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jetpack 4620I is disconnecting problem

  • FXO to FXO disconnect problem - Part1October 11

    Hi, I have 2 sites connected through an hdlc leased line. Each site has router 1750 with one VIC - 2FXO. Once a call is placed both FXO are stuck in the off hook state. So there is no way to make another call unless I shut down and turn on the ViC ag

  • FXO Disconnect ProblemNovember 30

    Hello, I just would like to ask some ideas on FXO disconnect problem having a setup of FXO to FXO termination on both sites. I am using a VIC-2FXO-M2 on both Cisco 1760-V Router and these fxo ports are terminated to the PABX local.The voice port will

  • Disconnect problems on FXO Groundstart linesNovember 30

    Hello all, I have a CCME customer, IOS 12.3-11T2. with 6 FXO ground-start lines on a 2821 platform. They are using PVDM2-32’s and two 4Port FXO cards. The call flow goes as follows. Incoming call from PSTN, hits fxo port which has a “connection plar”

  • Cisco Solution for FXO Disconnect ProblemNovember 30

    I have Panasonic PBX-->FXO-->1751V------WAN-----1751V-->FXO--Panasonic PBX. I am facing a serious problem with FXO on both ends becoming busy after some few initial calls. What is the exact Cisco solution for this FXO disconnect problem? I have r

  • Cisco FXO Disconnect ProblemNovember 30

    we have 2801 router that connected with 2 anloga lines (FXO Card), but now we have a problem with disconnect problem, the phone still connected after the PSTN Caller Disconnect, and our policy tell that the agents shouldn't end the call, so we want w

  • WRT54G disconnect problemNovember 30

    I have been a loyal Linksys (CISCO) user since buying my 1st Wireless Access Point router/4-port Switch (BEFW1154 v2) in 08/2002. I upgraded to a Linksys Wireless-G Broadband Router (WRT54G v8.00.2) in 11/2007. My home wireless network supports; IBM

  • I have a lot of disconnection problems with my bluetooth apple keyboardNovember 30

    can you recommand a bluetooth dongle? I have disconnection problems with my bluetooth apple keyboard & trackpad. I use windows 7. my pc is ~ 5 meters frpm my keyboard. BTW - my microsoft mouse works great! thanks, gilHere is an apple article about re

  • Iomega Hard Drive Disconnecting Problems / iMac Freezing on shutdown/restart!November 30

    I had noticed in the past week that when my iMac is in sleep mode that sometimes it is unresponsive when I try to wake it up to use it again, and then after a few minutes of trying, I have to manually power the computer on, like it randomly will shut

  • 'do not disconnect' problem... please help!!!November 30

    I know the screen said 'do not disconnect' but it froze, so i disconnected it, and now i cant fix it... what do I do? please help! i just oped my new video ipod for christmas! and i already broke it! Fifth Generation iPod   Windows XP  Hi guys and ga

  • Wireless internet disconnect problem in a networkOctober 11

    We just set up a Roku Soundbridge so we can access both my music library & my husband's PC-based music library. We're connected through a wireless router that we don't have problems with. The challenge is that we both have our music on laptops, and I

  • Disconnection problem need to find an email addres...October 11

    I'm trying to get a problem with my disconnection resolved. Basically, my husband lost his job in January and as I don't work due to ill health we were living off jobsekkers. This meant we struggled to pay the BT bill and as we needed a phone line an

  • Another "DO NOT DISCONNECT" problemOctober 11

    Before I go on I have 2 Nano's , so the problem I have is only with one of them. So this should eliminate many of the potential solutions to this problem ie. it is not my PC , it is not i.tunes , it is not the charging / download lead etc etc. I have

  • Disconnection problems with online gaming - world ...October 11

    Other users on BT have alos reoported issues with game hangs and diconnection issues with World of Tanks. They seem to have started a few days ago. Someitme it is intermittant other times it can last for several minutes.Having the same issue since ye

  • Lumia 620 usb disconnection problemOctober 11

    Hi. Am facing a problem of usb disconnection while transferring data from my laptop. It's good for 1 or 2 minutes, after that am getting device not available on my laptop. Also I noticed the charging symbol on battery is blinking when connected to us

  • 2811 modem disconnecting problemNovember 30

    Hi there am having an issue with digital modems disconnecting on a cisco 2811. The router has PVDM2-36DM card and hwic-1ce1t1-pri E1 interface installed. The E1 is up and I can dialout but the calls drop after 24-30 secs. I have issued the debug mode

  • SQL Developer 3.x Disconnection ProblemNovember 30

    We are running SQL Developer 3.1 on Windows 7 64 and connecting to a database. The user's can connect fine, then they can click through and see their tables. Once they click on the tables to see the columns or data, we immediately get discon

  • Ms Dynamics 2011 Outlook plugin "crm disconnected" problemNovember 30

    Hello  , In my company , we use Ms. Dynamics software. My problem is about outlook plugin. I can install outlook plugin successfully. But when i try to click any button on plugin , an error appears. It says "crm disconnected". I try to reinstall

  • HP T510 Citrix session disconnect problemNovember 30

    Hello, I had problem with HP T510 (Thinpro Image 5.2/citrix receiver 13.1, Xenapp 6.5 on serveur 2008 R2). After direct ICA connexion on published desktop, the connexion drop and the user came back to the Thinpro OS. The problem seems to be with Lotu

  • Database disconnected problemNovember 30

    I built a Labwindows project and paste it to the remote desk.But the database cannot connect. Here is my code. They say that it is the problem is relating to different version of CVI. I use Labwindows 2009, but I tried again using Labwindows 8.5, I f

  • BEFW11S4 v4 Disconnecting ProblemsNovember 30

    I'm having a few problems recently with my BEFW11S4 v4 router. I upgraded its firmware finally after owning it for about 5 years. I did it correctly like it said on the page. Yet, ever since I've been getting disconnected randomly and its all the tim

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