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iTalk recording recovery

  • Increasing the quality of italk recordingNovember 30

    Hi, I have a 40gb iPod Photo with a Griffin iTalk that i use to record my college lectures. I'm curious if there are any 3rd party programs that i can purchase to better the sound quality of my recordings? Thanks, DustinHey dude, I think I can help u

  • Improve iTalk recorded voice (or:can 8kHz sound like 44kHz?)November 30

    I use iTalk on my iPod to record voice memos. The quality is bad compared to other recording devices. The iPod stores voice memos in 8 kHz, 16 bit mono WAV files. Did anyone experiment with this kind of recording quality? I would like to make it more

  • ITalk records, won't play back on 20g color iPodNovember 30

    However, it will transfer to iTunes and be played back there but not in the iPod. it starts to move to the "playback" page but returns to the "play/delete page.The updater released 2005-09-23 does not include an update for iPod photo. We're

  • Griffin iTalk pro compatabilityOctober 11

    The title says it all: Plugged in the iTalk to the (green) nano w/ video. It flashed for a second then gave up. I clicked the iTalk button, and it acted like the center button on the iPod nano (WITH video... amazing). The most encouraging thing was t

  • I want to record sermons on my iphone 4s and upload them in mp3 format to a church websiteNovember 30

    Can somebody tell me the easiest way to record sermons on the iphone 4s and then upload them to a church website?Get an app like this: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/italk-recorder-premium/id296271871?mt=8 You can search the app store yourself for o

  • Brand new GB user: How do I record voice-only for posting only?November 30

    New owner of an iMac intel OS 10.6.8, brand new user of GarageBand, awaiting graduation from the Berkeley School of Music (heh, not really) but wishing to know if I can use the same audio input system (mic) already well used with Dragon Dictate voice

  • How long can I record?November 30

    I play in a band and want to record our shows using the line in and Garage band.  I have an iPhone 4S.  Will I be able to record and hour long set? No. The maximum song length in GarageBand is 320 bars, the minimum tempo you can set is 40bpm, and the

  • I want to record a talk I have to give.  How do I do it?November 30

    I need something simple. A way to record a 45 minute talk and play it back so I can make comments. No clue how to do it.Many Apps. iTalk Recorder on the App Store on iTunes Voice Record Pro on the App Store on iTunes Voddio - Video Audio Editor on th

  • Software record voice and videoNovember 30

    Dear All, Do you know software record voice and video after record we can copy to Laptop...... Does everyone know this program?? Best Regards, Rechardgriffin's italk records voice. and after you record, you can transfer it wirelessly to a computer on

  • Voice Recording - Ipod Nano 3rd GenNovember 30

    Hi, Recently, i saw a mini microphone in the market. At the back of the packaging, it said "This accessory is compatible with iPhone, iTouch, iPod Nano and iPod Classic by installing iTalk Recorder or Easy Recorder". The dealer had confired that

  • No OS on drive so need to reinstall Vista OS before 7 upgrade but Vista discs do not workOctober 11

    With regard to the information below the recovery discs were made when the laptop was new and they won't work now. How will these discs that can be ordered differ from the ones that were made? The laptop was not a refurbished model. No offence, but f

  • SAP NetWeaver 70 - Java and ABAP VMware Trial.part02.rar CRC error?November 30

    HI, I've downloaded the file: SAP NetWeaver 70 - Java and ABAP VMware Trial.part02.rar of SAP NetWeaver 7.0 - Java and ABAP Trial Version on Linux - VMware Edition four times and everytime a get a CRC error in the RAR file. Is the file wrong or the d

  • External Microphone and Ipod Touch 8GBNovember 30

    I am interested in purchasing a (3rd Generation-whatever is the newest) Ipod Touch. Because I only have about 10GB of music total and limited finances, I only need an 8GB. I am working for a small newspaper and hoping that I could use the Touch to re

  • Compatible Digital Voice RecordersNovember 30

    Hi, I'm looking to buy a digital voice recorder to record lectures mostly. I need to transfer these files to my Mac, but I can't seem to find any recorders that are compatible with Macs. I have an RCA one which is good but I have to use my mom's PC t

  • Ipod not wanting to turn on??? help!November 30

    My Ipod touch is not wanting to turn on. I have downloaded the new 9.1 version from itunes and it still doesn't want to turn on. The battery should be juiced up and have it plugged into my computer right now but nothing.For the record, recovery mode

  • IOS Garageband: Is there any way of making songs longer than 320 bars? eg recordings unto one hour.November 30

    Previously I used a MacbookPro and GB to record lecture audio from a sound desk. The macbook sadly died and I have been trying to do the job with my iPad again using GB. I am able to record from the desk to the iPad but can't get past the 320 bar lim

  • Blue Mikey and iPod Touch 1GNovember 30

    I have a Blue Mikey usb microphone. It records beautifully with an iPod Classic by simply connecting it to the iPod. . I'm trying to get the mike to work with an 1G iPod Touch 8GB running on 3.1.3. which evidently needs an App to function as a record

  • Licensing for Lion OSXNovember 30

    I have an iMac at work and recently purchased and MacBook Pro, I need to process a fresh install on the MBP and I was wondering if I had to purchase another copy of Lion or can I just do it online. for the record Recovery isn't an option and my MBP i

  • 901HF2_Client_Installer_win32-x86_DOCS_KEY zip extraction problemNovember 30

    Hi, I downloaded informatica client software (V26112-01_1of2) from edelivery site, it downloaded properly and i am going to extract V26112-01_1of2.zip file it is extracting another zip file i.e 901HF2_Client_Installer_win32-x86_DOCS_KEY.zip . Again i

  • TS2446 user its belong sales man he do it for dounloud onlyNovember 30

    user its belong sales man he do it for download only & i but my user name 2 days agoThanks, tt2. Yes, the brevity is a no-go for the application I have in mind. I could go straight to a podcast provider (at significant cost). But the iTalk recorder..

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