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  • LDAP Kerberos network user loginNovember 30

    I'm trying to allow LDAP / Kerberos network users to log in. The LDAP server is configured in /etc/openldap/ldap.conf I believe this is correct since I can successfully use ldapsearch without specifying host and base on the command line. I've also cr

  • LDAP/Kerberos issue with DEsNovember 30

    I'm running arch on workstations with network accounts authenticating using Kerberos/LDAP and with home directories stored in AFS. After upgrading a workstation to systemd and ensuring the authentication works, logging into any DE is extremely slow a

  • Arch, LDAP, Kerberos, OS X ServerNovember 30

    Does anyone have any experience adding an Arch linux client to a Mac OpenDirectory (openLDAP/Kerberos) network? I've found this: http://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/HOW - entication But it seems to focus on using LDAP for authentication, rather than

  • ADSI LDAP Kerberos cacheNovember 30

    Hi,my machine in NOT domain joined. using ActiveDS and VB6 i get this kerberos authentication via LDAP Working correctly: q = "LDAP://,CN=Users,DC=repdc,DC=com" Set oUser = dso.OpenDSObject(q, "[email protect

  • LDAP / kerberos, how to reuse the ticketNovember 30

    Hello all, I'm actually playing with JNDI, especially to query a LDAP server with Kerberos authentication. I found your example, and it works good as far the kerberos ticket is request by the class itself. In the case the user ever have a kerberos ti

  • C examples for LDAP/Kerberos authentication neededNovember 30

    I'd like to enable a homebrewn C app to authenticate the user against their AD/LDAP account, preferably via the Solaris native LDAP libraries. I've been considering the PAM way as well, but I fear this might shoot me in the foot with users that exist

  • LDAP w/Kerberos authenticating against LinuxNovember 30

    I have a small group of MAC clients within my company. The rest of the company has migrated to LDAP w/Kerberos, the Macs are the last to go. But, I cannot find the ACTUAL instructions on HOW to take 20 clients (2 servers included, some clients are ru

  • Kerberos, LDAP and SSHNovember 30

    I currently have a 10.5 install that is using LDAP/Kerberos for authentication against an AD DC. The LDAP server and the Kerberos server are not the same servers. I have had no problem updating the System.login.console section of /private/etc/authori

  • Remotely adding a Kerberos Authenticated printerNovember 30

    Hi there, I am deploying a printer Via MCX which works fine. however the machines are using an LDAP kerberos authentication setup. If i manually set kerberos on the machine using the following steps it works fine. 1. Open the URL "http://localhost:63

  • Creating OD Replica: Unable to locate kerberos services for localhostNovember 30

    Hello, I'm trying to setup a new OS X Server to become an OD Replica for my other OS X Server that is acting as an OD Master in an Active Directory Magic Triangle configuration. Both Macs are running the same build of 10.8.2 (12C3104). Here is the lo

  • Automount Home Directories from LDAPNovember 30

    I have a Red Hat Linux LDAP/kerberos Server (IPA Server) that i beside authentication also use as a NFS Server sharing users Home Directories. All information for Solaris machine is provided from a custom DUAProfile in LDAP. Relevant autofs informati

  • Open LDAP: Has anyone used it to manage a whole server?November 30

    Including logins, home directories and so on?At the office we have it like that - but our sysadmin chose debian, so if you want information on how to do it in Arch, I won't be able to be of any assistance. I do know that our sysadmin has put some inf

  • Kerberos and PHDsNovember 30

    Is there any difference between network homes and portable homes when it comes to Kerberos ticket issuing? When I log in onto a machine using a network home, I get Kerberos tickets, and am connecting to shares using them. However, when I log onto a d

  • Network security: SSL / TLS connections or not?October 11

    Hi, Our small office-network is administered by a (very good) self-employed debian dev, and in the last six years I have learned a great deal by reading through configfiles on our server. I have even setup my own (modest) homeserver and am very inter

  • Queries regarding Single Sign OnOctober 11

    Hi Experts, I am new to Single Sign On and have few doubts 1)For OAM to implement single sign on across multiple applications , is it mandatory that the identity store of OAM and the application to be the same.Is it possible that the applications hav

  • Can't add a new userOctober 11

    Running 10.8.5 Server on a Mini Server.  ~200 users.  Users are able to logon to their Network Home Directories, use email, change passwords, etc.  They don't seem to see any trouble. A few weeks ago it stopped letting me add new users, neither via t

  • How to repair Open Directory Master after Changing HostnameOctober 11

    Summary: How to repair Open Directory after Changing your Server's Hostname (see separate post) Problem: I had to change our server's hostname from a private hostname (server.name.private) to a public hostname (name.dyndns.org). Procedure: 1. Precaut

  • Is This Even Possible? eDirectory syncing passwords with external RADIUS servers.October 11

    We are currently have a solution that allows us to use a campus RADIUS server as the authentication mechanism for accessing the Internet. We want to integrate this so users can authenticate with their campus IDs but gain access to the Novell server (

  • J2ee security newbie: integrated authentication questionOctober 11

    I am trying to build a set of JSPs/servlets that require authentication and probably authorization. The jsp / sevlets should be able to authenticate against any underlying password system, or should cope with most common systems such as win2k / unix

  • J2ee security newbie: integrated authentication helpOctober 11

    I am trying to build a set of JSPs/servlets that require authentication and probably authorization. The jsp / sevlets should be able to authenticate against any underlying password system, or should cope with most common systems such as win2k / unix

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