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  • G510 - Lenovo Energy Management on Windows 8.1 ProOctober 11

    Hello, Today I installed a fresh Windows 8.1 Pro copy on my Lenovo G510 Notebook. Everything went well and all drivers which I had downloaded from the support site installed successfully. There was no Energy Management Software available for Windows

  • Lenovo Energy Management and Windows 10November 30

    Hello everyone (I don't know if this post should be here or in the Windows 10 section, so apologies if it's in the wrong place). I have a Lenovo Z50-70 and the upgrade to Window 10 it's ready to install. I just downloaded all drivers for Windows 10 b

  • [Yoga 11s] When is the Win 8.1 update to Lenovo Energy Management Driver coming out?October 11

    Till now, the driver for Lenovo Energy Management Driver is only available for Win 8.0. Using this driver on Win 8.1, I kept getting the error: Compatibility issue between your power management system and Windows Your power management system isn't co

  • Lenovo Energy Management - Where is my Dust Removal button?October 11

    Hello. After installation my Windows 8.1 which i downloaded from Microsoft DreamSpark i installed all drivers from a CD which came with my laptop in a box. I installed Lenovo Energy Management and I had button to remove dust. After updating my system

  • Lenovo Energy ManagementOctober 11

    Will there be a Lenovo Energy Management software version for Windows 8.1? I have install Win 8.1 last week from MSDNA an can't activate WLAN. All Drivers are working fine.  When I try to activate WLAN via the Lenovo FN-Key on my S205, Windows just e

  • Z510 - Lenovo Energy Management - вопрос по лимитированию заряда батареиNovember 30

    Добрый день, если у кого IdeaPad , то скорее всего есть функция в программе  Lenovo Energy Management, позволяющая задать режим хранения аккумулятора, по факту означающий, что батарейка от сети не будет заряжаться выше, чем 60% или 80% (зависит от мо

  • Lenovo Energy Management says my battery is illegalNovember 30

    Hello! I bought Lenovo G710 laptop only few months ago, but now it is complaining that my battery is illegal. I have still the original battery in the laptop, so how can this be? I tried to remove the battery, uninstalling also the battery from Devic

  • G710 Win 7 64 bit Lenovo Energy ManagerNovember 30

    I can't find a working drivers for G710 for the battery thing (ACPI\VPC2004\0). Currently on the product page there's only the windows 8 version available and it doesn't work correctly on windows 7. All other drivers for windows 7 are provided and wo

  • T440s doesn't have Lenovo Energy Management program?November 30

    How come my T440s doesn't have the Lenovo Energy Manager program? I remember my other Ideapads had it. ThinkPads don't come with that program preinstalled? I wanted to do a battery gauge reset/recalibration. Solved! Go to Solution.Hi, Welcome to Leno

  • Lenovo Energy Management broken under Windows 8 - Shortcuts don't workNovember 30

    I've noticed that the Energy Management tool does not work properly under Windows 8 on a U300S. Especially stuff like the keyboard shortcuts don't work: Pressing F7 to toggle the wireless and bluetooth settings doesn't bring up the usual onscreen-men

  • Lenovo Energy Manager losing settingsNovember 30

    Hi, I'm running Windows 7 on my Lenovo Thinkpad T510. Since a few weeks, the Energy Manager is losing it's settings and reverts back to the default. This mostly happens after my laptop woke up after standby. I change it then back to the settings I pr

  • Lenovo Energy Management (Idea Pad v570)November 30

    Hi, I recently used the One Key Recovery, everything went smoothly as my computer returned to the manufacturer's original software. However, I noticed that the icon for the battery management was no longer there (actually I think it was missing for a

  • No fan dust extraction in Lenovo Energy ManagementNovember 30

    Hi, does anyone know why option fan dust removal vanished in Energy Management? Is it not supported by Lenovo anymore? I have Lenovo G580 model 20150. It was such a useful function. Solved! Go to Solution.No, It doesn't help. I found out the solution

  • Energy Management Driver problemNovember 30

    Hello, I have an IdeaPad S10-3t, and I've upgraded it to Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit. I have managed to load alternate drivers for all components except for Lenovo Energy Management, since Lenovo doesn't provide support for 64bit OSes on this tablet. T

  • Lenovo Y510 Energy Management Software - Windows 7 64 BIT Help!November 30

    I am running Windows 7 Ultimate (Retail) 64-BIT on a Ideapad Y510 with, but there is an error in device manager, it wants a ACPI driver, but the one provided doesn't install, and the driver software for the Lenovo Energy Management (To work with the

  • B570e Energy Management Driver for Windows 8.1November 30

    Hi , Recently , I installed Windows 8.1 on my B570e laptop . Some problems I faced , such as touchpad scrolling and inverted scrolling and I solved it by installing the old driver , because the new driver does not include advanced settings. However ,

  • Energy Management HangsOctober 11

    I have a Yoga 2 Pro.  I have updated the BIOS, loaded the latest Energy Management Driver, and am on Window 8.1 update 1.  Pretty much up to date.  When I run the Energy Management program, I can cycle between the 4 modes and that works.  If I open t

  • Bug report: Energy Manager causes slow performance...October 11

    Very slow Windows Startup.. Energy Manager's plans and the problem occured using any plan as I remember, and it wasn't an issue with the maximum processor state. I had heavy disk usage, especially access to the Page File, which is what the person in

  • Make Energy Management Utility keep brightnessOctober 11

    Hi, I have a Lenovo G550L which I use with Windows XP SP3. I have installed Lenovo Energy Management and set it up. I like that it supports CPU throttling, because I couldn't set this up without installing the utility. One thing is bugging me

  • Energy Management software keeps making shortcuts in the Start MenuNovember 30

    I just recently reformatted my laptop and installed Windows 7 Ultimate. I got the drivers from my laptop model's download page in the Lenovo support website, and everything was working fine - except for when the Lenovo Energy Management software woul

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