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  • Jar file Extraction in different directory...November 30

    Hi friends.. i want to extract a jar file using a java program..but not in current directory..i want it to do in another directory.. i tried it using exec(jarfilename,env var,filedirectory) ..but it is not working..help me.. thanks.. KrishnaHi Krishn

  • Download and extract jar file from appletNovember 30

    Can any one provide me a solution for my below problem. Thanks in advance for all the suggestions. I want my applet to download a jar file, extract into users home directory by creating a folder and then set the created folder to java library path. M

  • Easy way to extract a jar file?October 11

    I'm looking for an easy way to extract a jar file from with in a java program. I would also like to specify what directory it goes into. I can't seem to find anything on this.> ...I can't seem to find anything on this.>Where were you looking, under

  • How to protect my files in a jar from extractionOctober 11

    I want to protect my jar files (using a password )from extraction. When a user wants to extract, password must be asked alike password protection in a zip file. Can i do it using java itself or i need a external tool. Thanxi am trying to find it outR

  • Extract JAR file to a different directoryOctober 11

    Is it possible to use the jar command to extract the content of a JAR file to a different directory (not the current directory)? I want to use this command inside a makefile, looking for the same effect as "unzip example.jar -d directory". Thank

  • How to extract JAR file in particular directoryOctober 11

    Hi, I am extracting a JAR file(A.jar) in a Makefile Now the path of the Makefile is say /home/developer/ The location of the JAR file is in /opt/tools/mk/A.jar I am extracting the jar file as: jar xvf /opt/tools/mk/A.jar This creates a directory name

  • How to extract html file and folder from jar fileOctober 11

    Hi all , I should to submit my project tomorrow . plz help me . In my project jar file I have html page that should run when I use the program, I can't extract it . Also it have folder that contain some files that My program should use it . I dont kn

  • How to ban extracting from .jar file?October 11

    Hello Problem of .jar file is: .class files can be extracted (with winrar ...) and decompiled. I don't want my classes to be decompiled. But I still need my jar executable of course. Is some solution which bans extraction without any impact on execut

  • How to extract jar files into  a folder in the local disk and then import?October 11

    hai forum, will any one tell me how should i extract jar files into a location in my project folder and then how to import the class files for further usage? Thank you .I will be graeateful if u could explain this a bit. Do you want to say that i sho

  • How to extract the contents of the Jar file?October 11

    Hello, Can anyone tell me how to extract the contents of the Jar file? An example will be highly appreciated. Thanks.From command line, or from within a java application? Kaj Btw. Why do you need to do it. You do know that you can add jars to the cla

  • Problem parsing XML with schema when extracted from a jar fileOctober 11

    I am having a problem parsing XML with a schema, both of which are extracted from a jar file. I am using using ZipFile to get InputStream objects for the appropriate ZipEntry objects in the jar file. My XML is encrypted so I decrypt it to a temporary

  • Extract a jar fileOctober 11

    Hi Everyone, I have a .jar file which contains some java packages. How can extract this file to view the package contents. Thanks a lot. HungYou can open the jar file with an extraction program (like winzip, or tar) or you can try jar -xvf [jarfile]

  • Protecting your jar file from been extractedNovember 30

    Please i noticed that the java jar file of a software can easily be extracted to review the class files with winrar which allows just anyone to have access to your class file and decompile to get source codes, allowing pirating of the software. How c

  • How to extract ZIP/JAR files?November 30

    Hello, How can I extract zip/jar files ? EricIf you are talking java, you can use the java.util.zip classes. ZipFile, ZipEntry, ZipInputStream, ZipOutputStream You can find lots of examples through google: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=java+zi

  • Does driver jar file needs to be extracted before giving java command?November 30

    I wrote a JDBC program, where it will pull the data from Sybase and Push into Oracle. That program is working fine in Eclipse IDE. But when i tried to make it make it work from the command program, by giving javac and java commands..., it didnt work.

  • Extracted ear/war/jar file location in JBossNovember 30

    How can I find out in runtime where JBoss extracted my ear/war/jar file? I have a file inside my ear/war/jar file and I need to know the location of the file. I know that it is in the tmp/deploy directory but I need the exact application temporary na

  • Loading jar files without extractingNovember 30

    Is it possible to load a jar file without extracting it? If so, how? I've loaded the JCE and the class that I'm using references another jar file, which also comes with the JCE. I've loaded that other jar as well, but it's failing. It appears to be l

  • Extract nested Jar FileNovember 30

    Okay, I've been looking all day for solutions to this problem and nothing I've found pinpointed the solution, so if anyone would rather point me to another site, that's great. I have a .jar installer ( installer.jar ) that contains the installer code

  • Extract jar fileNovember 30

    how do i expand/extract a .jar file so i can read all the classes and figure out how the program works?Open it with winzip/winrar. Extract all the class files. Run a Java decompiler on them. If you weren't able to figure this out though, you're proba

  • Extracting JAR files and reading their contentsNovember 30

    Hi, I have a JAR files which contains classes in different packages also a config file which is also in some package structure. I have to read that config file, which will inturn have other file names, i have to read the filename and read the actual

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