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lenovo a1000 tablet menubar not show

  • Lenovo x220 tablet pc with ubuntu 12.04 Shuts down and starts up unexpectedlyNovember 30

    Hi I bought a lenovo x220 tablet pc and installed ubuntu 12.04 with GNOME 3 a while ago. It was working fine at first however recently: 1. the computer shutsdown unexpectedly, the shutdown dialog appears (the one that gives you the option of restart,

  • PScs4 and Lenovo x61 Tablet DetectionNovember 30

    Hey, I currently have a Lenovo X61T Tablet PC and I am testing out Photoshop CS4. When I try to set the brush to be pressure sensitive I get the little "!" icon displayed saying that I must have a tablet installed for this feature to work. I als

  • Lenovo A10 tablet deleting apps and putting them in foldersNovember 30

    I recently got a Lenovo A10 tablet and i've been trying to make my home pages less cluttered. Everywhere I look it says to hold an app icon and drag it to the trash can to delete it, but there is no trash can, only and x at the top left of the icon.

  • Regarding the new update and lock screen backgrounds. Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 10 AndroidNovember 30

    Has anyone figured out how to change the lock screen background for the Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2s yet?Yes that is correct! Serene! I received the Yoga Tablet 2 10 from you. The Yoga Tablet 10 I used in the comparison and the benchmarks was the one I won

  • Whether installation is possible on Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10 16Gb OS: ANDROID4.2 ?November 30

    Whether installation is possible on Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10 16Gb OS: ANDROID4.2 ?Photoshop Touch should run on the Yoga 10 tablet running Android Adobe Photoshop Touch - Android Apps on Google PlayRead other 4 answers

  • A1000 Tablet bad usb portNovember 30

    I saw a post while browsing the other day but can't seem to find it again.  I just purchased two refurbished A1000 tablets for my 8 yr old twin sons.  I was thinking I didn't want to pay a lot of money for something in case something happened due to

  • How to root Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 proNovember 30

    I want to root my Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 pro (android version 4.4.2), but I dont want a bricked device. So, can someone please help me? Send a tutorial, download link..? I would be so greatful, thanks.just reflash with intel's phone flash tool, and all

  • СМС lenovo yoga tablet 2 билайнNovember 30

    Здравствуйте! Какой программой можно принимать и отправлять смс при помощи сим-карты Билайн в lenovo yoga tablet 2?Приветствую Под win8, с встроенным wwan модемом, у Lenovo нет такой утилиты.Read other 3 answers

  • планшет lenovo yoga tablet 2 не видит симкарту билайнNovember 30

    планшет lenovo yoga tablet 2 не видит симкарту билайн, я так понял дело  в драйверах, нашлось ли решение данной проблемы?На сайте ms не может быть прошивок модема Sierra, только MBIM драйверы для него. Но они входят в состав ОС. Так о чем речь? То, ч

  • Lenovo x201 tablet laptop Integrated Webcam not workingNovember 30

    I recently had to reinstall windows onto the Lenovo x201 tablet laptop and I can't get the integrated webcam to work on Google+. I tried downloading the integrated camera driver but during installation it stops about 3/4s of the way and the installat

  • Mirocast bzw Intel Wireless-Display Technologie für Lenovo Yoga Tablets 2?November 30

    Hallo ich würde gerne wissen wie man die Mirocast funktion mit dem Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 nutzt? MfGBei Windows 10 von rechts über das Display streifen. Im sich öffnenden Menü "Verbindungen" klicken (ich glaube so heißt das). Mein LG TV wurde dann

  • What's wrong with my Lenovo Idea Tablet S2109?November 30

    When I try to charge my Lenovo Idea Tablet S2109, it first beeps once then the monitor turns on and appears the Lenovo logo, but then in a very short period, it turns blank and the whole beeping and blinking process keeps on repeating. Is it somethin

  • Rom Stock Lenovo A1000 F/L (Recuperala del bootloop)November 30


  • How to install flash player plugin in Lenovo a3000 tabletNovember 30

    Previously I was able to play flash games on my tablet Lenovo A3000. After recent factory restore and re-installing Firefox and then flash player manually, still Firefox is not able to run flash games and asking to install flash plugin. Please helpSe

  • Lenovo Yoga Tablett 2 pro eigene Ordner auf dem Startbildschirm erstellenNovember 30

    Guten Tag Wie kann ich eigene Ordner auf dem Startbildschirm erstellen und die gewünschten App hinen kopieren? Besten Dank für die Hilfe Marino Gelöst! Gehe zu Lösung.Das Funktioniert wie bei Apple's iOS System (die Lenovo Oberfläche ist ja stark an

  • Android Lenovo Yoga tablet Crash ProgressDialogNovember 30

    Device Details : Model: Lenovo B8000-H Android OS version: 4.2.2 Apps are crashing only in lenovo devices . When ever progress bar is used by application it gets crashed. Seems like some thing is wrong in Progress bar layout implementation. Logs : Ca

  • Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10 HD+ cracked glassNovember 30

    I accidentally dropped my 3 month old Yoga Tablet 10 HD+, model number B8080-F.  Everything is working fine except for the cracked glass.  Called local repair shops but were told tablet is quite new and no one has replacement glass part.   Tried call

  • Lenovo A3500 tablet warranty issue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!November 30

    Hello, my situation is totally surreal. I bought (in Thessaloniki Greece) in 19/5/2015 the tablet Lenovo A3500 from an online shop. In 26/5/2015 I tried to check if the 3G feature works (I used wifi until then) so I placed my sim card in the sim card

  • Lenovo A1000 Screen tearing OR touchscreen misbehaviour......!!!!!!November 30

    Nowadays, I see a lot of screen tearing on my tablet in general ui and all apps as well. What happens actually is that..... touchscreen goes just crazy. I mean suppose if I am scrolling down through my contracts or scrolling down in any webpage in an

  • Lenovo S8 Tablet: Android 4.4.2 Kitkat showing letter B instead of K?!!November 30

    Hey Guys,  Like the subject says, when i click on the android version under About Tablet section, it shows the letter B and not K , then on further clicking it shows the kitkat logo.  I have seen everywhere it shows letter K and not B (even in my pho

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