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keyboard stuck key lenovo error

  • B570 Keyboard Issue.... Keyboard stuck key issue....November 30

    Okay...   Earlier in February, My sister accidentally spilled sweet tea (That's right, Sweet Tea) on My BIBB Laptop... After letting it dry for a few days, I found out that the Main Keyboard needed to be replaced, so I bought a replacement Keyboard i

  • T 61 Stuck Key 01 errorNovember 30

    Hello there!     One of my co-workers is getting an error when booting up, it displays as: Error  0210: Stuck key 01 Press <F1> to setup I tried pressing F1 and it won't let me continue into setup is there another way to fix this issue.  Please Advi

  • Keyboard stuck-keys seems to perform functions instead of typing lettersNovember 30

    It seems like my keyboard is stuck on sticky keys. When i type letters, it performs functions, opens programs etc. I looked in "universal settings" and sticky keys is off. I don't know how to fix it and I can't type letters on my keyboard.In cas

  • Lenovo B470e stuck keyNovember 30

    I get the message 01011001: Keyboard Stuck Key in my notebook Lenovo B470e, i want to know what key it is, im using windows 7 OSHi Leocarrazco, I'm sorry to inform you that as per the video you have attached in the post the issue seems to be with "Do

  • When booting I get an Error 0210: Stuck Key 01 Lenovo ThinkpadNovember 30

    Hello, When powering on I get this error  "Error 0210: Stuck Key 01 Press <F1> to Setup" Please give your valuable suggestions. Thanks in advance. SukumarHi Sukumar, Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums! I'm sorry to hear that you are gettin

  • Error 0210: stuck key 2b - t61 thinkpad + windows 7 32 bitNovember 30

    When ever I switch on the system i get this message error 0210: stuck key 2b". If I press esc key then it boots to the os windows 7 and also after booting up, if I open any ms word doc, the # key gets pressed automatically and I could see continous #

  • Error 0210 stuck key 38 on T400November 30

    Hi, I have T400 running windows 7 64 bit. Today my keyboard stoppded working after windows updated but mouse was working. I tried to check the device manager. It says it is working fine and also tried to update key board driver but there was no updat

  • Error 0210: Stuck Key 1CNovember 30

    When I try to log into my Lenovo X200 Tablet it starts to beep and I get "error 0210: stuck key 1c". It then tells me to press F1 to set-up. I do this then I am in an area I know nothing about.  Could someone please help me with this and please

  • Error 0210: Stuck Key 3ENovember 30

    Lenovo R400 If starting I get this Error 0210: Stuck Key 3E What key make this error? If system is loading cursor dont working via touchpad. If I press WIN key which open start menu, or a volume key, touchpad start working. F4 key dont working. I try

  • ERROR 0210: Stuck Key 36November 30

    Hi all, I met this "ERROR 0210: Stuck Key 36" on boot-up in March, and was later told to upgrade the BIOS to 2.12, then the problem got solved. However, this problem starts to show on boot-up again recently, and sometimes I could logon to the Vi

  • Stuck Key & Error MessageNovember 30

    Thinkpad T410i windows 7.  Getting a stuck key 4D message on startup, can boot just by pressing escape twice, but then getting a persistent and intermittent / random error message pop up.  The error message is blank and contains no information other

  • T42 error code 0210: Stuck Key FENovember 30

    I received this computer for chistmas as an IBM certified used equipment. It had been working great until last week when I needed to print out a homework assignment. When I powered it up I received the code 0210 stuck key FE. All the keys seem to be

  • T510 - Error 0210: Stuck key 45November 30

    I get the message "Erro 0201: Stuck key 45" and then <Press F1>. I hit an Esc and login but, have keying problems with typing when the laptop is connected to the dock = mouse's first button does not show the menu;  if i press shift button

  • T43 getting ERROR 0210 Stuck Key FFNovember 30

    My laptop will not boot up outside the docking station.  Nor will it boot up when I have it docked unless I have a PS2 mouse attached.  Outside the docking station or without the mouse the ThinkPad splash screen comes up but doesn't go anywhere and t

  • Error 0210 : stuck key 04November 30

    I get this message when I boot up my computer (error 0210: stuck key 04). Each time I need to go restart in the initial settings when pressing F1. It odes not do it each time, but quite often. Any ideas? Thanks.In almost all cases, this kind of error

  • T400 stuck key issueOctober 11

    I bought my T400 2764-CTO in last December, and started using it on mini dock without any problem. Until recently, it starts to show stuck key issue randomly (not always failure) both at boot up or under Windows Vista. ERROR 0210 Stuck Key FF Press <

  • Stuck key 43November 30

    Hi  I have a T 400 ThinkpadI and I keep getting this message FVQO is depressed ctrl -alt- delete to restart. then  it comes right back to the same screen If I go to the bios there is no option to reset to defalt.sometimes I get the messade error stuc

  • Stuck KeysNovember 30

    Hi,  I have a K230, E8400 chip.  I have a keys issue. First, know I have tried two keyboards - Lenovo and plain. I have had this problem on the original  Vista Premium 64, and now have it on Windows & Professional. The original had the Lenovo keyboar

  • 0210: Stuck Key 4ENovember 30

    has anyone ever seen this message? We get it right after the bios screen. It will not allow the system to boot. It ONLY occurs on the docking station, replaced the dock and still get the same issue.Hello, Even myself are facing same error message whi

  • Lenovo g510 stuck in lenovo splash screenNovember 30

    I bought this g510 less then a year ago without an OS. I've installed win7 first then ubuntu14.04, back when i get it. Yesterday I deleted my win7 partition and reinstalled a premium sp1 win7 version from a usb formatted as NTFS - as you might have g

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