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kuler not under windows in indesign

  • Is het mogelijk om een trial te downloaden op windows vista (mn Indesign en Photoshop)? Is it possible to download a trial on windows vista (indesign 6 en photoshop6)?October 11

    Is het mogelijk om een trial te downloaden op windows vista (mn Indesign en Photoshop)? Is it possible to download a trial on windows vista (indesign 6 en photoshop6)?Some might be too old and no lomnger have trial downloads available.   'DDL' Articl

  • Unable to open the HTML Extension Debug window after InDesign 9.2 update (from 9.1)October 11

    We have tried to follow the two methods of debugging a HTML Extension as mentioned in the below link, but without any luck. http://www.adobe.com/devnet/creativesuite/articles/a-short-guide-to-HTML5-extensions.html Note: Not all Creative Cloud applica

  • How to create an Interactive pop out window in inDesign CS 5?November 30

    Happy New Year everyone. How do I create an interactive pop-out window in inDesign CS5? I want to have a filled content frame which has image, text and a border. when the user clicks on that frame, a pop-out window frame appears slightly over the pre

  • Kuler no longer working in InDesign CS4October 11

    Hi I've been googling this a lot but haven't found a (working) solution yet. I did find a link to what could be a solution, but the link is not working anymore. I'm an IT guy in an office where we have a small team of four people using Adobe Creative

  • Windows 7, InDesign, and KeyServer -- Won't Start!October 11

    This combo has been reported in the past: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/517804 But after 3 uninstalls and re-installs and InDesign not even starting, I thought I would ask you professionals So here are my relevant details: - Windows 7 64 bit via Boo

  • Pop up windows in Indesign to be used for definitions in PDFOctober 11

    Does anyone know how I can create a popup window to open when hovering over a word when the file is exported into a pdf? We need "definitions" to appear over difficult words in the PDF book. Any help would be greatly appreciated. PamHello, I am

  • How to create floating windows in InDesign for imagesOctober 11

    Hi guys, any help on this would be much appreciated. I'm designing a document in InDesign that will be exported as an interactive PDF, and within the pages, I have some thumbnail images which, once clicked, will need to open a floating window in the

  • Why does closing a window in Indesign doesn't work?October 11

    I have a question concerning Indesign script. Why does it work, when you close a window like: submitButton.onClick = function(){ close(); } But when I try to execute a function afterwards like: submitButton.onClick = function(){ close(); tagElements(

  • How to "attach" text window to "main" window of InDesign?November 30

    I'm running Mac 10.6.8 and CS4 on a Mac Pro early 2008, 8mb RAM, Quad Core, 30" screen.  I open the InDesign application window and then an .indd window on which I enter my text.  My problem is that, for many situations, I'd like to keep the "ma

  • Windows Error: InDesign Has Stopped Working. Please Help!November 30

    InDesign just stopped working after a blue screen yesterday, and nothing will fix it. I've searched online, tried several solutions, and eventually did a full uninstall (using Adobe CC Cleaner) and reinstall; same message. All other CS programs are f

  • Windows closes InDesign CCNovember 30

    Why Windows closes my InDesign CC? This problem came up after the last update!! I can't work at all now, and I don't get better information.Message I get when the program closes: Adobe InDesign CC stopped working. The problem interuppted error-free o

  • Window vista- indesignNovember 30

    I want to have Indesign. I got the student offer for Creative Cloud but my windows is vista (32-bits.*) and therefor not compatible.Is there any way i can get som sort of Indesign with a student price(Per month payment) that is compatible with Vista.

  • Missing thumbnails in the pages window of InDesignOctober 11

    When you go to window > pages, the pages and master pages thumbnails are all missing. How do you get the thumbnails back for preview?If the panel is suddenly blank you usually need to trash the prefs. See Replace Your PreferencesRead other 3 answers

  • Can't install extension - I get the following error message "this extension cannot be installed it requires windows 64bit indesign version 9 or greater"November 30

    I have Indesign CC 2014 64 and it is showing in the product listI forgot to mention I use Microsoft Outlook 2003 (11.5608.5606) for my email.Read other 2 answers

  • Folio Overlay window missing - indesignNovember 30

    the folio overlay window is missing from my indesignThat's a plug-in. You can get it here: http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/detail.jsp?ftpID=5377 Michael Riordan http://www.learnadobesoftware.comRead other 4 answers

  • Kuler in indesignNovember 30

    in indesign when i go to windows then extensions to use kuler when i open it says that no internet was detected and that i must be online to use it but my internet is fine so how do i change thatThis will only work for public stuff, my stuff is priva

  • Is there a way to increase the size of the tool windows/fonts in InDesign. I am having trouble seeing the info (the font is too small)November 30

    Is there a way to increase the size of the font in the tool windows in InDesign? I am having trouble seeing the info (the font is too small)Not possible. You'll need to go to your operating system and choose a screen resolution that displays the scre

  • Indesign CC crashes after startup - Windows 8November 30

    Hi everyone, Have been searching for an answer to this but I haven't seen anyone having this problem on a Windows machine. Hopefully someone here can help me!. I installed Creative Cloud a couple of days ago and installed Indesign CC for the 30 day t

  • Indesign CC + Windows - can't change default programNovember 30

    I have upgraded to CC.  I have set all default programs to open the various file types except Windows will NOT let me set InDesign as the default for opening indd files. I can open indd files from within InDesign no dramas, but just cannot associate

  • Windows Cannot Open File...?November 30

    I have downloaded the AIR and other software for the Kuler Website, and I have Indesign CS3 (not Illustrator though), and every time I try to open up a downloaded Kuler swatch (whether right away or in "load swatches") it says Windows will not r

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