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  • Install glassfish tools in Luna M7October 11

    Hi all I installed the latest eclipse Luna milestone and tried to install glassfish tools for eclipse but it failed due to a "missing dependency" > Cannot complete the install because one or more required items could not be found. Software be

  • Virgo Tools for Eclipse Luna and MarsOctober 11

    Hi all, I tried to install the Virgo Tools both in Eclipse Luna and in Mars (JEE packages), from this update site: "Virgo IDE Releases" - http://download.eclipse.org/virgo/release/tooling - Eclipse Virgo Tools but I go

  • Unable to create GlassFish server on LunaOctober 11

    Hi all, I'm experiencing the same problem than here https://www.eclipse.org/forums/index.php/t/821156/, but according to the comments that was already fixed. This is what I'm trying: Install the Glassfish Tools from the Marketplace In the Servers vie

  • Glassfish Tools for LunaOctober 11

    I am running  Groovy/Grails Tool Suite™  eclipse distribution on a mac os x. when I try to install GlassFish Tools for Luna | Eclipse Plugins, Bundles and Products - Eclipse Marketplace it throws the following error below. Any suggestions? Thanks An

  • Can you have multiple databases on the same LUN in Exchange 2010?October 11

    I'm sure you can but is it possible with exchange 2010 to have multiple databases on the same LUN.  We currently have 8 DB's all writing to their own DB drive and separate log drive so 16 drives in total.  I need to spin a new DB up this week and wan

  • How to configure or remove LUN's?October 11

    a set of three OVM servers as 1 manager and two servers using SAN multipathing SAN team assigned 3 new LUN's to my Oracle VM servers release 2.2.2 I went through the bellow in the first server and every thing went fine and I got to view the new added

  • Is there a way to see SAN luns from the UCS fabric interconnect.October 11

                       Hello, I have recently added a 3rd and 4th vHBA to a B440 running RHEL5. Originally I had 2 vHBAs', and each created a path to 172 luns. (I was multipathed to 172 luns) Now I have added two additional vHBA's and my SAN admin assure

  • If meta data LUN is totaly destroied , is there any way to rebuild the data from the video LUNOctober 11

    If meta data LUN is totaly destroied , is there any way to rebuild the data from the video LUN ????What happened to your metadata? Are you sure the metadata is gone? In theory, file carving could be attempted on the data LUNs, but you would need a to

  • Zero padding the LUN using dd command in LinuxOctober 11

    Grid Infrstructure: OS : Oracle Enterprise Linux 6.3 When we were installing RAC in solaris, we used to zero pad all LUNs meant for ASM . We used to do like below dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/rdsk/c0t600A0B8008A4CA005ACd0s0 bs=1024k count=2000Now

  • How to get the details of a LUN (Storage Logical Units) presented to an ESX host thru SCVMM 2012October 11

    Hi, We are working with a UI Add-in for SCVMM 2012 where we should support both Hyper-v and ESX hosts. When added the ESX host and presented few LUNs (out of band operation) from the HP 3PAR array, we are unable to view the Storage details like Stora

  • New LUN Takes A long Time To Format and Errors OutOctober 11

    Good afternoon,<o:p></o:p> I have a Hyper-V Cluster composed of 4 nodes and these nodes are able to access multiple CSVs (14 in total). I recently requested a new LUN (LUN 15)to be provisioned to my Hyper-V cluster in the size of 500GB. Here i

  • How do i get new LUN's created on the unmanaged fibre SAN to be recognised?October 11

    i created 1 and it didnt recognise it until i rebooted the vmserver - do i have to do this everytime i modify the FC SAN (the iSCSI SAN was much more dynamic) i have tried partprobe from dom0 and it didnt help surely i dont have to reboot? ThanksMart

  • Unable to configure LUN in Solaris 10 (T3-1)October 11

    Hi everyone, While trying to configure a LUN on Solaris 10u9, I'm running into a problem getting it configured and available in 'format'. These are the things I tried: -bash-3.00# cfgadm -o show_FCP_dev -al c5 Ap_Id Type Receptacle Occupant Condition

  • Best way to have resizeable LUNS for datafiles - non RAC systemOctober 11

    All, (thanks Avi for the help so far, I know its a holiday there so I wait for your return and see if any other users can chip in also) one of our systems (many on the go here) is being provided by an external vendor - I am reviewing their design and

  • Lun Size best practice for UC apps and VMWare?October 11

    Hi, We have UCS manager v2.1 with FI 6248 direct FC attached to NetApp with plenty of storage. Per following doc, Lun size for UC apps should be 500GB - 1.5TB and 4 to 8 VMs per Lun. http://docwiki.cisco.com/wiki/UC_Virtualization_Storage_System_Desi

  • Is there a way to make LUNs for apple XRAID visible to XSAN 3?October 11

    I have an apple XRAID with two controllers and 14 750GB drives. This and the server is connected to a silkwork 200e. I can mount the raid in Disk Utility, etc. but I can't see the LUNs in XSAN 3. Interestingly if I break the array in disk utility and

  • Help with FCS/FCP SAN setup - number of LUNS?October 11

    Dear all, I am a newly certified ACMA and have setup a couple of new SANS but now I am having to upgrade an existing xSan 1.4.2 to 2 and in the process I have decided to rebuild from scratch. The SAN is used to support 5 FCP edit bays. Each controlle

  • Reg stmfadm - unable to view a exported lun from ESXiOctober 11

    Hi, We have a system installed with solaris 11 and created 4 luns and exported to ESXi via iSCSI. We could able to see 3 luns. One lun is not getting listed in ESXi under configuration --> storage adapters section. Is there any logs, we can check to

  • Maximum LUN size for Windows 2012 serverOctober 11

    Dear All                 What is the Maximum size of the LUN that can be provided to windows 2012 server. Earlier it was 2 TB for windows 2008 server has the policy changed or it is still the same. Regards ZubairHi, Would you please let me know if yo

  • Nokia Luna BH-220 not working.October 11

    I got a Nokia Luna BH-220 yesterday. Sadly I cant use it for some weird reason. When I plug it into the cradle on charging, red lights glow on both the cradle and the headset. When it remove it, the red light just goes off on the headset. I can't det

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