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kcal 9 on qam tuner

  • Use of DCT700 on TV with QAM tunerNovember 30

    I just got FIOS tv and wanted to spend as little as possible for a STB.  So I got the Magnavox DCT700 STB.  The box works as advertised in SD.  But I would like to be able to go around the STB to the same tv to get the unencrypted channels in HD.  An

  • Two questions ... QAM tuner and Picture-in​-Picture CapabilityNovember 30

    #1) Do either the "Proscan Model: 40LC45S" or the "Insignia Model: NS-L42Q-10A" have a QAM tuner?  This is the digital tuner that allows the TV to tune in non-encripted cable channels without requiring a box from the cable company.  Th

  • Digital QAM TunerNovember 30

    Can someone please tell me if this TV has an internal  digital QAM tuner:   Insignia 26" LCD TV NS-L26Q-10A.  The specifications say Clear-QAM but I am not sure what that means.  Thanks, Dennisdennisvh123 wrote: Can someone please tell me if this TV

  • QAM TunerNovember 30

    I have a QAM tuner on my computer, however none of the cable channels work on it. Every channel I tune into displays a picture of a lock. I don't understand because it said on the box that it was a QAM tuner that could pick up digital cable. Is veriz

  • Qam tuner cannot detect kcal9November 30

    QAM tuner cannot detect kcal9Probably a connection issue.  This happens often with Cable TV, and when it does it's normally the coax cable you have threaded on the back of the TV that comes from the outside  So I would undo it altogether, And then pu

  • Lost PBS and ch. 5 HD channels in clear QAMOctober 11

    We live in Newton MA and subscribe to the FiOS TV.  We have a LCD TV mounted on kitchen wall that we could not find room for a HD STB and have been satisfied to have the PBS HD channel through clear QAM for the kids in the morning.  This seems to hav

  • TV Tuner setupNovember 30

    To setup my tv tuner, do I have to use a cable from the tv tuner to a verizon box?aliasdesignz wrote: To setup my tv tuner, do I have to use a cable from the tv tuner to a verizon box? No, you need to add a splitter (rated for 5 - 1000 MHz).  One out

  • HP IQ526 TV Tuner IssuesNovember 30

    For those trying to use the built in PCI Digital TV Tuner in your TouchSmart, there are a few issues. First, you need to download the Vista SP2 upgrade to get very far, second if you are trying to follow the instructions you received with your purcha

  • Pinnacle USB Pro Stick Tuner and FIOSNovember 30

    I have a pinnacle pro stick usb. It supports clearqam and when I scan, it only give me local hd channels as well as music channel. It doesn't pick up discovery hd etc.. What am i doing wrong here? I scanned analog/digital and digital clearqam. Any he

  • QAM on Dynex 42" 1080p?November 30

    I'm looking at the new Dynex 42" with 1080p (DX-L42-10A). Looks like a great deal... however, it doesn't say if it has a QAM tuner or not. I tried a Chat with a Best Buy rep, but he didn't have any idea. He told me I'd have to go into a stoe to find

  • TV w/ QAM receiverNovember 30

    Can anyone tell me if there is a TV out there w/ built in tuner so i can skip renting the converter box? I would like avoid having any box on my desk or wall. THXMost TV's these days do have QAM tuners. But even with a QAM tuner you will only receive

  • QAM TVNovember 30

    My cable company is putting more and more channels in digital format and says I need a TV with a QAM tuner in it to view them, or I can rent a QAM tuner box from them for an additional monthly fee in addition to the almost $200 I now pay. When I shop

  • QAM Channel LIst DC/MD/VANovember 30

    I am thinking of downsizing and dropping 1-2 STBs. I can get a bunh of channels with the QAM tuner on my TV, So far, so good. But the channels are everywhere. Is there a listing of the channels available in the DC/MD/VA market?Keep in mind Verizon ha

  • How do I get fios to work with my new desktop w/ Windows Media CenterOctober 11

    Can someone please help me I have "fios".TV and internet 1HDSTB + 1HDDVR with multi room dvr Home media mgr.how do I get fios to work with my new desktop HP Pavillion m9715f**(specs below)**w/ Windows Media Center or did I just throw away my mon

  • HDMI Video input upgrade for HP Pavilion Elite m9060n Media-Center PC...What is simplest route?October 11

    The Media Centre came with TV tuner etc; I have upgraded the Graphics card to Nvidia GeForce 450GTS which has two HDMI outputs. I need an HDMI input to get the best signal input from my cable box...the best input the existing TV tuner offers is "S-Vi

  • Location of ONT, PSU/battery, Router, STB, phone adapterOctober 11

    I am intending to convert from TimeWarner cable TV/internet and regular landline phone to FIOS triple essentials.  A couple weeks ago an installer came to string the fiber from the pole to the roof eve.  I talked to him and understood that the ONT wo

  • How do I get Sync to work with my new iPhone?  Sync stops at step 2 of 5 steps.October 11

    I have a new  iPhone and am trying to sync the music I downloaded from the cloud on my phone with iTunes on my PC. After clicking on sync on my computer the status bar stops on step 2 of 5 steps.  I have checked to make sure my computer is authorized

  • How to watch a live broadcast show while recording two other showsOctober 11

    If you have a TV with a QAM tuner built in and you use a splitter to connect the cable to the cable/antenna input of your TV while leaving a connection to the DVR, you will be able to watch a broadcast show live while recording two other shows on you

  • Is there acharge for connections to other tv's without a converter box?October 11

    is there acharge for connections to other tv's without a converter box? Solved! Go to Solution.I assume you mean hooking a TV directly to the coax and use the TVs QAM tuner. If that is what you mean, then there is no extra charge for that. If a forum

  • Going beyond 70+ hr DVR record time?November 30

    The Motorola DVR that the FIOS tech installed, can only handle about 70 hrs of material.  Since I'm used to recording closer to 80 hrs, is there another option?  VCR compatible w. FIOS?  What about extended the hard drive, by plugging an external har

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