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iweb compatibility 10.7.5

  • IWeb compatibility with IE8/FirefoxNovember 30

    Hi all, first time posting...just found out about these forums recently & they have been helpful already so I am hoping some of you can shed some light on a technical issue I am having. Just launched my site recently & have been having issues with

  • Iweb compatibilityNovember 30

    I made a web site in iweb and have uploaded to mobileme, but have redirected it so that i can use my own domain name. My question is does this cause some compatibility issues with Windows or IE? Some people who view my site, specifically blog can rea

  • IWeb Compatibility on PC'sNovember 30

    Hi, I am designing a presentation/kiosk for a local museum on iWeb. Its a simple, interactive Webpage that will be offline, for inhouse use only. I am wondering if I can create the design in iWeb but use it on a PC. There is a designated PC for the k

  • IWeb Compatability with iWork's Pages applicationNovember 30

    I want to create newsletters in iWork's Pages, e-mail them as integrated e-mails (not as attachments) in Mail and also post them as additional archived webpages on my .Mac hosted iWeb website. Is this possible? Thanks, KevinI just did a little testin

  • IWeb 09 and Mountain Lion compatibilityNovember 30

    Hi all, has anyone already tried to run iWeb 09 with Mountain Lion? Perfect compatibility? Thanks. AntonioI haven't done too, much yet just finished my installation. But, it seems to be working as it did in Lion.Read other 7 answers

  • Backwards Compatability of iWeb?..ProblemsNovember 30

    On my main mac pro, I have all the latest updates of software etc. and my new iweb site (which is published but not yet launched) works great in Firefox and Safari. BTW..I'm still in the 60 day trial period. On my older mac at my other desk, I'm runn

  • I have a web site built by Yahoo Web Site Builder which does not have a Mac version, is there any compatability between Iweb and the old Yahoo program?November 30

    I have a web site built by Yahoo Web Site Builder which does not have a Mac version, is there any compatability between Iweb and the old Yahoo program? If not how do I clear off the old site so as to re publish with Iweb.iWeb cannot import published

  • IWeb 2.0.2. - is there some improvements IE6 compatibility?November 30

    Hi, have you any experiencies with compatibility of new update iWeb 2.0.2. with Internet Explorer 6 or 7? Thanks, BlackyThis is the "Previous to iWeb '08" forum - you'll probably get a better response from the iWeb '08 forum here: http://discuss

  • IWeb & iPad movie compatibilityNovember 30

    Ive just converted a Keynote presentation to a Quicktime movie, embedded it into the movie page on my site with iWeb 09. It plays fine on my Mac but wont play on my iPad or iPhone is there a compatibility issue i'm missing? ThanksMake sure your movie

  • Compatibility question for iweb '08November 30

    i really want to be able to use the new iweb '08 to be able to take advantage of the new features on it, but i am running on an ibook G4 1.2 ghz with 256 of RAM. would i be able to install iweb '08? i've installed programs and ran them, that said the


    Hey guys, I had a website designed by a friend but he designed it on a PC and I can't view the links and streaming video that I gave him because he says he has to re-program it all again to work for mac. I find this pretty lazy and made my own site i

  • ILife 08 and iMovie 06 compatibility issues?October 11

    Sorry if any of this has already been covered in other threads... Has anyone had a chance to thoroughly test the 6.04 version of iMovie (download version if you install iLife 08) and know what compatibility issues there are? I.E. How well does iPhoto

  • What Can Be Done About Internet Explorer and iWeb '08?October 11

    I just finished building a website for a small business - my father's vet clinic - in iWeb. He wanted to use a program that would allow him to update the website himself. Everything looks fine on the Mac side of things, of course, and even on the Fir

  • My iWeb site can not be opened by many windows users only macs.October 11

    My iWeb site should open for all platforms = How to do? I am also confused about compatability of my hard work and new iWeb sites (I love the iWeb App yet i got 4 family members all in different locations in the USA who run windows ....tell me that t

  • Iweb application not respondingOctober 11

    Having a strange issue at my place. iweb had been working since the beginning, however i reimaged them a while ago but put the same versions of all software back on, the only reason i reimaged was as part of housekeeping. So anyway basically iweb was

  • How do you post a Browser Recommendation on an iWeb '08 page?October 11

    Several years back, many websites used to have a "+Best if Viewed With+" and name a preferred browser. While we wait for improved compatibility for iWeb with other browsers (namely PC IE), I was thinking of adding that tag with a link to the Mac

  • OSX 10.6.8 update causing apps to crash, Safari, itunes, iweb,dashOctober 11

    Since Installing the new update to 10.6.8 a number of apps are crashing once opened. Safari, iTunes, iWeb, Dashboard all crash when opened see log attached from iweb crash. Process:         iWeb [422] Path:            /Applications/iWeb.app/Contents/

  • Iweb 08 photo gallery not showing in internet explorer 7October 11

    I'm creating a simple gallery website that I'm publishing to a folder and then burning on a cd. It works fine off the cd using any browser on either operating system with the exception of internet explorer 7 on windows. I know lots of compatibility p

  • IWeb crashes when I try to launch itOctober 11

    Hi, I'm facing an issue with iWeb when I try to start it : it crashes with the following error: Process:     iWeb [8518] Path:        /Applications/iWeb.app/Contents/MacOS/iWeb Identifier:  com.apple.iWeb Version:     3.0.4 (304) Build Info:  iWeb-60

  • IWeb looks different in program than published on webOctober 11

    I understand that some of the Fonts I use to create in iWeb won't necessarily translate the same to all computers....but why is the spacing getting messed up as well? This happens most frequently when I use textboxes or pictures in frames, set them t

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