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jornada 720 some keys not working

  • HP Jornada 720November 30

    Yes, I know this is something of an antique, but I have used it successfully for years without a single problem. Out of the blue the keyboard has stopped responding/working. The only key that has any effect is the on off key. The stylus and touch scr

  • Jornada 720 Display ScreenNovember 30

    The display screen of my Jornada 720 became blurred or washout especially in the middle area where about 90% does not show the white background anymore. I guess it was because I did not use it for a very long time when I got quite busy using large la

  • Lumia 720 Touch KeyNovember 30

    I have a problem. My lumia 720 touch keys are not glowing anymore. What's the problem? Batter Saver feature is off and the screen brightness is high. I always leave the brightness to High.Did you try rebooting the device ? Also unlock the screen in d

  • Known Issue in Nokia Lumia 720 - Virtual keys stop...October 11

    Hi Nokia lumia 720 bottom virtual keys stops working after some time.............. only solution is to replace screen which costs 7000....     Is there any permanent solution? pls helpDid you try any troubleshooting steps ? 1.Simple Reboot 2. Soft Re

  • Lumia 720 lock key sensitivityNovember 30

    At a sudden yesterday night at around 9:30PM, my phone started behaving really weird. I dont when and how my lock key (middle one on the right side) became more sensitive. Whenever i was touching key it was getting auto lock and restart by itself. Pl

  • Lumia 720 vol keyNovember 30

    sometimes when i play audio in hedset or in free mode the vol up and down dsnt work,to do this alwys change the music,but this problem never occured in video playing.the care centre updated my phone 2 times,but after few days it happend again,please

  • Oracle 9i Lite, WinCE sortingNovember 30

    Have a nice day. I'm using Oracle 9i Lite on HP Jornada 720 (WinCE). What I have to set to databese sort correctly by CZECH langugae? I found string XCZECH in some DLL so i think database should know it. Thanks GeorgeOracle9i Lite 5.0 is certified fo

  • Oracle 8i Lite for CENovember 30

    Does Oracle 8i Lite for CE run on the Jornada 720. This handheld is using the StrongARM SA1110 processor. The core system version is 3.0.Hi, I'm runing Oracle8i Lite in windows ME, and I do get the an error saying that the server is too low for this

  • Web Album - High Resulotion picturesNovember 30

    After i gone throw the pictures, i put up all the pictures throw a ftp and index.html and so . I want to have the funtion that the clients gonna click on the pictures and then the pictures comes up in full resulotion !! But the Apertures web gallery

  • Syncing issues between CE PDANovember 30

    I have a Mac running Snow Leopard and have a boot camp partition where I have Windows XP installed. However I am UNABLE to connect my old Windows CE Jornada 720 and sync. I have tried syncing via USB, and most recently purchased a USB to serial adapt

  • Personal Java VM on WinCE - Problems...November 30

    Hello! I'm trying to get Personal Java to work on my Handheld PC (HP Jornada 720) running with Windows CE 3.0. The Installation works - but I'm not able to run any other programs than those demos that are delivered with this JVM... If I try to run a

  • Lumia 720 volume down keyNovember 30

    Recently the volume down key on my lumia 720 has stopped working. It works sometimes if I restart my phone but again stops after a while. I am also unable to soft reset the phone because the volume down key is not working. It does not seem like a har

  • Issues Volume Keys of Lumia 720November 30

    Volume Keys of my Lumia 720 particularly down key is not responding within few days of use. It happened to my neighbor also.My down volume key has not worked for weeks. I haven't used the camera button for a while either and just realized it doesn't

  • Lumia 720 volume down key problemNovember 30

    There is some problem with the volume down key in Lumia 720.....it works sometimes.....n sometimes it does not work at all!!... i took it to Nokia Care yesterday....they did something and returned my phone in about 15-20 mins....it was working fine t

  • [solved] Xorg-1.8 + KDE on Asus 1201n : dupplicated Fn key eventOctober 11

    Hello, after upgrading to Xorg 1.8 one week ago, I noticed that my Fn keys (sound up/down, mute) were dupplicated. For example, if I press Fn+F10 (=MUTE/Unmute), the sound get muted and immediately unmuted. Moreover, My xorg.conf: Section "ServerLayo

  • In Some part Touch is not Working in Lumia 720October 11

    I got my lumia 720 three months back. It was working fine. Suddenly day before yesterday my 3 touch keys(back,search,windows) didnt work. So i reset my phone. And after that i found that, From bottom to about 2.5 cm touch is not at all working throug

  • My Lumia 720 theme is not working after Amber upda...October 11

    Hi, Today I updated my Lumia 720 with amber update . I got all the new feature like Glance , color profile etc. but now theme color are is not working. On change of theme color, tiles color is not changing. Tiles are always in black color. I am also

  • UPGRADE : RFC call to subst_save_upgeval_db failed with key UPDATE_ERROROctober 11

    Hello. We are upgrading our NW 7.01 to NW 7.3 ABAP. In Postprocessing phase MAIN_POSTP/CREATE_UPGEVAL we encounter the following error: ERROR: RFC of "subst_save_upgeval_db" failed key: ERROR UPDATE message: EXCEPTION UPDATE_ERROR RAISED Here is

  • Out of Frequency Problem with Apple Multiple Scan 720 Display and Mac miniOctober 11

    If a resolution with a horizontal and/or vertical frequency not compatible with your display, in this case an Apple Multiple Scan 720 Display, is selected in the Display preference pane of the Mac OS X 10.4.10 system running on a Mac mini (Early '06)

  • Lumia 720 problemOctober 11

    its been nearly a  month dat i have been using this phone. but the problem with 720 is dat the volume rocker keys dont respond at times when i listen to music. nd has hanged twice.... please i need a solution.hi mate, have you ensured you are fully u

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