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  • Lenovo A6000 keeps rebooting after upgrading to Kraft-A6000_S029_150212October 11

    I just updated my new Lenovo A6000 smartphone to Kraft-A6000_S029_150212 version. Since then, it is continuously rebooting. It comes up, stays for 5 seconds, UI hangs and then reboots.Need urgent help on how to recover.With great difficulty, was able

  • Decreasing battery lufe after upgrading to kraft a6000 s033 150402October 11

    Hi, I have an A6000 that I'm using since around two weeks now. Very recently I received an update which update the version of "Vibe UI" to A6000_S033 But soon after the update battery performance start decreasing now there is 1% drop after every

  • I own Lightroom 4 and have updated the software however, I am unable to import images taken on the Sony A6000. I have also updated the raw converter and am still having this issue.November 30

    I own Lightroom 4 and have updated the software however, I am unable to import images taken on the Sony A6000. I have also updated the raw converter and am still having this issue.You can either upgrade to Lightroom 5.4 or later, or use the free Adob

  • Lenovo A6000 update Kraft-A6000_S035_150507November 30

    I have bought Lenovo A6000 about 20days back. Now it shows an update is required for Vibe UI. My version is Kraft-A6000_S031_150301. And the new update version is  Kraft-A6000_S035_150507 . Anybody updated to this version? What is the benefits or Iss

  • After upgrade UI (Kraft-A6000-s_S013150615) getting color grain in cameraNovember 30

    Yesterday 8th July i have receive VIBE UI update after upgrading i have facing issue with camra, so please fix it ASAP. After upgrade UI (Kraft-A6000-s_S013150615) getting color grain in camra please fix it ASAP. Admin note; subject line edited to be

  • Lenovo A6000 Softbricked? Needs some serious help--PleaseNovember 30

    Hi My A6000 phone got factory reset and then I tried to recover some lost pics...but I was advised that my phone needs to be rooted first, so the software opened kingo root soft, It showed me the message that phone has been rooted and when it reboote

  • Deleting images using iPhoto and a 128GB SD card and a Sony a6000October 11

    I am having a problem with deleting images after transfer to my mac using either iPhoto or Aperture (All newest version) under Yosemite 10.10.2. What happens is I can transfer images and video from the a6000 into my mac but when asked to delete and a

  • CS6 will not read/open Sony a6000 raw filesNovember 30

    Have just purchased a Sony a6000 and I shoot in raw. When I came to retrieve the files from Bridge in CS6 it will not open them. The software shows up to date and if I try to open directly in CS6 nothing shows up. My Nikon downloads fine in raw. Plea

  • HP Pavilion a6000 desktop with Vista black screen - need help please!November 30

    I have an HP Pavilion a6000 desktop with Vista.  Yesterday it was working fine and today we have the black screen that reads:  Award BootBlock BIOS v1.0 Copyright (c) 2000, Award Software, Inc. BIOS ROM checksum error Detecting IDE ATAPI device... Fo

  • Lenovo A6000 very low ramNovember 30

    I am facing very low ram issues. even after clearing ram by default ram cleaner I only get 110-115 mb ram.  I also donot recieve real time whatsapp notifications but i am receiving gmail notifications even after clearing ram.when i first time boot my

  • Sony A6000 DRO: is it possible to view Dynamic Range Optimization EXIF data in Lightroom?November 30

    The Sony A6000 has a feature called Dynamic Range Optimization.  You can set this to DRO Auto or set manual DRO levels (1-2-3-4-5).  This setting is recorded in the Metadata (EXIF) by the camera.  The Sony IDC software can see it - but LR5 does not.

  • I phone 4s software updateNovember 30

    my i phone 4s doesnt let me update the software for some reson its dowloding but after 20 minutes its saying didnt downlodHello zazaares, I apologize, I'm a bit unclear exactly what you are seeing when you try to update your iPhone. If you are gettin

  • Lenovo A6000 Antivirus database out of date..aski​ng to purchase..November 30

    Hi Lenovo, My phones Antivirus database is out of date and i am asked to purchase license to update them. Why should i pay when i have choice of installing best antivirus apps that can be downloaded from play store. I am not able to uninstall . there

  • One suggestion! for Lenovo A6000 Plus!November 30

    When i press the left sensor of my Lenovo A6000 Plus phone,the "desktop manager" is comes up which is not very useful. Is there any option to alter the setting to view "Recent App View" while pressing the left sensor?? It takes more ti

  • Playmemories won't VERIFY my a6000November 30

    Hey, I have a brand ****** new a6000 camera. And whilst the camera itself is a work of art I'm having some problems with the software.  First of all I set up the confusing online/wireless system so that I could get through to the apps store on the ca

  • Software to develop relative and perfect pitch?November 30

    hi all i have used earmaster pro for ear training and found it to be very useful, however, it doesnt seem to let me do inidivdual, random note identification. i am trying to develop my ear so that i can recognise individual note pitches by tone, and

  • Lenovo A6000 crackling soundNovember 30

    I have recently bought a lenovo A6000 and I am facing crackling sound issue whenever I am playing music or watching videos on both headset and loudspeakers. Please tell me whether it is a software issue or I have a defect in my unit. There is one mor

  • Lenovo A6000 Plus touch screen not respondingNovember 30

    I own a Lenovo A6000 Plus mobile. Some parts of my screen do not respond at times but after a few hours it again starts responding. This cycle has been repeating for a month. Kindly suggest me a solution and whether this is a software or hardware iss

  • My mac's software is only available under my profile on MacBook pro. How can other family members get to the optional SW logged in under their own profileOctober 11

    Is there a way to share purchased SW under mote than one profile on the MacBook pro? ThanksIf the software is in the HD>Applications folder it's available to everyone. If for some reason you put software into User>Applications folder it will be avai

  • Brand new IPOD Touch Apps no longer work after upgrading softwareOctober 11

    I got a Ipod touch for my wife Today at Wal-Mart. I brought it home, connected to wifi and downloaded some apps and also payed for some. They all worked fine. Then I connected to computer to transfer songs. It told me to upgrade the Ipod software so

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