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  • How to change default open and close effect in JavaFX TabPaneOctober 11

    I'm interested how I can change the default effect of closing and opening a tab in JavaFX TabPAne. I found that this can be configured by using:     tabPane.setEffect(Effect ????); But which effects are available?Hi Lionate Welcome to the forum. Make

  • Error while creating new crosstab usingOctober 11

    I am getting the following error while creating a new crosstab object within Swing application. This error has started coming after we applied Oracle patch 9206 on database. The error originates from one of the classes in the olap_api_92.jar. =======

  • Issue with DataApp Sample in JavaFX.October 11

    Okay so I downloaded the Samples pack here http://jdk8.java.net/download.html or here http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jdk7-downloads-1880260.html at the bottom. Inside is one called DataApp which requires setting up an SQL DB,

  • What is equivalent of JInternalFrame in JavaFX 2.0?October 11

    what is equivalent of JInternalFrame in JavaFX 2.0? Actually I want to use pure javaFX 2.0 to view report created in iReport 5.0.0. I have used java.swing code, and now I want to use pure javaFX 2.0. My code in swing is as follows * To change this te

  • Can't run JavaFX app as a jar file from command lineOctober 11

    I'm trying to build a JavaFX app from scratch (that is, by including the jar file from the JavaFX SDK rather than by using the special JavaFX project type from NetBeans). It runs fine in NetBeans. However, when I try to launch it as a jar file from t

  • Displaying the name of a minimum value in crosstabOctober 11

    Hi, we have a crosstab with [Job Number] in the left column, [Quantitiy Break] as the column headers and (min[bid value]) as the measure. We want to display the name of the [vendor] who gave the minimum bid alongside the measure in the crosstab. we h

  • JavaFX Update Line Chart on Tab paneOctober 11

    Hi all, I am wondering can anybody help with this problem. I have an application that can create a new tab when the LineChart FXML view is called by way of onMouseClicked event from a bar graph (using scenebuilder). However, I need this Line chart to

  • Crosstab report with null or wrong totalsOctober 11

    I have a crosstab report that when I put a field in an item report area and setting <all> for values I get null values and with other fields I get wrong results (less than I wait). If there's no report item, it's return the correct results. I have c

  • How do I create a NetBeans project with multiple JavaFX (FXML) dialogs?October 11

    I'm very new to Java and JavaFX, so forgive what is probably a question asked a thousand times, but I can't seem to find the answer. I come from a Visual Studio (C# with WPF) background. I'm used to creating a Solution then adding a Project for each

  • How to remove NULL values from crosstab sheet in Viewer/Plus.October 11

    I created a worksheet as crosstab. The sheet shows blanks in Desktop when there is no data in the cell, but the same sheet is showing NULL in Viewer. Is there any solution to make NULL as 0 or blank in Viewer? Thank you.Here you can find solution for

  • Problem with JavaFX 8 Self-contained Application !October 11

    Hello everybody, I generate a JavaFX 8 Self-Contained Application for Windows (.msi). Eclipse 4.3.1 (Kepler) JDK 8 B116 (EA - i don't use the lasts beta versions (B117 and B118) because there is a bug during installation for Windows XP) Scene builder

  • How to avoid the Summary Fields in CrossTabOctober 11

    Hi all, I have created a report using crosstab view,,,in that i have selected two fields in the value column..but in the summary field i need to select only one column.... but i cann't select only one field in the summary..Is that possible....if so p

  • Crystal Repts XI - Adding labels to summary fields in crosstab reportOctober 11

    I have a crosstab report where Columns first-level are priority or non-priority schools second-level are priority type Rows First-level: month second-level: count of calls opened this month; sum of time spent; opened prior to reportstart and still op

  • Need to add default columns to a CrossTabOctober 11

    Post Author: ViBaldi CA Forum: Crystal Reports Just wondering if anyone has any ideas, as I have run out... I have a summary report that queries an SQL view and contains a CrossTab. The selection criteria is filtered by 4 selectable parameter fields:

  • In V 6.5 SP2 shading ever other row in crosstab reportOctober 11

    Post Author: Theodore Van Patten CA Forum: WebIntelligence Reporting I am having tremendous difficutly on a seemily simple request, and that is to shade ever other row in a crosstab report.  Anyone have any ideas? ThanksAnother alternative, if  you d

  • How to display the javafx application to a web applicationOctober 11

    I've got a javaFX application .(My IDE is NetBeans 6.8)I choose the main.fx in the opened project,then run>>project configure >> web browser and Shift+F6.It runs as expected. and the path is "+http://localhost:8082/servlet/org.netbeans.mo

  • [Follow-up] JavaFX ARM Preview on an Iconia Tab A700October 11

    Hi all, I'm going on with my work after a previous discussion: Re: JavaFX on ARM tablet Now I have an Iconia Tab A700 with Android 4.0.4, I locally mounted on it an image of Ubuntu ARM that I access via VNC. First of all, is the Iconia Tab A700 a cor

  • Excel export of crosstab report in Discoverer desktop 9i not properOctober 11

    Dear All, I have made a crosstab report where I am taking the totals of the fig at all the datapoints. For this total, I have put the "Label" as &Value. When I run the report, it shows the correct output and correct values for the label fiel

  • Crosstab shows empty sums when multiple rows are involvedOctober 11

    Hello, Here are the top few lines from a crosstab report I've generated:                Billing Percentage          Billing Amount          Billing Tax Percentage          Billing Tax Amount                Billing Type     Rental     VAT     Rental  

  • Same javaFX jar, many applet instances in the same pageOctober 11

    Hi all I want to know if it is possible to embed a javaFX in a JSP/HTML page many times without instantiating many times the Java Console panel, for example, I have this code: <script>              function loadFX(){                                

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