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iweb 10.7.5 download

  • Any way to set up iWeb pages for file download / sharing?October 11

    I have been using .Mac Homepage to set up several web pages to share audio files with my clients. I have been able to set up a different web page for each client, each with their own password, with files there for them to download. Is there a way to

  • IWeb site wants to download something and won't bring up website... help!October 11

    Howdy! I'm pretty new to Mac and iWeb, but not new to web design. I created a site in iWeb that I need to launch asap. I have the domain all setup and have tested it with a test html document that I created in Dreamweaver and it worked fine. This mor

  • IWeb 1.1.1 download PLUS: Question about iWeb 2.0 templatesNovember 30

    I read the notice up there that iWeb 1.1.1 has been released to address certain issues. I went to: http://www.apple.com/support/downloads/iweb111.html and saw a download situation there. So, if I click download, then everything falls into place, just

  • IWeb 08 and Photo Download Size not sticking to Original (Full Quality)November 30

    I am using iWeb 08 to post personal webpages and photo galleries but even when I select *"Original (Full Quality)"* under Photo Download Size in the inspector it slips off full size and make smaller pictures. I almost always want to offer full r

  • IWeb 1.1.1 download problemNovember 30

    Like all of us fortunate enough to be using a Mac, I get periodic notices about updated system & application software available from Apple. When the notice arrives I can never (since installing OS X 10.4...) get the software to download properly by j

  • Does iWeb support the uploading/downloading of filesNovember 30

    I believe at one time, iWeb would support the upload and download of files from the mobileme account. I don't see anything like that in the templates. Am I correct in assuming it was there at one time and now it has disappeared?It's still there. This

  • IWeb photos won't download to download folderNovember 30

    I've enabled downloading on a few of my photo pages, here's one: http://gobophoto.com/GoboPhoto/Divas_%26_Dames.html However, when I click the download button, it doesn't send the photo to my download folder. It just opens a larger picture on a new p

  • Iweb hosting options - faster download timeNovember 30

    I am using iWeb 08 and love it but I am running into problems with the download speed of my podcasts and movies. I currently am hosted by .mac but it seems their server is super slow and my 5 minute podcasts can take up to 5 minutes to load on friend

  • Iweb 08, subscribe and download buttonNovember 30

    ok, i have just redone my website using iweb 08 and published it to my own domain. it works fine but there is a SUBSCRIBE and DOWNLOAD button on each gallery page that seems to automatically appear and i do NOT want them there. the subscribe button a

  • My iMac 2011 doesn't have iWeb where can I download it?November 30

    I bought  my iMac, and it doesn't have iWeb. This is something I really need, where can I buy this serperatley?you need to buy the iLife '11 suite, iWeb is not sold by itself.  It costs $49 USD.  http://www.apple.com/ilife/.  Hope this helpsRead othe

  • IWeb 09 and E-Commerce for Music downloadsNovember 30

    I'd like to build an iWeb site for music downloads. I create music for commercial use. I'd like to build a site and have the download come from the site or and email link. I would like to use Paypal, Visa, etc. Any ideas or information would be great

  • Iweb download questionNovember 30

    Does anyone know how to deactivate so in iweb no one can download a photo? Also: deactivate the subscribe button too? I'm new...thxYou can turn off "Subscribe" in the Photos Inspector. Can't help you with the download part, but search the forums

  • IWeb Photo DownloadNovember 30

    From an iWeb page can you download photos onto a computer? It used to work if you right click and you could save a picture, but now the pictures are only in .gif format and they are transparent. Are there any settings that I should choose or correct?

  • IWeb 09 DownloadNovember 30

    Is iWeb o9 available to download? I accidentally removed iWeb and now would like to use it.Heya, When you insert the installation disk there is an option to install bundled software. From there you can choose custom installation and only choose iWeb

  • Up and Downloading via iWebNovember 30

    I can upload documents (such as Word) to iWeb for people to download to their own computers then, right? And I can take podcasts or other MP3s and have people subscribe to them on my iWebsite, right? Thanks!Phil: You can add a text link to a work doc

  • PDF files in iWebOctober 11

    How can you put PDF files into iWeb so people can download and print them. (I am a teacher and want my students to be able to download my notes.) Thanks for your help!In general, you can hyperlink a file by setting it up in iWeb Inspector's Link tab

  • I tried to implement photo albums using iweb and got a publishing error.October 11

    I tried to implement photo albums using iweb and got a publishing error. All was fine with my site until I added the photo album page. The software doesnt say what the error is exactly, only that it is a publishing error to my ftp Exact message "Ther

  • IWeb meta dataOctober 11

    I see iWeb is not an HTML editor and I need to add Meta data to my site so that I can submit to search engines. I am using the program because it is very easy and quick to use but I am publishing to a seperate site, not a .mac site. If I open the fil

  • Iweb pages gone after reinstall-but websites OKNovember 30

    I had to reinstall the OS fresh and it was backed up. However the only thing I lost was the iweb websites in the program. If I log into .mac account, the websites are still there and I can navigate to them on the web. So they are there and working pr

  • How can I redirect iWeb Blog to WordpressNovember 30

    Hi - I'm looking to redirect my iWeb blog to a temporary WordPress blog and was hoping there was some code I could use to do this? Or can I do this directly in iWeb? * Would I download the Index.html file to do this to add code? Then reupload to iDis

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