenovo 3000 N100 - Graphics or Display driver?November 30

    Hi there! I hope you can help me with finding GRAPHICS and/or DISPLAY-MONITOR driver for Lenovo 3000 N100 / Type 0768  / OS Win XP  I can't find it anywhere on the site :  http://www-307.ibm.com/pc/support/site.wss/documen​t.do?sitestyle=lenovo&lndoc

  • Can I install full retail Win 8 Pro on a Lenovo R500 with a Win 7 Pro preload?October 11

    Lenovo does not support Windows 8 on the R500. Can someone please tell me why. When Windows 8 became available, I ran out and purchased a copy to install on my R500, foolishly thinking that Lenovo would support the upgrade on its older machines as it

  • Lenovo System Update not installing a driverOctober 11

    I reinstalled Windows 8.1 Pro on a X1 Carbon Touch, model 3448.  I then installed the Lenovo System Updater, version 5.06.0027.  Many drivers were installed, but I still have an unknown device in Device Manager.  In msinfo32.exe, I see this in Proble

  • Lenovo G560 ... AUDIO DRIVER FOR WINDOWS XP ..October 11

    Iam using Lenovo G560 laptop for 8 months.. but just now , i formatted my system and installed WIndows XP and Windows 7... . but iam not able to install conexant audio driver on windows XP ...when i tried to install ...it says "problem with audio med

  • Installing Full Retail Win 8 Pro on a Lenovo System supplied with Win 8 Standard/C​oreOctober 11

    Hello, So I have a Thinkpad Twist that came with Windows 8, and I am trying to reinstall Windows 8 Pro on. I have a copy of Win 8 Pro OEM and I don't want to purchase the upgrade since I already have the full version. I would like to put this machine

  • Is the win 8 driver for the printer photosmart D7360 rgb or CMYK?December 7

    Hi, I will be using Lightroom 4.2 (under win 8 64) and will have the monitor and  printer  (HP Photosmart D7360) calibrated by a colormunki photo.    When the printer profile is generated by colormunki, depening on the  actual printer driver, they wi

  • Initializing new Maxtor 500 GB 2nd Hard DriveNovember 30

    I purchased and installed a new 500GB Maxtor drive for my Mac G5 and everything went perfect. (MS eat your heart out). My question is this... after formating (Mac OS Extended, journaled),.. the available space is 460 GB. What does the OS do with the

  • Runtime error installing Win 7 driver for OJ ProL7680November 30

    I purchased a new Dell computer running Windows 7 64 bit. I am trying to install the full featured Windows 7 compatible driver (OJ Pro L7X00_FULL_14.exe) for my OJ Pro L7680.  After extracting the files from the download I get the following message:

  • Can anyone suggest best 500 GB external hard drive for MAC PRO?November 30

    Genius Bar rep told me to back up hard drive before delving into whirring tower... Any suggestions for a 500 GB automatic external hard drive? I've researched several, but they all seem to have drawbacks. Reliability and a quiet fan are priorities. T

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