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is p67ac45 uefi capable?

  • UEFI capable mobo? and is it a requirement for GPTNovember 30

    Hi Decided to give Arch a try, but upon deciding whether to use MBR or GPT for partioning, I wondered whether my mobo is UEFI capable.  I am not quite sure how to determine this.  Upon browsing my boot options "F2 upon startup" I see no mention

  • Prepare an usb thumb drive, to boot windows 7 or 8 in UEFI modeOctober 11

    Purpose of this post: Prepare an usb thumb drive, to boot windows 7 in UEFI mode and install the system in pure UEFI mode. Why am I writing this: I had a hard time finding out how to make a custom installation of windows 7 in pure UEFI mode, and avoi

  • Windows 7 installation on Toshiba UEFIOctober 11

    Hey all, I bought a new Toshiba L70-BST2NX1 laptop and I am trying to install Windows 7 (Home Premium 64-bit) on it using UEFI method, not dual boot with Windows 8.1, just Windows 7 all by itself. I got stuck early in the installation process. Here i

  • How to install Linux on UEFI systems where GRUB fail to install?November 30

    A few of us are asking: How to install Linux on UEFI systems where GRUB fail to install? Because after installing Linux, my MBR is messed up, and I get a "no operating system found" at system startup. abvasili I'm just a volunteer. I like to hel

  • GOP/UEFI Bios for 560 GTXti Twin Frozr OCNovember 30

    Hello. I've tried several of the BIOS in this forum with a "mismatch" message from the nvbios utility. Here's the output of my nvflash command with the info, in case you can provide a uefi capable BIOS. Going crazy since the my new z87 motherboa

  • Satellite NB10T: Want to install Win 7 but can't change UEFI mode to CSMNovember 30

    Hello I know it isnt the best section to post, but there is no sub forum for my computer serie (Satellite NB10T) and this problem is linked with Win 8 I'm stuck at the moment: I disentailed win 8 because I want to come back to 7 I'm aware of http://a

  • GOP/UEFI Bios request N770 Lightning LENovember 30

    Dear MSI (SVET....  ) Here my request for an UEFI capable vBIOS, i've added a skydrive link to my bios files, the LN2 and the normal bios are included in the ZIP: "(ChangeMeTO:https)://skydrive.live.com/#cid=037A506443F32797&id=37A506443F32797%21

  • N680GTX-PM2D2GD5 UEFI BIOS requestNovember 30

    Hello: i would like to have the UEFI BIOS for my 3 GTX 680. I have an UEFI capable MB (and win8 in uefi mode), but cant use full fast boot because the video cards don't support uefi. The info i have is this: NVIDIA Firmware Update Utility (Version 5.

  • OSD to Dell Venue 11 pro 5130 tabletOctober 11

    Hi, I am setting up a deployment of Windows 8.1 x64 to Dell Venue 11 pro 5130 tablets from SCCM 2012 R2. I am docking the tablet and using the dock USB port to boot from a USB stick into the SCCM Boot Image. the image loads and allows me to select th

  • Tutorial - How to triple boot OSX, Linux and Windows 8.1 with a shared Data Partition without any third party Win / OSX softwaresOctober 11

    This is not a question, but rather a personal guide that has proved to be running successfully. I would like to thank numerous sources, including Christopher Murphy's suggestions at: Re: Repairing Boot Camp after creating new partition Before proceed

  • How to downgrade Qosmio Windows 8 to Windows 7 64bitOctober 11

    We have recently purchased Toshiba QOSMIO X75-A7295 with Windows 8 Home edition. How do we downgrade the windows 8 Home edition to Window 7 enterprise 64 bit I have also tried going into the BIOS to change the boot order but it does not boot from the

  • Satellite Pro L850-1L4 - Can't boot from Win 8 Upgrade DiscOctober 11

    Purchased just under 2 years ago. Came with Windows 8.0 Upgrade DVD. I now wish to upgrade to Win 8 (then onto Win 8.1). No matter what I try (BIOS changes) cant get the DVD to boot. Under CSM boot (default for the laptop) it returns a non system dis

  • Windows 8 installation on macbookpro mavericksOctober 11

    i am trying to install windows 8 using boot camp(by inserting pendrive and cd,opening bootcamp and so on). i have downloaded boot camp software on my mac and inserted pen drive.after opening zip file of boot camp,then copied three items to the root l

  • How do I install Win 8 on Satellite C850 following HDD failure?October 11

    I have a PC repair business, and a customer has brought me a Satellite C850-1KN laptop which has had a catastrophic hard drive failure (just clicking sound coming from the drive.) I replaced the hard drive and tried booting from a Windows 8 DVD, by c

  • Install dual boot Windows 7 onto Yoga 13October 11

    Hi I'd like to install Win 7 alongside the Windows 8 that came installed on my Yoga. Does anybody have any tips or advice for doing this ..... I don;t want to damage the one key recovery system ... will changing the size of the Windows 8 partition to

  • Satellite NB10t-A-101 refuses to boot from any external mediumNovember 30

    I have just purchased an NB10t in the UK, and am trying to boot to a bootable USB I have noticed the BIOS on this particular model is UEFI mode only, That in itself is not an issue as users can sign their own OS's with a CA and use them, however this

  • Lenovo IdeaCentre A720 E5KT20AUSNovember 30

    I have a Lenovo IdeaCentre A720 with Bios version E5KT20AUS and i want to update it in order to have the UEFI capability selection in the Bios Setup. Actually the only way to boot UEFI is pressing F12 during the booting process. This is not reliable

  • Re: Satellite C850 won't boot anymore - broken HDDNovember 30

    Hello Folks, I bought a *Toshiba Satellite C850 - 1F2* with *+Windows 8+*. After installing, upgrading to *+Windows 8.1+* and setting up everything, the whole machine worked pretty fine. BUT since yesterday the laptop won't boot anymore! When I turn

  • Re: Satellite NB10T-A-101 - cannot boot from USB stickNovember 30

    Hello, I bought a new Toshiba Satellite NB10T-A-101 and would like to boost performance by changing the HDD by a SSD and install windows 8.1 Pro. I'm however unable to boot from USB, it always mention: +Reboot and select proper Boot Device or insert

  • Official Arch ISO vs. Archboot?November 30

    Hey everyone, I'm trying to install Arch on my new computer, which has an ASUS Crosshair V Formula motherboard. This MB uses an UEFI BIOS, so apparently I won't be able to boot off of the official Arch ISO because GRUB doesn't support it. Before I tr

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