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ipod touch keeps freezing

  • IPod touch 2g freezes at start up ipod logo and does not connect to itunesOctober 11

    Hey, so my iPod touch 2g freezes at start up ipod logo when in the charger. Then when off the charger after a couple minutes it goes black. when i connect it to my computer does not connect to itunes so i can not restore it. please help!!!Try to rese

  • My ipod touch still freezing even after restoring itNovember 30

    plz i need help....my ipod touch still freezing even after restoring it...plz send me email to [email protected]If you did not restore to factory defaults/new iPod do that. If yuo are still having problem then an appointment at the Genius Bar of an A

  • Ipod touch 2g freezing after unlockingNovember 30

    My ipod touch is freezing and having many issues right after I unlock it. Usually it locks up and the screen and both buttons become un-responsive. I end up having to hold both buttons down to restart, but it just freezes again right after unlocking.

  • My ipod touch camera freezesNovember 30

    My ipod touch camera freezes when I try to use the camera.I have had the same problem. I have a iPod touch 4th generation and this is the second time this has happened and the first time I just needed to clean the camera but this time both won't work

  • My ipod touch is freezingNovember 30

    my ipod touch is freezing... I already tried pressing together the sleep/on-off & home buttons but it didn't work... what else can it do? the screen have these lines of light green, purple, magenta...Take a look at this link http://www.apple.com/supp

  • IPod Touch 4g freezes, unfreezes after lock/unlockNovember 30

    My iPod touch 4g freezes after a while when you're doing nothing. e.g. If you keep swiping to different app pages, it won't freeze. But once you stop and pause for a while, it freezes. Then when i lock it, and unlock it, the touchscreen works again.

  • IPod touch sync freezesNovember 30

    iPod touch sync freezes at calendar sync, wired or wireless. Have rebooted computer and restored ipod to no avail. Any suggestions?Thanks for the help. After running "Activity Monitor" and going through the iTunes/iPod Touch sync process I was a

  • My ipod touch keeps freezing and shutting off while on hold.November 30

    i have a 1 year old 2nd gen ipod touch. it freezes all the time and the only way to un freeze it is to forcefully reset it by pressing the hold and home button together. when i press the hold button, just to make it go on standby, and then come back

  • IPod touch screen freezes up and become unresponsive whenever it needs to prompt me for passcodeOctober 11

    I know my problem may sound strange. My iPod touch is complete screwed to the point that I can only unlock it using the password when it boots up from off mode. After that, when I lock the screen and it prompts me for the password again, I slide the

  • My iPod Touch is freezing and rebooting itself.October 11

    Hi. Here's the story: My iPod was recently working yesterday. I left it on the wall charger for a while, and later I come back to find my iPod frozen, out of nowhere. For another while, it freezes and starts to reboot itself. I done all I can. I watc

  • My iPod Touch keeps freezing! WHY?!October 11

    I have the 8GB, 4th Generation iPod Touch with software version 4.2.1. It's about two years old and has recently begun to freeze (no colored pages, just frozen on whatever screen it was on when it froze). It happens when I am playing and exploring my

  • Brand new Ipod touch 1g freezing upOctober 11

    I received a new ipod touch today because my old one had a bad ear jack. well i restored the new ipod from my old ipod back up. and every app i click on or song i play the ipod freezes up. i have restored it back to its original factory state and it

  • Every time I try to sync my iPod Touch, iTunes freezes?October 11

    Well, it's pretty self-explanatory. Every time I try to sync my iPod Touch (5th generation), iTunes freezes. It starts syncing for a few seconds, slows down, stops, then iTunes becomes unresponsive. If I don't force quit it, after a few minutes, iTun

  • Ipod Touch Suddenly freezeOctober 11

    Hi, Pls Help. When I was using my ipod touch 4g and the battery drained/empty. I charged it for about 20 mins, it suddenly freeze and i can only see the black screen with loading icons on the center.. When I reboot and try holding down both the home

  • My ipod touch 4g freezes on the apple logo and itunes doesnt recognize itNovember 30

    my 4g ipod touch freezes on the boot logo and wont change. i tried to put it in restore mode but it just restarts. helpAlso see: How to put iPod touch / iPhone into DFU mode « Karthik's scribblingsRead other 6 answers

  • My ipod touch is freezing when it tells me to restore what do i do!November 30

    i tried to upgrade to the new software thinking it would do nothing to my ipod but it did now it is constantly in recovery mode i cant do anything with it it tells me to restore it so i try and it freezes whilst in the middle of restoring any ideasTa

  • 8GB ipod touch keeps freezing up and won't run apps correctlyNovember 30

    I have an 8GB ipod touch that is almost a year old and it keeps freezing up.  Some apps that use the motion side to side to move objects, doodlejump for example, won't work.  I have reloaded apps and restored the ipod and it is still having a problem

  • My replacement ipod touch keeps freezingNovember 30

    I just got a new replacement ipod touch 2 weeks ago . It freezes every few sec but weird thing is that i think it is just the keyboard because it responds to the home button. This happens with like every app that needs a keyboard. Another weird thing

  • IOS 4.0 causing my iPod touch to freeze during restore and updateNovember 30

    I know there have been issues with the new OS and many questions too. I am so frustrated right now so sorry if I am asking a question that has been asked over and over: I have a 2G iPod touch. The new OS is updated, but when I try to restore and upda

  • Ipod Touch sometimes freezesNovember 30

    Since the update to iOS 5 sometimes I'm using my iPod and freezes about two or three seconds, then continues functioning without a problem, but this is annoying. How can I solve this issue?You can try the satandard fixes: - Reset nothing is lost. Res

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