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Karoeke di gogle dinokia asha 210

  • Notifications are not secured in nokia asha 210October 11

    my sister is having nokia asha 210.i logged into facebook account in her phone and after logging out my account she is still getting notifications and half message and there is only an option to disable it but i wanna remove notifations  forever.now

  • Here maps in Asha 210October 11

    I want to buy Asha 210 but let me know the following: 1. I use HERE MAPS on my Lumia 620, can i use the same offline maps in Asha 210. How if yes(because asha 210 has got very less internal memory). If no, provide me an alternative to here maps. 2. C

  • Asha 210 Yahoo Inbox not showingOctober 11

    I just got a new Asha 210 phone.  I have two mail accounts with it connected.  The Hotmail one works fine.  The Yahoo one always shows the Inbox as (empty) even after refresh.  It shows that it is busy doing the refresh but the Inbox always shows as

  • Conflicting app, nokia asha 210November 30

    i am using nokia asha 210 and after i upgrade the mail app, the phone is showing "conflicting application" every time i switched on my phone and every time i tried to open other application such as whatsapp (which is the only one working after t

  • Notification problem on Asha 210November 30

    I bought my Asha 210 august ending and its working well untill three weeks ago that it stopped showing notifications when i have messages on facebook,whatsapp. I restored the factory settings,still its not working,and the notification settings is on.

  • Asha 210 downloads but doesn't run appsNovember 30

    Hello, I have just bought a nokia asha 210 phone. I connect to the Nokia Store, find and download an application for this phone. But at the end, it just shows me a filename (with .jar extension) and says "unknown state" and I can't locate the ap

  • [HELP] Asha 210 - GSM Modem ModeNovember 30

    Dear all, In Win7 (a newly installed win7), after installing "Nokia_Connectivity_Cable_Driver", I am able to see the Nokia Asha 210 appears as a com port. I connect to that com port using HyperTrm.exe (copied from WinXp). Connect using 9600 8N1.

  • Asha 210 hotmail can't sign inNovember 30

    Hello, I just bought an Asha 210, but I am having trouble with hotmail. I tried using the e-mail option and selected hotmail. But the phone keep telling me that the address or password is incorrect (which it isn't). What am I doing wrong? Thank you f

  • Asha 210 and Nokia Suite??November 30

    Hello, I am trying to sync my new asha 210 with Nokia Suite but it tells me its not supported. As that phone is quite new, how is it possible it is not supported? I want to import all my messages and contacts from my old nokia 2710, but I can't. Shou

  • How to save photos from Facebook on Nokia Asha 210...November 30

    Hi, Anyone know how to save photos from Facebook or from Facebook messenger on the Asha 210? Can't seem to find a way to save photos people post or send me to my phone. Thankshi mate if there are no options within the Facebook app, the only other thi

  • Background XMPP chat on Nokia Asha 210?November 30

    Hi guys, Do you know if there is any Jabber/XMPP chat application for Asha 210 which can work in background mode? All the apps that I have tried simply have no ability to go into the background mode. If the 'cancel call' button is pressed, Nokia sugg

  • Asha 210 backupNovember 30

    Can anybody  let me know which software is needed to download the backup files of Nokia Asha 210 mobile from sim card or through cable download and then to open it.  I saved contacts and messages on sd card but unable to open them on my laptop.  It n

  • Unable to unlock Asha 210November 30

    Hi,     I've been around the houses with Vodafone for weeks now trying to unlock an Asha 210 from their network. One bright spark at customer services suggested there may be an issue with the phone's design preventing me from entering the Vodafone un

  • Asha 210 - Applications not readyNovember 30

    Hi guys i have a Nokia asha 210 dual i need help, its freezing cnt access my apps says application is not ready try again. What can i do? Moderator's note: We have provided a subject-related title to help other forum users easily view and respond to

  • Asha 210 produces headset-quality sound instead of...November 30

    The phone, Asha 210, thinks that my earphones is a headphones, and it even show the symbol of a headphone without a headset attachment on the home page of the phone, but it still produces the sound similar to a headset. Without changing it, the earph

  • ASHA 210 059T3P3 - No Firmware since 4.11November 30

    I've just got an Asha 210 which has a code of 059T3P3.  There seems to be no firmware update and it stuck on 4.11. I have checked and it seems 6.09 is avaiable for every other product code for this phone except the one I have. What is happening?  How

  • Nokia asha 210November 30

    nokia had anounced asha 210 dual phone with dedicated whatsapp button. But when it is released it is changed with facebook key. Abi99 wrote: sallyald wrote: the key should be able to change from facebook to one of the other apps, how does this happen

  • Asha 210 automatically defaulted itself to factory...November 30

    I had switched off my phone, take off the battery to switch sim cards. When i turned it on, all my settings (shortcut keys, order of menu, home screen etc) were gone. My apps and games refused to open with 'app invalid. Delete?'. I updated those apps

  • Conflicting application (mail) asha 210November 30

    recently i was using my asha 210 device properly until i updated my ( mail application ) . after that once my application is switched on it gives me an error conflicting app message mail . no applications respond at all now . i tried restore factory

  • Asha 210 Cannot import contacts , tried many metho...November 30

    Tried using phone to phone, but both ipohone 3gs and anothe android could work , the asha showed for both the message (service unavailable) Nokia Pc suite does not support nokia asha 210 (!!)  I've tried also synching from outlook using he synch capa

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