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kora 2g for nokia 5233.

  • How do I sync contacts between my iMac and Nokia 5233? iSync doesn't seem to have an add-in for Nokia 5233.October 11

    How do I sync contacts between my iMac (10.6.8) & Nokia 5233? iSync doesn't seem to have an add-in for Nokia 5233. Any other way? Appreciate any help on this.hayley7070 wrote: How do i sync all my iphone 5g photos and contact to my new windows comput

  • Share Online App - Nokia 5233October 11

    Can u help me out i have nokia 5233.what is shareonline app.iam not able get service providers,like facebook to upload photos from my gallery.then whats the use of it   Moderator's Note: The subject was amended as we have created a new thread for the

  • Nokia 5233 lining on screenOctober 11

    Good day Sir, i am having a screen problem with my Nokia 5233, when my phn stay for about 5min , there some lining on the screen like a screen server and it is impossible for me to detect my incoming caller, i have experience this for about a month,

  • Nokia 5233 messaging problemOctober 11

    I hav amonth old nokia 5233 ,whenever i message more than 3-4 people it gets very slow......during that time i cant open another application....... Is this problem with all nokia 5233 or my cell has a problem? plz help....hey dude see that which memo

  • Nokia 5233(symbian s60v5) nokia store app problemOctober 11

    I'm using nokia 5233. In this mobile in nokia store app the download button became not clickable. So pls help me to recover.nellaiMARx, Welcome to Nokia Discussions! You must login your Nokia account credentials onto the Nokia Store App in order to d

  • Certificate problem on nokia 5233October 11

    During the time of installation of july palayer and many apps its showing certificate expeired. Give me a sollution.. Device is nokia 5233 Solved! Go to Solution.Hi arsh_men13. You're installing these apps from the Nokia Store, is that correct? Note

  • Converter for nokia 5233November 30

    hi i,m using nokia 5233.some videos r not playing on my device. i want a converter to convert videos to my device compitable format.plzzzz help me outGoogle "super by erightsoft" its a freeware and does the job pretty well. If a reply has solved

  • Not able to connect Nokia 5233 with laptop using b...November 30

    Hi Experts, I purchased Nokia 5233 couple of months back. Since then i am facing problem in connecting the phone with any laptop using bluetooth. It gets connected to other phones via bluetooth very easily, but doenot get connected with any laptop. W

  • What is Qt and how to install on my nokia 5233November 30

    i want to know that what is Qt & what is the use of it and how to install on my nokia 5233amiths86 wrote: i want to know that what is Qt & what is the use of it and how to install on my nokia 5233 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Qt_(toolkit) You coul

  • Email app on my nokia 5233November 30

    the default email application in my nokia 5233 is not connecting to network and not updating my emails Solved! Go to Solution.Hi Sann_, You didn't post wrong, let's see if we can get the emails syncing. Please log in here, and check that the settings

  • Nokia 5233 new firmware changes?November 30

    Hi, i recently upgraded my nokia 5233's software version from 21.1.102 to 40.1.003. but dont notice any changes except the here and now app. Can i get the change log for v40.1.003??The Music Player has been updated to support Embedded Lyrics. Synchro

  • Nokia 5233 app problemNovember 30

    i hve a nokia 5233 n i m not able to install my app it asks to install i choose but then nothing happens n the app is not installed i think my files r deleted bcoz 10 days bfore all the apps were being installed need ur hlp nokia  if the files r dele

  • Nokia 5233 how to use gpsNovember 30

    How to use GPS on my Nokia 5233? Moderator's note: Edited post. Please post messages that are relevant to the subject to seek solution to the problem. Solved! Go to [email protected] Welcome to the forum! There is nothing to stop you acquiring a Blueto

  • Nokia 5233 Storage Question. You need to know this...November 30

    Hi, I'm not new to Discussions. PLEASE NOTE BEFORE READING THIS THREAD: I've digged EVERYwhere you can think of, so please have in mind that I come here because I really need to know this, I don't want to double-post anything or start a spam war or s

  • Can i put themes in nokia 5233.......November 30

    can i put themes in nokia 5233....???........... if yes then how to remove them......... plz tell me the full procedure............ HELP.....!!!!! Solved! Go to Solution.smartyy wrote: can i put themes in nokia 5233....???........... if yes then how

  • User-exec 3 error in Nokia 5233November 30

    I have installed games in Nokia 5233 & played on it. But I have used App Manager to remove unwanted softwares which i have installed & with that some problem has occurred & now when i start the game it shows "Application Closed: Main USER

  • Software Update for Nokia 5233November 30

    Plz give any sofware update for nokia 5233 since it is a good and most viewed phone  If can't then give some software update for video player and camera. Moderator's Note: A more appropriate subject is provided.Sorry but in all probabilities, both yo

  • Nokia 5233 not showing installed application...November 30

    my nokia 5233 not showing installed application in installed application folder. i have opened through menu>applications>installed application. but its not showing installed files... Kindly help me..... I think..it will inform you that the Applicati

  • Corrupted Music Player for Nokia 5233November 30

    Please help me find the software to restore my Nokia 5233 Music Player. It was corrupted by a virus when i downloaded an MP3 song from my desktop computer. I've already removed the said virus from my PC and mobile phone. Since then, everytime i tap t

  • Need Help in Nokia 5233 (It's Urgent)November 30

    Some week ago I update my Nokia 5233 Firmware n now all is working fine but the problem is my gprs setting will gone but now I got GPRS setting but the problem is, I install Opera Mini browser n  all r know that that when 1st time launch Opera Mini b

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