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java oracle resultset after 200 000 rows

  • Oracle.jdbc.driver.oracleResultSet Vs java.sql.ResultSetNovember 30

    Hi all Could any one got any idea on this problem... My application program is forced to use both Java Result Set(java.sql.ResultSet) and Oracle ResultSet(jdbc.driver.oracleResultSet). This on javac get compiled and is working fine.... But when i try

  • Oracle Discoverer Desktop truncate at least 10.000 rowsNovember 30

    Hi All, I want to export to excel file from Oracle Discoverer Desktop. If the file contains more than 10.000 rows, It truncates the output and only shows the first 10.000 rows. How can I resolve this problem?. I changed that Limit in Oracle Discovere

  • Performance problem: 1.000 queries over a 1.000.000 rows tableNovember 30

    Hi everybody! I have a difficult performance problem: I use JDBC over an ORACLE database. I need to build a map using data from a table with around 1.000.000 rows. My query is very simple (see the code) and takes an average of 900 milliseconds, but I

  • Java SP - ResultSet.updateRow causes 100x CPU consumptionNovember 30

    Oracle 11 Enterprise on Windows, with an out-of-the-box installation. I select from a table. No where clause. No order by. If I use ResultSet.updateRow to change any column, the CPU consumption of oracle.exe jumps 100x. Here is the code. Connection c

  • Navigating a list with Java and ResultSetNovember 30

    I am using Java (JSP's & servlets) to generate an HTML page that contains a           list of records. I want to retrieve 50 records at a time, and provide the           user with navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen. For instance,         

  • PL/SQL Object Type - Java oracle.jbo.domainOctober 11

    PL/SQL Object Type <-> Java oracle.jbo.domain can anybody help me, getting my domains to work? Following scenario: in pl/sql we have an object type called MULTI_LANGUAGE. This type is used for storing multilingual texts as nested table in one(!) col

  • Pk index design for 500,000 row tableOctober 11

    I have 3 tables as following relation: http://www.visionfly.com/images/dgm.png Intinerary - (1:N) FlightItem - (1:N) CabinPrice DepCity, ArrCity, DepDate in Intinerary represent identity of one row in the table. I want to reduce space in FlightItem a

  • Oracle.jbo.RowNotFoundException: JBO-25034: Row with handle not foundNovember 30

    Hello, I am developing a fusion web application on Jdeveloper I have a ADF table which is bound to a table in the backing bean. There is a "Process" button for each row that works completely fine. There is button called "Process

  • Display 100,000 rows in Table ViewNovember 30

    Hi, I am in receipt of a strange requirement from a customer, who wants a report which returns about 100,000 rows which is based on a Direct Database Request. I understand that OBIEE is not an extraction tool, and that any report which has more than

  • Extract SQL Query Results to 'xlsx' bogs down at 150,000 rowsNovember 30

    Environment: SQL*Developer on Windows XP SP3 Oracle EE on Solaris 10.5 I ran a query in a worksheet window and the first page of results came back in 10 seconds, whoo hooo! I right-clicked the first column in the first row and sele

  • What is the best approach to fetch more than 10,000 rows from database ?November 30

    Hi Experts, I am new to JDBC. I have a table containing more than 10,000 rows. I don't want to fetch all of them at one shot, because it takes too much time and consumes too much memory. I want to fetch 500 rows first to return to end user. When end

  • Is it possible to increase/remove the 20,000 row limit on the AV reports?November 30

    When running a report for Logins and Logoffs for the last month, the report returns 20,000 records and informs me that there are more than 20,000. Does anyone know of a way to either remove the limit or to increase it? regards, Iain Barr Ategrity Sol

  • Oracle resultset.last() will cost long time while the resultset is largeNovember 30

    we want to get the count of returned resultset rows through used last() & getRowNum() of oracle resultset . But this way the oracle driver will cache all rows in memory of our local machine and cost long time . we thought the resultset maybe cost man

  • SSRS and a report of 3,000,000 rowsOctober 11

    I have SQL Server 2008 R2 with SSRS. I have created an SSRS report that may contain up to 3,000,000 rows. When I tried to generate such huge report I saw the following picture: The stored procedure (one that brings the data into the Report) worked 50

  • Best practice for making a report of 10,000 to 20,000 rows(OBIEE 11

    My Scenario is like this:* Hi i have 2 fact tables fact1 and fact 2 and four dimension tables D1,D2,D3 ,D4 & D1.1 ,D1.2 the relations in the data model is like this : NOTE: D1.1 and D1.2 are derived from D1 So D1 might be snow Flake. [( D1.. 1:M..>

  • H/w requirements for DIrectory server for 200,000 usersOctober 11

    Hi, I would like to implement Directory services for 200,000 users. How can I know whether iPlanet Directory 5.1 will support this many users or not? If supports, Which h/w I have to use? If any one can let me know the formula to calculate users and

  • I'm trying to open a 900kb Word doc (240pages) in Pages but get this error message:  Import Warning - A table was too big. Only the first 40 columns and 1,000 rows were imported.October 11

    I'm trying to open a 900kb Word doc (240pages) in Pages but get this error message:  Import Warning - A table was too big. Only the first 40 columns and 1,000 rows were imported.Julian, Pages simply won't support a table with that many rows. If you n

  • Please I need help in java oracle.apps.per.DataInstallOctober 11

    Hi all Please can any body help me , when I try to run datainstall to prepare add hrglobal patch by using this command: java oracle.apps.per.DataInstall thin hostname:dbport:oraclesid but I got this error : Data Install java.sql.SQLException: Io exce

  • Java oracle.apps.xdo.oa.util.XDOLoader  - BI Publisher 5.6.3 in EBS 11i/r12October 11

    Hello, I have gone through the metalini note 469585.1 and found following. java oracle.apps.xdo.oa.util.XDOLoader \ DOWNLOAD \ -DB_USERNAME apps \ -DB_PASSWORD apps \ -JDBC_CONNECTION ap000sun:1521:apps115 \ -LOB_TYPE TEMPLATE \ -APPS_SHORT_NAME XDO

  • Resultset returning too many rows when using Group byNovember 30

    Hello My problem is this I run the following query which uses a Group By sQury = "SELECT Distinct Searches.categoryId ,count(Searches.categoryId) AS NUMBER_OF_APPEARANCE" + " FROM Searches " + " GROUP BY Searches.categoryId "

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