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led notification on nokia 620

  • LED notification stops by screen lock time outNovember 30

    I found some problem about LED notification. It stops by screen lock time out. My test procedure :- - Screen off by push the top button - Send test e-mail from laptop to my Q10, LED notification will flashing while now is black screen - Call in by an

  • How do I get the iPhone 5S LED notification to work??November 30

    I turned the LED notification on within the iOS software, but for some reason it's not working... How can I switch it on??YOur phone has to be locked.  Then you receive a text or call, your phone will flash.Read other 2 answers

  • My wechat app's LED notification ( red color ) only blink for 3 times :(November 30

    I'm facing a problem in wechat app where the led notifications only blink for 3times, after that it stops. Whereas all led , notifications are 'On / enabled' . Hope anyone can solve me this issue, thanks .thanks for the reply actually it's more than

  • LED Notifications?November 30

    Hi, I've got my blackberry bridge setup and fully working, however I do not recieve LED notification on my playbook when an email comes through. Or any other LED notification for that matter. I was expecting a blinking blackberry style notification s

  • Flip (8220) LED notification light duration and control problemsNovember 30

    As I've read on the boards with regards to other models, the red LED notification light stops working after exactly 15 minutes. T-mobile customer service was unable to find a way to extend this so that it keeps flashing until I check the message. And

  • I have  a iphone 5 and i can not figure out how to turn on the LED notification light. is this even possable? if not how do i know if i missed a call when i was not there to answer it visualyNovember 30

    I have  a iphone 5 and i can not figure out how to turn on the LED notification light. is this even possable? if not how do i know if i missed a call when i was not there to answer it visualyIf you were not there, how would you see the led? Anyway mi

  • I cannot download my photos from nokia 620 to apple mac even though it shows its connected and 'loading' nothing happens. why?November 30

    I cannot download my photos from nokia 620 to apple mac even though it is connected and shows 'loading' nothing is happening. please help?Does Image Capture recognize the phone? OTRead other 3 answers

  • Stamina Mode: LED Notification for Calendar EventsNovember 30

    Is there any application I should add to the Stamina Mode exceptions list in order to get LED notfications for calendar events? I have already added the respective calendar application to the list so sound notifications are provided but the LED will 

  • LED Notification Light Constantly BlinksNovember 30

    My D2Global is falling apart. First the home key went on the fritz as well as part of the touchscreen. Now out of nowhere the notification light is constantly blinking when the phone is on lock. I powered off, powered on - still blinking. I turned of

  • Lenovov S960 / Vibe X LED Notification Problem after Official Upgrade to KitkatNovember 30

    hello Lenovo, after i updated my phone to kitkat i found so many problems (bugs). like the contact manager crashes, no name in incoming call and the LED notification. before i updated my phone to kitkat the LED notification always blink when i reciev

  • Stamina Mode and Led NotificationNovember 30

    Hi Do Sony have any plans to allow apps that use LED notification work correctly when Stamina mode is enabled? i.e. the light Manager app allows a user to configure LED notications, but it only works for a few seconds when Stamina mode is enabled(eve

  • LED notification colorNovember 30

    how to change LED notification color on xperia tipo? there is only three colors. red, blue and green. didn't get any other color?Install this app and see how it goes https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rageconsulting.android.lightflowli

  • Led notification lightsNovember 30

    I have an 8300 Curve (T-Mobile) and am having trouble with the LED notification lights. When I have a message or call, it blinks red but only for a while. If I get a call at night when it is on silent, it is not blinking in the morning so I don't kno

  • Led notification errorNovember 30

    Sir i have bought my lenovo s650 few months before,but after updating rom from system update my led notifiacion is not running..only when i put my phone on charge then the red led is showing bt no led notification is showing for calls,messages,whatsa

  • Compatible LED notification apps with Xperia Z1 CompactNovember 30

    Hello please can someone tell me if there are any LED notification apps that are compatible with the Xperia Z1 compact. I have got LEDBlinker Lite installed at the moment but it will not allow me to personalise it with LED's for each person in my con

  • Bluetooth LED notification bug on 8130November 30

    I have also had the problem with Bluetooth connections dropping when the LED notification is disabled.  Does anyone know if RIM is aware of this problem and will fix it?  At night in the car it's extremely distracting.I don't have a PIN lock set up,

  • HELP?! LED Notification LightNovember 30

    Can anyone tell me if there is an application that allows you to turn OFF the blinking green LED notification light on the Droid X??  Thanks!"Ringo" has settings to change color of notification led and I believe there also is a option to disable

  • Nokia 620 Skype Blank screen freezingNovember 30

    I have a Nokia 620. When I use Skype, the screen goes blank and I am unable to use any phone functions. I have to remove the battery and restart the phone. I do not have a screen protector. Does this happen to anyone else or do you think I have a def

  • How long Q10 LED notification light keep flashing ?November 30

    My Q10 LED notification light will begin flashing when a Call , E-mail or any comes in, but after a about 15 minutes it stops flashing. My previous is 9700, its LED keep flashing until you read or checked at the notification. Because this helpfull wh

  • Freeze, Memory error led notificationNovember 30

    Hello hp community. Before writing here i have researched for similar problems of other users. I did everything what were suggested. The problem is that after 1 or more hours of use my laptop freezes and it doesnt respond to anything, all i can do is

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