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kraft a6000 s035

  • After upgrade UI (Kraft-A6000-s_S013150615) getting color grain in cameraNovember 30

    Yesterday 8th July i have receive VIBE UI update after upgrading i have facing issue with camra, so please fix it ASAP. After upgrade UI (Kraft-A6000-s_S013150615) getting color grain in camra please fix it ASAP. Admin note; subject line edited to be

  • Decreasing battery lufe after upgrading to kraft a6000 s033 150402October 11

    Hi, I have an A6000 that I'm using since around two weeks now. Very recently I received an update which update the version of "Vibe UI" to A6000_S033 But soon after the update battery performance start decreasing now there is 1% drop after every

  • Lenovo A6000 update Kraft-A6000_S035_150507November 30

    I have bought Lenovo A6000 about 20days back. Now it shows an update is required for Vibe UI. My version is Kraft-A6000_S031_150301. And the new update version is  Kraft-A6000_S035_150507 . Anybody updated to this version? What is the benefits or Iss

  • Lenovo A6000 keeps rebooting after upgrading to Kraft-A6000_S029_150212October 11

    I just updated my new Lenovo A6000 smartphone to Kraft-A6000_S029_150212 version. Since then, it is continuously rebooting. It comes up, stays for 5 seconds, UI hangs and then reboots.Need urgent help on how to recover.With great difficulty, was able

  • Lenovo A6000 very low ramNovember 30

    I am facing very low ram issues. even after clearing ram by default ram cleaner I only get 110-115 mb ram.  I also donot recieve real time whatsapp notifications but i am receiving gmail notifications even after clearing ram.when i first time boot my

  • Lenovo A6000 Softbricked? Needs some serious help--PleaseNovember 30

    Hi My A6000 phone got factory reset and then I tried to recover some lost pics...but I was advised that my phone needs to be rooted first, so the software opened kingo root soft, It showed me the message that phone has been rooted and when it reboote

  • Disappoint​ing camera of lenovo a6000October 11

    Same picture clicked multiple times and result is a piece of crap, each n everytime same picture most of time blurred .it seems the camera app having some kind of focussing problem. Since i am also using sony Ericsson phone with 5 mp at back is super

  • Custom bios request A6000-030USOctober 11

    To Svet and any others...  I have a MSI A6000-030US laptop that has just left teh warranty period and I would like to take a chance at the OC'ing of the laptop and also upgrading the Intel CPU from the factory one - Core 2 Duo T6600 to either the T96

  • I have downloaded Adobe camera raw 8.4 so that I can open raw files with pictures taken with the Sony a6000 camera.  However it is not opening the images in camera raw.  What can I do?October 11

    I have downloaded Adobe camera raw 8.4 so that I can open raw files with pictures taken with the Sony a6000 camera.  However it is not opening the images in camera raw.  What can I do?Close and restart Photoshop if you have not already done so. In Ph

  • PLEASE HELP! - Printing Yellow on Brown Kraft PaperOctober 11

    Please, please help!! I am sooooo frustrated right now! For starters, I'm a bit beyond intermediate Photoshop user (10yrs of habitual use). I NEED to print yellow on brown kraft paper. There's no alternative. I have to or I'm going to have one VERY u

  • Antivirus on A6000 not workingOctober 11

    After factory reset of Lenovo A6000, in Antivirus settings "Virus database auto update" feature disabled and can't be enabled and ask for premium features for which Rs. 49 for 30 days is demanded. Antivirus shows that the "Virus database ex

  • Deleting images using iPhoto and a 128GB SD card and a Sony a6000October 11

    I am having a problem with deleting images after transfer to my mac using either iPhoto or Aperture (All newest version) under Yosemite 10.10.2. What happens is I can transfer images and video from the a6000 into my mac but when asked to delete and a

  • Sony a6000 raw filesOctober 11

    I have a Sony A6000 camera and can't seem to get Lightroom 5.6 to recognize the files and download them on a PC running Windows 8.  No problem on a Mac.   The Windows PC will see it with windows explorer but can't seem to get Lightroom to recognize t

  • Heating issue lenovo a6000 plusNovember 30

    What is the normal temperature of A6000 Plus ??Hi,i have observed the same issue with my Lenovo A6000 Plus.I inserted memory card (7GB was full out of 8GB) loaded with images, songs, videos etc.Phone started heating up badly just like heater when i l

  • Request: FN & Ctrl, (Left) Alt & \, Insert & Delete Swap for A6000-029USNovember 30

    Hi, can I get a modified bios with the above swaps please? (swap FN with Ctrl, Left Alt with \ [left of spacebar], and Insert with Delete) My MOBO model is MS-1683. My laptop is the A6000-029US. Thank you.what's the bios version? look in bios setup,

  • Failure of Contact manager on updating of lenovo A6000November 30

    After updating my Lenovo A6000 to Craft-A6000-m_S021_150616, Am receiving text messages on failure of the contact manager. Please AdviceORA-19506: failed to create sequential file, name="b9n2a0hi_1_1", parms="" ORA-27028: skgfqcre: sbt

  • A6000 - Font not supporting Indic languages like TamilNovember 30

    A6000 - If I open a webpage which is at tamil unicode, it is rendered with plentry of junk characters. It is the case with all the browsers, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, UC Browser. Same issue on my friend's A6000. So it is confirmed, it is not a browser

  • I have a Sony Alpha a6000 and I took some photos in the raw format and tried to check themNovember 30

    I have a Sony Alpha a6000 and I took some photos in the raw format and tried to check them out in Photoshop but got a error saying that camera raw was out of date with my new camera.  Even after updating my Photoshop CS 5 extended with camera raw 6.7

  • Color artifacts with A7s and A6000 files using Camera calibration profilesNovember 30

    I'm seeing some really obvious chroma artifacts / false colors with RAW files from either a Sony A7s or A6000 when using any of the Adobe-provided Camera calibration profiles that emulate Sony's rendering. This seems to happen at any ISO, and is very

  • SIM 1 slot not working on A6000 plusNovember 30

    Hi, The SIM 1 slot on my Lenovo A6000 plus is not working. I tried changing the sim positions, but somehow it does not show any network for the sim card placed in slot 1. Please advise what needs to be done. I have tried reboot and replacing sim slot

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