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labview pda module for linux

  • How to create a login interface in labview PDA module?October 11

    How to create a login interface in labview PDA module? So that it checks with a list of usernames and passwords and allow to go to another VI? AnuAnu, I've attached a really short example that does something like what you're talking about.  It just c

  • Is it possible to run AM Modulation in LabVIEW PDA Module?November 30

    Hi All,         I would like to ask about AM Modulation vis can run on PDA Module or not?Because as i mention that PDA screen is too small to see all the AM modulation waveforms.So i would like to know whether is it pissible to run AM Modulation on t

  • Error for LabVIEW PDA Module Version 8.5November 30

    Hi all         I am face on with problem when i try to do the LabVIEW PDA Module Version 8.5 Tutorial which is include in labVIew software package.All my lincence status also activated and do install all the accessories that i need.I follow all the s

  • How to open an app using LabVIEW PDA Module 7.1November 30

    Hi, i´m developing an app using LabVIEW PDA Module 7.1 that needs to open a standard application (in particular, the default camera application) on my PDA (Qtek 2020 with Pocket PC 2003). Can anyone tell me how to do it? Thanks, Pedro Sampaio Compute

  • Labview PDA module 7.1 and Windows Mobile 5.0November 30

    Hi! In spite of reading that Labview PDA module is compatible with Windows Mobile 5.0, I've tried to compile an application for Pocket Pc 2003 in my device (which has a Windows Mobile 5.0 OS) and it doesn't work. It seems that the process fails when

  • Anyone worked on LabVIEW PDA module for Pocket PC?November 30

    LabVIEW 7.1 PDA Module is claimed having the new features: * DMM support for helps you build portable instruments using a PDA * Tab controls, graph zoom, and additional control customization improve development of professional applications for PDAs D

  • Labview pda module: how can I resize image dynamicall​y in an applicatio​n?October 11

    Hello every one,  I am currently working on the development of an application on a PDA (brand Nomad) and whose OS is Windows Mobile. So I am using the PDA module of Labview 8.6.My problem is the following one: in my application I would like to be abl

  • The binary file processing in PDA device (LabVIEW PDA Module)October 11

    To whom it may concern, I created a VI application, which should read some binary files and transform them to waveforms shown in the Waveform Graph. I implemented it with Mobile/PDA module. This application runs successfully on my desktop, that is, o

  • LabView PDA module gives error "unable to lock memory chunk"November 30

    I've written a LabVIEW PDA Application that reads an ASCII decimal string through a PDA serial port. I can display the string ok, but when I try to convert the string to a number using the decimal string to number VI I get the error message "App fail

  • How to setup PDA module for winceOctober 11

    I want to develop a PDA that with some measurements or analyze function, so i choose the Labview for PDA module. My hardware is ARM s3c2440(Samsung), OS is WinCE5.0. Software: LabView7.1 I have developed the VIs for PDA module on the Pocket PC. I rem

  • Accessing mySQL database from Labview PDANovember 30

    Hi, Has anyone tried writing data to a mySQL database or any other database for that matter using the Labview PDA module?  I know it's easy to do from Labview and you have to download the ODBC drivers to get it working but I don't think these drivers

  • "NormFltH is a missing VI or C file" when using PDA moduleNovember 30

    To whom it may concern, I developed a VI, which containing some Digital Signal Processing (DSP) functions and digital filters. I want to download it to my PDA via NI LabVIEW PDA module. However, the system always prompted "NormFltH is a missing VI or

  • Error message when building an application for Labview PDANovember 30

    When using LabView PDA module to build an application for a PDA target, I receive the following message: "Error building executable. Unable to create file". Why is this happening? When looking at the error log, it reads "The system cannot f

  • LabVIEW PDA reports COREDLL.DLL error when using Call Library Function NodeNovember 30

    I'm trying to build a LV PDA app that calls an external DLL file built using embedded visual C. When configuring the Call Library Function node I select the stub DLL, configure the I/O parameters and select OK. When the configuration dialog closes I

  • Can Labview PDA provide multi-interface?November 30

    Hi: I want to use labview PDA module to develop software. But I found that labview can't provide multi-interface design. I don't have the Labview Module and I just think about it. So if you have any idea to implement multi-interface design, please gi

  • Difference between LV PDA module and touch-panel moduleNovember 30

    What is the difference between LabView's PDA module and touch-panel module? I want to recompile my application developed on a Win XP environment for a touch-screen single board computer running Win CE. From what I have read, it seems like both PDA mo

  • How to create and read text file using LabVIEW 7.1 PDA module?November 30

    How to create and read text file using LabVIEW 7.1 PDA module? I can not create a text file and read it. I attach my code here. Attachments: File_IO.vi ‏82 KBWell my acquisition code runs perfect. The problem is reading it. I can't seem to read my da

  • Mismatched versions of Labview and PDA ModuleNovember 30

    Last spring we received the update of labview 8.2 to 8.2.1 and we bought labview PDA 8.2.1. We installed the whole this week. When I try to run\build the VI, the error "Mismatched versions of Labview and PDA Module" appears.      I looked on the

  • How to use the "Clear PDA Chart .vi" in LabVIEW 7.1 PDA module?November 30

    In my iPAQ application, I try to use the LabVIEW 7.1 PDA module's "Clear PDA Chart .vi" to clear the graph. But I do not know how to do it. I always get error when I call it. My code is attached. The code is to draw a sin wave and then clear it.

  • Send sms from Labview without LabVIEW 8.0 PDA moduleNovember 30

    Does anyone can send sms from Labview without LabVIEW 8.0 PDA module?You can get a wireless (GSM) modem for the pc. There have been some discussions here that you can do search for. One is http://forums.ni.com/ni/board/message?board.id=170&message.id

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