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isdn pri resources unavailable

  • Resource unavailable, call rejectedNovember 30

    Hi, Problem : as soon as I dial a number,number just vanishes from the phone. I looked at cisco CDR messages::: DisconnectCause 15 , DisconnectText call rejected (21) Debug isdn gives::: Resource unavailable..Why? *Mar 2 12:30:35.838: ISDN Se0/2/1:15

  • Resource unavailable on PRI linkNovember 30

    hi guys: Recently our router show the following message: *Oct 18 23:11:51: ISDN Se1/0:15 **ERROR**: cdapi_process_connect_resp: cdapi sez to reject the call (appl rejected?) *Oct 18 23:11:51: ISDN Se1/0:15 Q931: TX -> RELEASE_COMP pd = 8 callref = 0x

  • ISDN PRI Configuration errorsNovember 30

    Dears, I trying to configure a ISDN PRI on a 1751-V router and the following error occur: CISCO_BARR(config-controller)#pri-group time 1-6 %Controller tdm clock does not have data capability %Insufficient HDLC resource for pri-group - it has been rem

  • Problem Cause i = 0x80AF - Resource unavailable, unspecifiedNovember 30

    I have some problem with customer voice gateway router (Cisco 2821). User couldn't call to anywhere until I reboot voice gateway router. Please see the debugging message below: *Aug 17 09:00:43.719: ISDN Se1/0/0:15 Q931: RX <- SETUP pd = 8 callref =

  • TS1843 Can anyone help me, I keep on getting resource unavailable when  I try to down load an audio file on my ipad airOctober 11

    Can any one help me in fixing this error  "resource unavailable "every time I try to download an audio file on ipad airTry posting in the iPad forum https://discussions.apple.com/community/ipad/using_ipad?view=discussions:s:Read other 2 answers

  • Why do we need to assign ip for the D channel ISDN-PRINovember 30

    Why do we need to assign ip address to the D channel (signaling ) when we configure ISDN-PRI in the example below : http://www.cisco.com/univercd/cc/td/doc/product/access/ap/ap_ts3/ap_ts3sw/apswisd.htm <quote> Step 1:Specify the D channel of the fir

  • "Resource Unavailable" error when trying to download a file.November 30

    We're running the latest version of OS:X - 10.4.3 (recently upgraded from 10.3.9) and I've found that with the latest version of Safari we can no longer download files off certain websites of ours. Typically we have a link off a page which spawns a j

  • HT201317 i have a few small videos on my phone that can be viewed perfectly well and they transferred onto my ipad and were ok for about a week and now i get the message resource unavailable ? any suggestionsNovember 30

    i have a few small videos on my phone that can be viewed perfectly well and they transferred onto my ipad and were ok for about a week and now i get the message resource unavailable ? any suggestionsi have a few small videos on my phone that can be v

  • Reserving Timeslots on a ISDN PRINovember 30

    Hi, Can it be configured on the ISDN PRI link of the Central Location Data Center, reserving 10 Timeslots for taking the calls from one particular Branch Location and another 10 from another individual branch and remaining 10 from left over Branch Si

  • Ask module E1 ISDN PRI (for data modem)November 30

    Hello, my topology like this : in the headoffice, I Have cisco 2911 (no pvdm card) and ISDN PRI from telco, in the branch, i use modem Atrie 288LCD for dial . what is the modules should i buy for cisco 2911 in the headoffice ..? Thankshttp://www.cisc

  • Measure telephone traffic on an ISDN PRINovember 30

    Has anyone developed an EEM Scrip to measure telephone traffic on an ISDN PRI interface on a voice gateway?  Preferably the traffic measurements would be in Hundred Call Seconds (CCS) or Erlangs. It would appear that the "show isdn service" comm

  • Remote dialin access using isdn priNovember 30

    I configured dialin accesss using isdn pri interface. It works fine just for one user. When another user dials in (using same or different local username/password), the previous one loses the connectivity. Actually the statuses seem fine for the prev

  • CVP Call Server: H323CallMgr::sendRAI: Successfully sent RAI for resource unavailabilityNovember 30

    Hi All; I am gettting the below messages on the CVP Call Server version 8 and actually the Call Server is out of service, any advise? The CVP PG is up and activated, the CVP Call Server registered on the Gatekeeper and I saw this on the gatekeeper, a

  • SRST, ISDN PRINovember 30

    Customer reports that when the WAN link fails calls to PSTN get dropped because ISDN PRI drops and reassoicates with SRST. Souldn't there be a seemless failover to SRST for calls incomming/outgoing to PSTNI'm assuming your gateway is using MGCP. If s

  • No carrier from PVDM2-36DM via ISDN PRI linkNovember 30

    The network topology is Modem --> [FXS][cisco 2821][E1] --> ISDN PRI --> [E1][cisco 2811][PVDM2-36DM] ISDN PRI link is operated correctly, debug isdn q931 shows that connection is established. Info message is *Jul 23 06:27:45.407: %ISDN-6-CONNECT

  • Cisco 3845, h323-isdn pri, reverese caller idNovember 30

    Hello! I run mixed voip network, with several h323-isdn pri gateways. Some of these gateways are cisco, some asterisk. I configured one of asterisk gateways according to http://www.voip-info.org/wiki/view/Asterisk+func+CONNECTEDLINE so if I do call i

  • 0x80af Resource unavailable, unspecified (Cause=47) Out callsNovember 30

    Hello. I have a problem with outgoing calls. To call any destination in the PSTN calls set a tone and cut. Making sure the debug problem in realaciona cause = 47 and 0x80af Resource unavailable, unspecified. That according to the documentation I have

  • How to configure isdn pri on gigabit interface on AS 5850 routerNovember 30

    hello All, i currently have a project at hand which is a voip project using sip protocol. my client wants to send voip traffic to my router using STM interface with SIP protocol. But the challenge is how do i convert the sip protocol to ISDN PRI  on

  • ISDN PRI & BRI configrationNovember 30

    Hi, I have 2800 series route at central location with PRI line and remote location with BRI line and DLINK router. i have 10 remote site. Now i want to connect my multiple remote site through BRI to my PRI at central location can you guide me with th

  • ISDN PRI dialer connections to AS5300November 30

    Swapping out an AS5200 running 11.3 with an AS5300 running 12.3. Copied the same config from the 5200 to the 5300. ISDN Pri calls from remote routers to the 5200 connect and stay connected. Calls from the same router to the 5300 disconnect after 1 se

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